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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Werostehepic

Pantheon : The Underestimated Destroyer

Werostehepic Last updated on May 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is actually my first build/guide in hopefully a decent series of guides on how to play some of the most underestimated and seemingly worthless champions as of now. Pantheon is one of these champions due to the fact that 3 of his abilities right now are considered ****py which is his stun that isnt that viable unless at mid-high ranks due to ****py scaling, and his Ultimate and HSS which are way to easy to dodge. That and the fact that he is pretty squishy in fights.

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Early Game

His early game playing should consist of 2 things, Last hitting, and staying safe.
Getting (Q) Spear Shot first helps do this. While staying ranged you can sit back and snipe low-health minions for the last hit, this ability is also great for light harrassing in the lane.
If you happen to end up solo-laning due to a jungler in your team, do not fret, going against high-harrass champions like Heimer you can still get last hits fairly simply while dodging attacks at the same time. Also getting Catalyst fairly quickly helps stay in the lane extremely long times.

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Mid-game is here and it's ganking time. Here are some tips to help initiate ganks and successfully execute them.
1. If the enemy is overextending, Ultimate behind them and have your team mates push them into a corner to where they can either get picked off by them for get taken out by going through the ultimate and getting nuked by Pantheon.
2. Ultimate into the fog/river/bushes close to the target you're trying to gank, you may even find a counter gank going on in the process.

Also during this phase do not forget a major part of the game, CREEP KILLING. Always take time while ganks/team fights aren't going on to go take care of some enemy minions while not putting yourself into danger, extra gold never hurt anyone.

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End Game

Late game when team fights and pushes are going on, you're going to want to stay your distance and harass carries/targets as much as possible with your Spear Shot, and once the time arises Jump on your target (Aegis of Zeonia) and give them all you got and retreat momentarily to continue harassing your next target. Also when turret diving critical points in which backup is needed, make use of your ultimate's way of getting to a spot quickly, it's like teleport on crack so-to-speak.

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Item Choices

Starting the game with a Doran's Blade is just amazing in my opinion, it's damage increase, 100 health, and 3% life steal works great with your starter abilities like Spear Shot and HSS at the beginning. Getting basic boots is your next best option after you can go back and buy items, keeping these at basic until you get your next item is always good, but if you're getting fed, feel free to get upgraded boots and your next item if possible. Catalyst is the main focal point of early game, this item allows you to stay in your lane longer with it's mana and health return after every level, having this early is great. If you haven't got fed, or farmed completely yet Mercury Treads are in my opinion a must, it's CC reduction and M-res is always welcome and helps with his survivability. Phage your next item of choice due to it's health for extra survivability and attack damage, and not to mention the On-hit chance, makes for a great utility item for picking a champion apart and having that slow proc just helps that much more. Once you get that, finish your banshee's veil from your catalyst, having this is just all around beneficial with the 45-second spell block, and it's Health and Mana, and magic resistance, it's just an all around defensive item to have. After that, finish Frozen Mallet, of if you choose go for a more offensive approach and build a Trinity Force. Next item on the list is a great offensive item which effects Pantheon's survivability and damage output, this item is known as The Bloodthirster. Around this time Randuin's Omen, this item works in great synergy with your AoZ + HSS combo giving a decent slow to your arsenal as well as some defensive stats. To finish this build you want to get a Infinity Edge. This item helps your offense immensely stronger as you may already know, just a great finishing item to get if you have the time.

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Thank you for reading this guide I hope this helps you play your Pantheon that much better because I know it did for me. Vote up if you like it, please no trolls. Thanks again, and happy games to you all.