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Pantheon Build Guide by Psycho Viking

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Psycho Viking

Pantheon, the new way of being badass spartan

Psycho Viking Last updated on July 6, 2011
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hello again dudes, im up here with a new build, this time, for pantheon.
yes, riot nerfed this due big time, but afterall he is a spartan, and he is still freakin awesome.
this build is about pantheon in a new way, they nerfed hes stun, and hes HEARTHSEEKER STRIKES, so i made this build, to focus on what they didnt nerf, and still using the power of Pantheons.
so what didnt they nerf:
hes passive: there i go for some attack speed
hes spear throw: thats why i got some damage
hes ultimate: its global, and awesome, jumping down in the battle and slays everyone

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Pros / Cons

high single target damage
very good 1 v 1, especially with focus on passive
fun gameplay
good earlygame lane dominance doe to spear and passive
global ult
somewhat durable of a high damge dealer

low cc
easy focus and crushed in teamfights, if you position yourself wrong
mana hungry

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i normally go 8/21/1, to increase my summonerspells, and the survivability from the defensive tree, realy helps you out, more than the other trees, u will get all the damage you need from item.

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a normal rune setup with mana regen, armor pen, cdr, and some hp for the early game, and make people say ``lucky´´ in lategame.

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alright, this is 1 of the parts, that makes this pantheon build different, its the TRINITY FORCE.
so why get TRINITYFORCE? it increses your overal ability, survivability, as (for your passive), damage, slow, and the bonus damage after using an ability!
jump, and then make a strike for huge damage, auto attack, throw ur spear, and strike again with the damage buff, use hearthseeker strikes, chancell the effect right after, and strike again with huge damage, throw spear and etc.

ive only listed 5 items, the last item is for what you need the most:
LAST WHISPER if they got some armor
BLOODTHIRSTER if you want to crush the squishy harder, are doing well, and need a little lifesteal (lifesteal syncs very well with your passive
STARKS FEVOR if you got ad's on your team, and want to focus on your passive
sunfire or randuins if they got lots of ad'
RANDUINS OMEN if they got some nasty ad's, this overal reduces their attack speed, gives u nice survivability, the attack speed debuff increases the value of your passive = win

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Skill Sequence

the reason i level my skils this way, is because you arent gonna use ur nerfed hearthseeker strikes, but instead do some focused damage on single targets, and here your spear syncs with your trinity, so i max it first, also for good early game harrasment, then i max my stun, cc is always good. and put points in your ult whenever you can.

TIP: if you see a low hp start recaling, land your ulti on them, they think they can get back in time, but right before they recall, u land right on top of them, for full damage output from your ult.

TIP: if you use your stun while you still are in the air from your ult, u jump right onto the target, then you land.

TIP: remember to time your skills to tick your TRINITY FORCE all the time ( it got 2 secs cd)

TIP: then you havent maxed your HEARTHSEEKER STRIKES it might be worth to cancell the effect, just to trigger TRINITY FORCE and PASSIVE for your next attack.

TIP: you can storage passive points if you didnt use the block granted from your AEGIS OF ZEONIA up to 3 stacks, but you cant get 2 blocks up at 1, use this, so that in 1 v 1 situation, use your AEGIS right after you made a BLOCK from your passive.

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i put a skill in HEARTHSEEKER STRIKES at lvl 2 to increase your lasthits.
then the target got 15% hp left strike it, here is a little try on show how much it looks like:
this crit enshures all minion kills, usefull against the tanks that comes every 3. wave
if you get these crits, you'll also get more heal from your lifesteal from dorans blade, thats the reason i got it.
this build does not farm with HEARTHSEEKER STRIKES

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Team Work

in a teamfight, wait for the tank to go in and get focus, the sneak up, and jump the unlucky squishy, thats step out of position, your role is to punish every single mistake on your enemys team, and you got the tools to get them make mistakes (a simple mindtrikck is to start chaneling your hearthseeker strikes, this makes them more likely to try focus them down, if they do, chancell it, and jump them), if you dont see your time to go in, keep tossing your spears at them, these does heavy damage aswell.
if some1 goes toe to toe with 1v1 in the teamfight, take the battle up, activating your youmoos ghostblade, and start trickering your BLOCK, and hiting hard every 2. sec with that Trinity force, here you'll show them, that a spartan aint likely to go down.
if you are away from the battle then it starts, wait till the fight settled down, and use your ultimate, they'll mostlike underestimate it, and saty in the middle of it, if they are fighting, and after 2 sec, BAM 1000 damage straigt in, and a insane spartan jumping them and impaling evry1 with hes mighty spear.