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League of Legends Build Guide Author Psycho Viking

How to play AD carry (ranged)

Psycho Viking Last updated on November 4, 2011
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Hello dudes, this is guide of how to succesful carry your team, i decided to make this guide because i've tried so many games, where our carry simply didnt understand what it means to be a AD carry, and ending up doing no damage. my english isn't that good, cuz im not born in a english speaking country, and i'll use many short words like u (you), and cuz (because), and cv (clairvoyance), simply cuz thats what i do ingame, and if you cant understand them, play more LoL.

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What is a AD carry?

The ad carry is the main source of physical damage on your team, and they are therefor very item dependant, since neither MF nor Ashe or Corki are simply not able to do any damage without items. The Ad carry is normally a RANGED caracter, that has atleast 1 ability scaling with AD, or trigering on auto attacks, like corkis passive, or Tristanas increased attackspeed/range. The Ad carry is an important role, cuz if your AD carry survives a teamfight, where you aced the enemy team, you can very easily push down a lane, and destroy their inhibitor or base.

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Pros / Cons

Pros and cons of the AD carry:

very high damage output
very high sustained damage
not very mana dependant to do high amounts of damage lategame
most has an escape ability ( - ashe, sivir, twitch and MF)
your team would normally try to save you most of the time, unless you suck

VERY item dependant
your enemies wanna focus you
you carry a big burden
Thornmail is such a pain!

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Pros / Cons of the player (what you have to be good at)

Play ad carry if you are good at:
focus the right target
do never overextend, dont do this in general (unless you bought ``kages lucky pick┬┤┬┤)
pushing at right times

dont play ad carry if you:
get easily focused
dont know how to lasthit
wanna kill tanks first
think you can get pentakill, by jumping into the middle of a fight, and slay all enemies, like fiddlesticks.

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What will this guide provide you with?

how to lasthit
how to lane
how to do most damage
and a build on each listed ad carry (without explanation)
i will update this build

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Summoner Spells

get exhayst and flash, flash saves the day and exhaust is good when you face their ad carry and can determinate the outcome of a team fight if used right.


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Farming, how to lasthit

its very easily to lasthit, simply just attack creeps, then they got low hp, and you get some gold. i made a little calculation, to show the importance of farming well. a normal hero kill provides 300 gold, a minion kill gives an average of 20 gold early game = 15 lasthits = 1 herokill in gold, keep this in mind then farming. you need 5000 gold to get boots and infinity edge, and this is where you start dealing damage, meaning that you need 250 lasthits to get usefull, i know the calculation dosent fit correctly, since you get some gold automaticly, and minions gives increased gold as the game goes on, so it might just be 150 lasthits, remember this, and start increasing the overall gold on your team.

how to lasthit:
a normal rule of lasthitting: when your turret is attacking the creeps, follow this rule:
melee minions: 2 turret hits + 1 auto attack, let the turret hit the minion 2 times, and then strike 1 time yourself for gold.
ranged minions: 1 turret attack, + 2 auto attacks, hit the minion, let the turret hit the minion, and then auto attack it again for gold.
then you are farming, always focus to get minion kills on the minions already focused by your own minions, or they end up taking the kills instead, example: there are 2 minions, 1 you can lasthit, and 1 low on hp, but u cant kill it with a single auto attack. your own minions are focusing the minion, that u just cant kill with 1 auto attack. in this case, you would like to get the minon, that u can lasthit, but by doing so your own minions deal enough damage to the other minion and kill it. instead, wait a little so your minions deal some damage to the minion, then strike it, and get the lasthit, now you can switch focus to the other minion, that you can kill with 1 auto attack, because your projectiles are faster than your minions, you are able to get both minion kills.

in a situation where you cant get all minion kills, and dont got mana to use your abilities, focus on getting the minions that provide you with the most amount of gold, meanin

primary focus: tanks, the big ones with weels that spawn every 3. wave, these gives around 5 more gold than other minions
secondary focus: melee minions, these gives 5 more gold than ranged
and then you can pick out the last ranged minions.

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As an ad carry, you would like to go bot lane with a support ALWAYS. you shouldn't get midlane, as mages need to lvl more than you, and you are just in it for gold. in the lane you should focus on lasthitting every minion, you got an support with you, who wont take your minions, as you simply need gold more than they do. the support should also be able to heal/shield you, so you can ignore harass to a certain point. you should also harass your enemies, ASLONG AS IT WONT DECREASE YOUR LASTHITS, do not harass then there is 3 minions with low hp, then get the minions, and wait for the new wave where minions got full hp, and then u can harass your enemies untill some minions get low. understanding the system of when to harass, and when to get minionkills, will ad a significant bonus to your laning face, and increase your overall game ability.

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How to do most damage

there are simply just to must have items, that will greatly increase your damage output, and you have to get these first. infifity edge Infinity edge and Phantom Dancer Phantom dancer, Infinity Edge infinity edge increases your damage, as well as giving you a insane boost to crit, and the Phantom Dancer phantom dancer gives you attack speed, and high crit chance. these items syncronises so very well, and gives the maximum early damage, as you will get 50% crit chance, and crit for 500 damage on minions. for an Ad carry crit is a must. crit is the highest dps available, and is needed very hard. however, if your enemies stack armor, you have to get either The Black Cleaver The black cleaver or frostwhisper frostwhisper.

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I would put some pics into this section, but i dont know how so i would be happy if you would leave me a messade to tell me how to put pics into guides/builds.

Postioning is very important, since u would be useless if you stand up face to face with the enemy team as an ad carry. YOU ARE RANGED use that for your advantage. you should ALWAYS, i mean ALWAYS stay behind your tank. if you ever venture to the frontline, you are freekill, you should not go for a kill if it means that u have to move out of your positioning, and put yourself into danger, the only 1 who should stay behind you is the support. try to have your team wall of your enemies for u, by positioning yourself behind your allies, give your enemies reason not to focus you, as it would be so much easier to focus the melees. sometimes, your enemies can force you out of positioning, by a tank runing strait for u, in this case you have some choices, dependant on the situation:
1. if the tank comes alone, meaning that the rest of hes team is far behind him, run back a little, to enshure he dont catch u, and then focus him, and try to kill him fast. make the tank suicide to u, to make the rest of hes team kannon fodder.
2. if the whole enemy team goes right for you RUN!!! either they run after you, and your team can do some nice unanswered damage to your enemies, or they will switch focus, and you can turn around and put in some nice damage, while u arent the focus. if they then turn to come after u again, start running away again. keep kiting them all day this way, or untill u get unlucky and they catch u :( (remember never to get to far away from your team, as you are easy kill then they come 3 for u, and you are alone)
3. if a enemy champion, that can force you out of position, like blitzcrank or gragas, you should start care, either run out of range, or get your reactions ready to make some pro dodge.

then your team are doing dragon or baron, do NEVER run into the ring where the creep is, but stay in the river, at the opening to the dragon or baron, as far away from the little round brush in the middle of the river as posible. in case you are playing tristana or caitlyn, against baron, you can stand up very close to the wall, and shoot at the baron from the jungle, do to their insane high attack range, this is highly recomendet if you are purple team, since you wont get focused, but if you are blue, should be a little more carefull, you can scout for your team and attack at the same time, but if the enemy team suddenly rushes out of a brush, and you dont react fast enough, you are dead.

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As game goes on

in the next 3 sections, i will tell you how to act in early, mid and lategame. as you get fed up, you should start change playstyle.

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Early game

read the section: Farming, how to lasthit.
early game you should only focus on farming, ofc you should help your team defending your jungle or invading the other jungle, if you do so. but then you step into your lane for first time, you dont want to leave it again, before midgame arives. you should just get creepfed, and whatever the other players do then they run around in jungle, you just get that step infront of them in gold. if your jungler comes to gank your lane, assist him, and get that kill. if you know you are about to get ganged, step back to your turret, and wait for your minions to pull through, or the jungle to leave. incase you are playing Ashe in such a situation, you can use your Volley volley to get the nearest minionkills. you realy want to enter your lane with a support, so you easily can heal up if you get hurt, without going back to your base. then i get enough gold for my bf sword (and boots) i would like to go back and buy em, and then use summoner teleport to get back to lane.

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Mid game

then the midgame starts, is normally then a turret is destroyed and people leave their lane. here you will experience lots of ganks and fights, and you will be a part of them. whenever the enemy team tries to get the dragon, you should try counter them. whenever there are 5 enemies at mid, you should go mid as well, and assist your team. whenever your jungler are in trouble, or he ganks at your lane, help him and get some kills. in the mid game, you will start using kills/assists as a new way of earning gold. try to get a lot of kills, and get a huge amount of cash in your pocket this way. ofc you should still try to farm a lot. ill put in some situations here with the reason to farm.
1. if nothing else is happening, go to your lane, and keep on lasthitting
2. if a huge wave of enemy minions pushes through, go and clean the lane. this is a very fast way to get minion kills.
3. if both teams stay at mid, but do nothing and no1 seems to initiate, stop waisting your time, and start gather gold in a lane. ofc you should always be avare if your missing existence causes the fight to break out. (summoner teleport!)

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Late game

in lategame, you should always care, 1 death can mean the failure for your team. make shure that u get baron whenever you get the oppertunity. you should always stay in team, as you are easy kill if ganked.
if you got summoner teleport up, and you can see all enemy champions, and your minions pushed throuh to a turret, you should teleport to the turret, and destroy it.
in lategame your team is very dependent on your survival, if you ased, and you survived, you might get the oppertunity to end the game. so make sure to survive, and kill enemies.

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when a teamfight is about to break out, make shure to stay out of focus, try potshots at your enemies, without putting yourself in danger, and stay behind your tank. get into the right position before the fight starts, and the some1 initiate the fight, you should w8 till they start focuss some1 who isnt you, and then put in tons of damage. try to focus their carry, but dont do so if it means that you have to put yourself in danger, at all means, stay out of danger. your focus priorities should be as folowing:
1. AP carry
2. AD carry
3. if they got a squishy melee like noc, or support
4 default
5. tank
overall, just do as much damage as possible in teamfight, dos by focusing the squishiest target in range, awithout exposing yourself to much.
if the tank is the only one in range, and the rest of hes team is far away, take him down, and you can easily kill the rest of hes team. (dont attack him if he got thornmail)
you should also care of the tank, as he is often not focused (wich is good) then he run straight for you, with no team help, he can easily purge you out of battle, if this is the situation, try run away from him, while positioning yourself so that you are able to deal some more damage to hes team members, without getting focused them. then the tank is away from hes team, your team should easily crush your enemies. its hard to master this way of focusing, but if you are good at kiting and pots shots, it should be easy. (vayne and ashe is pretty awesome for this)

sometimes, you want to get a little late into the fight, to enshure that they are focused on other targets than you, do not let them kill your teammates before you go in. but what im trying to say is, if the your tank got 50% - 40% hp left, and you got 100% ypour enemies will often focus the tank, as he seems to hale less hp, but u actually have the same amount, and in such case, you can easily tear your enemies apart.
make shure always to survive in teamfights, cuz then you will be able to punish your enemies even further by destroying their turrets.

also note, that riot have nerfed healing effects on supports, so your soraka might not save your life if you stand in face to face with their tank, while fightinng their team.

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thank you very much for reading my guide, if i get some feedback and some votes up, i
will keep updating my guide, and maybe create some builds for playing other roles. i hope u enjoyed and it will help u a lot on the fields of justice.

i dont know how to put in pictures and screenshots to my guide, so i would be very happy if some1 could tell me how :)

enjoy your lol

BTW ignore soraka build


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