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League of Legends Build Guide Author BladedWeapon

Pantheon, The Penacle of Death

BladedWeapon Last updated on July 9, 2010
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Pantheon Build

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This, obviously, is my build for Pantheon. There are probably several builds of him like this that look very similar. There is a reason for this. It works.

Early game you wanna grab a Long Sword and a Health Potion. Yeah it's simple, and has few effects, but you can lose it later. Plus with it, you can knock about a bar off a characters health early with your Spear Shot. Which is a great harasser/firstbloodgetter.

Next you are going to want to get Crystal Chalice. With this, you will never run out of mana. Ever. And it's extremely cheap. So just trust me. You'll thank me later on.

The next item should be the brutalizer. This is why the Long Sword is important. It will up your damage a good deal, but the bread and butter of it all is the armor pen. Watch as their health falls before your spear!!!! Mwahahahahaha!!!! *ahem* Sorry about that...

The next item without a doubt should be the last whisper. Also for its amazing armor pen. Plus the attack speed increase doesn't hurt either ;)

For the next two slots you can pretty much just get two B. F. Swords. But if you're in a relatively long game, I suggest the Black Cleaver and the Blood Thirster for survivability. Of course that part is up to you. An Infinity Edge works wonders too.

Early game just throw your spear at enemy champs whenever you see them while still killing minions. When they see a bar of health disappear they will definatly think twice about attacking. Get Aegis of Zeonia next because the Heartseeker strike is useless withouth it. Unless you're laning with a champ with a good stun or snare. Ryze or Morgana for example. But as you level, the spear really becomes useless. The damage isn't great, but it can help you peg a running champ with low health. Or getting a kill steal if timed right ;)

When using the ultimate, try to stick near a tower when using it because it can get you killed if used improperly. But if you get ballsy, help a 1v1 fight across the map and save a teammate. Be careful with this though. The other team may be on there way as well. If you play kinda defensive, and try to stay within a friendly towers reach when not pushing, then you should have relatively few deaths. And not dying can be more important as killing as we all know lol.

If possible, try to lane with characters that have good stuns or snares. Ryze, Morgana, Sion, etc. Your Heartseeker Strike will be an amazing farming tool once you have The Brutalizer. You can bring in some gold if you're on a lane alone. Just be careful. Pantheon is an amazing fighter, but he is still squishy. Don't forget it.

I chose Ghost for its running and chasing benefits. It helps get around and will inevitably help with your kills. As for Exhaust, I use it for something totally different. Don't use it to chase a champ or to run, you have Ghost for that. But when Pantheon encounters another good fighter such as Yi or Jax, use it on them when you have low health. It gives them a 100% miss chance, and on an all melee character, it removes their damge. Giving you precious few seconds to maybe get the kill on them. Pantheon isn't very useful against other strong fighters. This is a nuke build: Get in. Kill. Get out. Don't linger unless you're sure you're safe.

Ignite can be replace Exhaust if you prefer it. It can help with some pesky runners. But that's what I use Spear Shot for. If you're team is ganking an enemy, save your Spear Shot. If he dies while you're attacking him with you're Heartseeker Strike, odds are, you'll get the kill. But if he has some health left, wait until he has about a bar left, then throw your spear. You'll probably get the kill. Yeah, it's a kill steal, but you need kills to be effective. So your team can get over it :D

Some obvious things to do is Ping if you need health. Or to alert your team members of possible gankage. But overall, just play a little defensive, and you'll be fine. More than fine. You'll be a champion eating animal carrying a spear. lol. Good luck guys.

Note: I didn't add any runes because that's up to you. I like armor pen and attack speed. But that is just up to you.

PS. My username on LoL is WeaponXI. I'd appreciate a friend add. I love playing with new people.