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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Pantheon: Phalanx of One

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on October 29, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ive done a lot of different builds. Ive taken some Champs completely out of their comfort zone, but I think this will take the cake. Ive looked for a Defensive Pantheon build, and I couldnt find one. So Ill be the first to make one. If you have questions, ill answer them

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Im going with 8/22/0 for this build. There will be some dmg advantages to this, along with greater durability. If you have any questions about this please ask.

and for Summoner Spells. will make all spells hit harder, and keep safe for a few seconds. is a great spell for . It will give more power to his and , and its a great buff to have for team fights. It can also buff minion dmg, so tower pushing isnt as much of a bane as it could be.

is another good spell. Panth doesnt have much in the means of escaping, so this can help if he gets CC'd hard.


Im going with as my 3/5 at LvL5. This is great for harassing and last hitting minions. Its a phsyical attack, so ArP will effect this skills dmg. Im not sure if it can crit or not. Ill have to check. If you want to get a lil more farming ability, go with 3/5 .

I focus on his phsyical dmg skills with this build. So priority is > > . Getting when its up.


These were a lil diffucult for me to come up with, since I dont play tanky builds that much.

Marks ArP since his power comes from phsyical dmg.

Seals Health per LvL here. To add on to his bulkiness. I was thinking that I might make them Mana Regen per LvL, due to his shallow mana pool.

Glyphs is MR per LvL to try and get his tankiness well rounded. Panth has issues with magic dmg, and these will help him with that.

Quintessences Also Health per LvL. More bulk to life, means he can take a lil more punishment than normal. Also it will help with his dmg output.


This is a personal favorite of mine, and Ive always found a use for it with . It has good stats, and its active can help to chase, escape, and to finish off champs that dont fall to the 1,2,3 combo. This is a great item, adn it is very well worth it. Get it early and you will be a beast.

is another great item. It gives dmg, health, and its passive is awesome. Phsyical attacks slow. Hmmmm and are phsyical attacks. Combine that with adn you have great CC potential.

or will be next. Atma's will be where your power comes from, IF you dont rush . Now if you build Warmog's than you will have more life and health regen. If you build atma's you will have a lil more dmg. Now if you can get them both, you will be doing more dmg with auto-attacks, , and . All phsyical dmg attacks, all effected by Atma's.

EDIT: DEWO made a point to me. Warmog's is used as a Dmg item when coupled with Atma's. Warmog's isnt the best defensive item, but this build uses it as an offensive item

is next, assuming you didnt rush it from the start. We all know the power behind this item. There is no need to explain it. Great stats, even though it is expensive. Just an awesome item.

are your boots. These will help him with CC, and that will make him more a a pain to deal with. If you can CC a you have him pretty much dead.

is a good item. is good too. MR and a in one item. There are many tanking things that will help. Customize how you like.

Game Play

Early game

Grab and / and go to your lane. I think that this build should be able to mid due to the builds ability to take punishment. After some harassing and farming, go back to base and get , and another .Gotta start workig on . is the first, so build it fast. You can buy smaller items to make the bigger ones, so it will be a lil more efficent.

Mid Game

Here you will be working on and or . These will be great for you to get things done. More life means longer lane time, and more dmg. Now what you build is up to you. If you need more dmg, get . If you want more health . It all depends on your playstyle.

Make sure you are making great use of your ult too. A divebomb can change the flow of a lane.

Late Game

If you didnt rush IE, this is where you build it. This is how I play it, so dont be hateful and judgemental about it. Here is where you will shine. Backdooring turrets, causing team fights to disperse when you ult, and just embracing the art of war. Everything that stands for, will show in this game.

1v1 & Jungling

One of the greatest 1v1 champs in game. Amazing dmg on single targets, a stun, and a ranged attack. That means that you can dish out dmg in both ranges. And with FM, you will always be within range.

IDK if anyone has made a jungle panth, but Im sure he could do it. Make sure that you get lizard buff. Golem might help, but Lizard is a must. So is the Wolf from TT. You can easily steal buffs from enemies with . So be a sneaky Panth, and get the buffs.

Ganking & team pushing

Ganking is fun. You can ult in, seems to be the best way. Now if you Ult in you can dive on top of the gank, or off to the side/behind. If you go on top of it, than they will know you coming. If you go off to the side/behind, you will have more of a surprise. You can also cut off anyone trying to retreat. Always targeting the carry or casters. LEAVE THE TANK ALONE! Unless you have , than its ok.

Team pushing is something else that you can do well. You are a lil more tanky so you can go in first, and with you will be more helpful to the team. And minions. If you dont have a tank, than you will be the tank. If you do, than be the DPS that you are.

Friends & Enemies

Stunners and Slowers: , , , ,

Support: , , and

Haters: , , just to name a few. Anyone that can CC Panth is a hater