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Pantheon Build Guide by JJSlide

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JJSlide

Pantheon Top Lane man jumping FTW

JJSlide Last updated on May 11, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Why Play Pantheon??

Simply said, his a boss! Pantheon is a character if played aggressive and smartly is extremely rewarding. Not only does he have a Global Presence, he can also start helping mid at lvl 6. If his ultimate isn't impressive enough check out his Heart Seeker Strike (HSS), it is what makes him so powerful! Keep reading to find out how!

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Early Game and Starting Items

It's very important to know why you buy what you buy!!!! Don't buy the same thing every game, unless the same conditions are met. Simple rule, yet not always followed. I choose boots 3 pots only because it allows me to move at a speed i'm comfortable, while having some sustain in lane.

What should you do in Early Game Top Lane.

Easy, 3 Rules!
1)Don't RUSH and FEED!

2)Try to stay at a safe range as Pantheon is very squishy early game.

3)Watch your Mini-Map for potential Man-Jumps.

Easy Lanes

IF your lane is easy and your getting easy kills, try to push your tower and jump other lanes.
IF you took your tower and jumping other lanes, remember not everyone is fed and have a brain! Only those you know and have proven to have a brain are to be trusted!!!!

Hard Lanes

IF your losing your lane, you must stay calm and counter buy your laner. Try pick anything that has attack and the counter Defense.
IF your Lane is Stale, try jump mid and go straight back to your to try keep your tower.
IF you get tower dived, simply use the good ol' Stun+Shred+Spear+Ignite (W+E+Q+S) BUT DON'T cancel your Heart Seeker Strike!!! Its what allows you to deal HUGE damage!

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Mid Game and Items

This is where Pantheon shines! Your job as pantheon is simple, yet requires timing and teamwork. You aim to jump on top of as many IMPORTANT TARGETS!!! Once you Land have your stun ready and select the AD CARRY OR AP CARRY!

Try stay out of view when aiming your jump, also make sure your team knows when your coming in! Ping with the new system while you aim your ulti. If you helped mid laner during your game they WILL respond.

Building from a game with less successful engagements will require you to farm ALOT, though try to help your team with the ultimate at any time possible!

The reason why we build not full tank but counters is because, when you jump your likely to be targeted, so you need a little bit, not a lot, of time to kill off at least one target!

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Late Game and Items

When fighting late game, you as Pantheon must make a choice. Do you TANK? or do you ASSASSINATE?

IF Tank, you should be engaging with stuns or better Man-jumps. A well placed Man-Jump will cause disruption within the other teams line up, hopefully scattering them for your team to pick off. If they don't scatter then your job just got easier, its pick a target and kill them off ASAP.

IF Assassinate, you must have good jumps and the mind of a person who doesn't care about dying! It's very important that you use your ultimate for your team and not to be too greedy. It has huge damage and best of all its and AOE with HUGE Range, if your team are engaged use it a little bit away from the fight or closer to your team if they are losing to instantly turn the tides. From the jump as an assassin it's use pick them all off.