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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ancient Magus

Pantheon: The Underwear Model of LoL

Ancient Magus Last updated on December 28, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to the NEW Pantheon Build.

This Is Not Meant for HIGH ELO Ranked, It Can be used but the itemization is Different

I have noticed in my time on Mobafire there are no up to date guides on Pantheon so here it goes. This build/guide is NOT for beginners, this build/guide is NOT for people who think they can go in games and automatically win as Pantheon. Contrary to belief Pantheon is easy picking, and thats why you got to pick them first.

MASTERIESI go a not so usual 21/0/9 mastery for this build, personal Preference. You can really go any 21/0/9 build as Pantheon and do well with this build as long as you don't get silly. The main thing is that you have Havoc and Sunder. Without those this isn't the build for you.

Now I go into Alacrity because with this build (long sword -> sword of the occult) you need to be able to hit that tiny bit faster to get those last crits off, it really helps a lot.

Meditation is optional, I sometimes put 1 point in greed or even utility mastery if there is no jungler. BLUE BUFF IS YOUR FRIEND! With blue you have the freedom of attacking at will whenever you'd like and jumping without using all your mana (which is KEY I will explain later).

Ghost and Exhaust are hands down the best option for this build. You obviously want the run speed and escape mechanism of ghost due to your squishiness (until Frozen Mallet) and Exhaust will help you 1vs1 and catch enemies, also great utility for teamfights which that is all you when games get dragged out.

Other Summoner Spells

Teleport - if no one else on your team has it, good to invest in dropping exhaust to protect turrets and get to teamfights when your ult is down.

Ignite - Personal preference here what you switch out for it, I never take it because 50% of players use it and you really don't need the extra damage.

Flash - Great for ganking and escaping, might be good to replace exhaust with this to have double chase/escape mechanics (something pantheon lacks).

Heal - Seriously just don't do it.

Clarity - Your mana might get low, especially without getting any form of mp5 but if you play smart and go back to base enough (which you need to do to line up jump ganks) you should have no problem.

These are optional as well, EXCEPT the Armor Pen.

I prefer health Seals because without that extra health at the beginning you are exposed to easy ganks.

CDR is my all time favorite Glyph, you can't do wrong with this combined with blue buff and masteries.

For glyps or seals you can go mp5 if you are afraid of running out of mana and can't manage it well enough (might be better to new players to pantheon)

Dodge works as well so does magic resist just make sure you use your glyphs and seals to add that extra bit of utility Pantheon is starved for.

Movement speed runes/masteries are also very helpfull and have great synergy with items.

Spear Shot - Most build say get this first. THAT IS A BIG NONO. Spamming this will get you oom and leave you nothing to finish someone off. Always get it first though because it can do just that, finish someone off. Plus if you have max mana and no chance of getting a gank, go ahead and harass a bit. Also if you are having a hard time in lane makes good for getting those hard minion kills.

Aegis of Zeonia - THE best ability someone could hope for on an AD Carry. Stun and chase mechanic, this is KEY that you get lvl 2 at lvl 8. I can't stress this enough because at this point your game revolves around HSS (Heartseeker Strike) and you need that extra stun time to get it off perfectly plus extra utility during teamfights, running, and saving teammates from death. If your early game wasn't so great it might be better to level this skill up before Spear Shot, just for the extra stun and utility of it.

Heartseeker Strike - Your baby, your most prized posession and the greatest downfall of Pantheon. This skill has the community in a craze of love and hate. They either love it or hate it, depends on whose side its on. Now this skill is beautiful once you get
Last Whisper, some stacks of Sword of the Occult and Brutalizer. It will shred through squishies and even tanks without hesitation. The Passive also makes for easy minion farming and getting that last bit of health down on an enemy. Do not use this skill to farm minions unless you have the mana and safety too. This on CD makes you Weak and it will eat up your mana until mid-late game.

Grand Skyfall - The ultimate of ultimates, not as powerfull as one would hope on the landing damage but amazing for ganking. This is what makes Pantheon a huge threat, he isn't there in a 3vs3 fight in 5s and next thing you know its a 4vs3 and you dead. This skill can get you anywhere anytime, great for backdooring, defending, and best ganking. I will explain how to use this skill later on.

The items for Pantheon are 60% optional, why 60% because you need, I MEAN NEED. Brutalizer/Youmuu's and Last Whisper if you want to deal a good amount of damage, and by good I mean insta gank.

The order of these items also depends. If you are having a good laning experience and have great ganking potentional make sure you upgrade your Long Sword to Sword of the Occult. If not either upgrade to brutalizer/last whisper this all depends on your gold and how well you are doing. If you are having a bad early game then don't bother with Sword of the Occult.

This brings us to the major Pantheon item build, the survivability. I find that Frozen Mallet take cares of getting focused (which shouldn't happen if you play correctly) but sometimes you can't stop it. Other items would include Hexdrinker, Bloodthirster (for lifesteal), Banshee's and Last Randuin's. Why Randuin's? Well if you are stuck in a group of enemies this will give you health, armor, and an insane utility slow what more could you ask for? Look in to it

BOOTS ARE OPTIONAL - Choose what you need for the game but never go zerker greaves.!!Q!!

Always remember though you are an ad carry you have to keep your ad items and keep building them or you will fall behind and more than likely fail at Pantheon mid-late game.

Now this guide is getting wordy Gee Golly!
This is the last but most important part, the playstyle a very unique but familiar style that most would compare to TF on Crack.

You are a squish, unless you build defensive items still it is dangerous to ever think you can solo anyone. This makes you deadly though, play with caution and you will do a million times better.

RULES TO LIVE BY: NEVER engage first, if there is any chance at all of there being more than 1 person play with caution of course if you are at full health mana and your main target is already low, well just use common sense.

In Team Fights you want to sit back, and by back I mean the out out outfield. You wait for your tank to initiate or their team to initiate another target. Once this happens position yourself on their squishiest Champion and make sure you have a cone on to the rest fo them. Then commence owning that target, you will kill it and if your positioned right you will more than likely get more than 1 kill if not at least help your team get them down low enough for someone to clean up.

Now the fun part. Jumping Techniques.
These are key to learn fast, and very fast. Using Grand Skyfall to single out an opponent will get you a lot of kills and help build Sword of the Occult without risking loosing stacks.

I do not advise Jumping in to a teamfight unless you are sure it will make a difference, yes it does damage and gives you positioning but also makes you prime A Target, the entire team will focus you as soon as you land.

It all comes with pratice, once you learn the limits of your strengths and the true potential of them you can Grand Skyfall on turrets and get kills to finish off a lucky opponent that got away, or catch someone as they attempt to run cutting their obvious run route off.

The most important thing about Grand Skyfall is to always go back before you use it, unless you have blue or its late game. It will use majority of your mana leaving you vunerable if your stay in the place you just jumped to exceeds a few seconds. If you jump from the platform you will have full mana when you land, this is a great advantage.

Summing it up Pantheon is a very strong champion at the moment but also very easy to screw up. Majority of Pantheons fail or never do good enough because they don't know how to play him or build him right. I hope you enjoy my build, it has never done me wrong.

Good luck in all your games and HAVE FUN!