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Pantheon Build Guide by calarakien

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author calarakien

Pantheon, the anti-AD (Dominion)

calarakien Last updated on June 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Pantheon is a Crazy *** spartan, that's for sure. In this build, you will be able to:
-Burst down whatever you want
-Do it quickly
-make it look easy.

If someone suggests an alternative item for use, i shall playtest it and Recommend it as a possible alternative, but until then, i won't be Suggesting any alternatives or explaining why its good/bad.

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Pros / Cons

+Insane Burst
+Good for any skill level
+Easy to use
+Fun to use
+Strong Throughout the game
+Great Passive for Tower diving(Shield of Aegis)
+One of the best Dominion Characters of all
+His Spear Shot Skill Can land Critical hits.

-Build starts him off rather weak
-Incredibly difficult outside dominion. Way too mana hungry
-passive doesn't block most skills

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Okay, so, let me break it down for you. The reason i roll these runes is as follows:
The AD by level 18 Quintessences and marks Give me that extra boost i need to keep up if i don't teleport home for a while, The armor and MR per level Glyphs and Seals Cover any heavy need for much in the way of Tanky items, you'll more often than not end up in the thick of the fight.

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The best with pantheon is Undoubtedly 21-9-0 for dominion, The Sheer Amount of useful AD masteries Makes it hard to deny the uses. The +30 Health off the top is also impossible to ignore, Giving pantheon just enough to Throw that extra spear shot to kill that running Katarina before her teammates finish you off

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Pantheon is an assassin normally, but these items will give him the burst power and survivability to Make it through team fights. The Early Infinity edge will boost his spear shot's damage through the roof, as spear shot will Count with critical strikes, like Gangplank's parley. Mercury treads are a must-have, Saving you from being Tied down with CC time and time again. the thornmail seems like an odd choice, but anyone autoattacking you will agree that between that passive and the Reflected damage, it's nigh impossible killing you. The black cleaver is an odd choice, but it's worth it, When you're Fighting it out with anyone with Much armor, it'll Give you the boost you need to punch through that tank. The sanguine blade is a GREAT buy, and is worth it on nearly any AD champion, giving lifesteal and attack damage, Both boosted per hit. Finally, the maw of malmortius is one of my favorite new items, Building upon the Hexdrinker's Unique ability, as well as adding another. +1 Attack damage for every 2.5% health you're missing. You could go so far as to trade this and the thornmail out in buy order, depending on whether it's the AD or Casters that are Killing you. Regardless, buy both items, They're both important.

DON'T FOCUS ON BUILDING ATTACK SPEED, CRIT, OR LIFESTEAL WITH PANTHEON! Heartseeker strike's passive is Good enough for Infinity edge, Attack speed doesn't matter enough for a phantom dancer or anything of the sort, And lifesteal won't save you. PANTHEON IS ALL ABOUT FLAT AD.

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Aegis of protection:for every 4 basic attacks you do, you can block 1 Turret blast or basic attack. Pretty neat, Right? This will make EVERYTHING easier for you, Especially tower diving.

Spear Shot: This Attack Has one of the most impressive damage ratios around! it doesn't matter to pantheon! Just chuck one of these bad boys at them and They'll lose a good 300 HP Chunk of HP even in the low levels! Max this by level 9, It'll Put you WAY ahead in the Way of Damage.

Aegis of zeonia:You jump in and stun them, a simple skill really, But! This is your engage. You Jump in, Hit Heartseeker strike, Then Fire a Spear shot wherever they're running. They wont be running your way for a while. Max this last, as the stun never gets longer, and Wont do much damage, as it scales AP, which is a taboo stat to build for pantheon.

Heartseeker strike:This skill goes twofold:Basic attacks and spear shot will have 100% Crits against Guys with less than 15% Health. This means Guys Running to heal wont last Even 1 spear shot most of the time! Then the other half of this is That he does 3 Attacks in a cone shaped area. Max this by Level 13. The passive never shifts, but with infinity edge, it DEVASTATES those low HP folks.

Grand Skyfall:This skill is Pantheon's Most well known attack. He jumps up and falls from the sky like a Bomb. This is GOLDEN for Dominion, Because it means you can jump to a point in a Heartbeat. if you wanna be really cool and Go for an uber combo, Cast this to engage from a LONG distance, then Instantly cast Aegis of zeonia when you land, Follow up with heartseeker strike, Then Finish em' off with a spear shot. Should kill anything not tanky.

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Pantheon is awesome, Pantheon is great. Don't embarrass us pantheon players by shouting "SPARTA" in the all chat as you ult, either. It doesn't make you look cool. His skills make Bursting easy, The items can put any champ in their place, the masteries are typical melee AD carry/burst/assassin, and the runes are suprisingly tank-focused for someone of Pantheon's class. But with this build, not only should you manage to survive better, you should also be able to deal as much damage as you want to longer. Just make sure you chuck them spears good, right?