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Gangplank Build Guide by radomir100

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League of Legends Build Guide Author radomir100

Parrrley-Barrage ownage

radomir100 Last updated on June 14, 2011
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Utility: 9

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I`m from Serbia and I`m writing this guide cuz i just love playing this hero,yet I haven`t seen him used to his full extent(unless he gets uber fed)causing him to usually stay underfarmed and underfed in the late game cuz quite simply a lot of people seem to want to get a legendary streak with this hero by level 15 because they saw an actually good player play and want to get easy kills with gangplank ultimate against so called noobs(i apologize if you are not one of these players and feel offended in some way)


I also made this guide cuz quite simply not a lot of builds seem to focus on his mana problems which do occur in tough lanes,mostly just saying that you should rush sheen or avarice blades.
I have also noticed that a lot of builds suggest that you get lots of avarice blades(i have seen a ranked game where gangplank had 6 avarice blades which almost made me cry)

What makes this build so unique(and you could say better,but thats really your own choice):
This is a simple item that allows nice mid game damage,last hits more mana and the tear of the goddess(a part of Manamune)also allows you incredible staying power.(more in the items section)

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-global ulti
-extremely versatile ulti
-his ulti can make ur team win a 2v3 or in some cases a 2v4 easily if the enemy team decides to stay around
-great laning and nice late game scaling
-gets a lot more gold from creeps
-built in cleanse
-team buff

-ulti that can be hard to place and easy to fake out
-lots of players dont use ulti to help their team they just want kills
-mana problems with most other builds
-the ad buff wont benefit a lot of people on your team(you will probably have a tank a support and a mage who just dont need AD)
-ulti range has been lowered so its not as good for mass slowing but still viable

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Summoner Spells

I really like to use ghost and flash.

You have no and you are not very mobile(yes you have the Raise Morales speed buff but in team fights you will probably get CCed twice meaning your scurvy wont get you to the enemy target.

You want to use these 2 if you get ganked.The fact that its so hard to CC gang means that you can fully utilize the effect of ghost speed buff and you can also ensure that you dont die while running by using flash.

I take these because they offer incredible mobility and allow you to focus that pesky AD carry that you actually take down so easy because of your monster Parrrley.

Also i cant describe to you how many enemies i have managed to catch by using these spells to land a last hit/be able to catch up to them and parrrley them to death/apply that red buff ensuring a kill

Other then these 2 exhaust remain the only viable spell to take because it gives the needed CC and also gives you those damn kills you want/need.

Also will prove itself whenever you run from the enemy,exhausting them and running with ease)

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I have experimented and found that the 21/0/9 build works the best but feel free to use the 21/8/1 or even 21/9/0 going for ghost-regeneration or regeneration-damage block.

Deadliness:3 points because you just need the extra crit chance

Archmage`s savvy:1 point because you have to use it to get to the next summoner spell tier.
You should replace this with Cripple if you decide to get exhaust.

Sorcery:3 points because you are the carry but still highly dependent on your Parrrley
Some extra CDR will make sure you can hit extra creeps with Parrrley(it is a small CDR but every bit helps) and also harass the enemy.

Aclarity:1 point because it is pretty useful and you will need it to be able to get Havoc.

Sunder:3 points as your armor pen marks and this will basically make your damage true early game

Offensive mastery:2 points allow you to last hit creeps easier(dont forget you are a farmer)

Brute Force:3 points because you need every little extra damage you can get allowing you to have an incredible early game

Lethality:3 points because you are a crit carry and you need to fully utilize your Parrrley.

Havoc:gives an incredible boost to your damage

Haste:improves ghost and reduces the CD slightly

Perserverance:The little extra mana regenerated helps and the hp regeneration is nice as well :D

Awareness:Quite obvious as it does give you a small edge over your enemies that dont get this.

Greed:Extra gold is always nice,and it is the only choice for you
I take it over Meditation because this build takes care of your mana completely so you dont need it.
You are not a jungler or reliant on buffs so dont take Utility mastery
You dont get clarity so Insight is useless.

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Marks of Desolation because they give the needed Armor pen
Go ahead and go for critical chance marks(not really recommended) or even critical damage marks(big boost to your Parrley but will force you to change 1 item with Last Whisper

Seals of Resilience because they help out with the squishiness that every gangplank player will notice(if you play a few games)

Glyph of Replenishment gives some nice mana regeneration allowing you to completely spam Parrrley constantly while its off CD and use your Remove Scurvy freely.

Quints of Desolation go well together with marks of Desolation
Definitely go for the same Quints and Marks(if marks are furor then quints are furor)

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Skill Sequence and Skill Guides

Your passive is great because the poison is a great for harassing at is in a way like teemo Toxic Shot-you hit the enemy once and then back off punishing them heavily
Late game this has nice uses because of healing reduction shutting down that sona`s heals on the carry or even lowers the effectiveness of the forever annoying janna ultimate if you can spread the effect(lasts 10 secs so hitting more then 1 target just 1 time can really ruin their day) ,makes him an incredible counter to vladimir(a really strong hero and it is hard not to get him fed on mid)and also counters Dr.Mundo

When i started playing Gangplank i played the games and at the end i recapped about how i played and realised that Parrrley is an OP skill
Then i listed all its uses and i was going OMG in my room
Its useful for last hitting(this is what i ment in the Pros/Cons section when i said he is the best farmer in the game)
Another carry like corki can last hit every minion in the wave giving him the reputation of a monster farmer
Gangplank is a lot BETTER.Parrrley is on a very low CD especially with boots for CD reduction allowing you to,with some practice,kill EVERY minion in the wave.An average minion gives 20gold i think(dont blame me if i get this wrong).That will mean that corki would get around 120 gold per minion wave
Gangplank on the other hand gains 32 gold per minion giving him 192 gold per minion wave.After a while this becomes easy to notice and you will a gold advantage over everyone else in the game.

This is also useful for harassing.The enemy melee heroes will be unable to farm at all because of this skill and will learn not to mess with you.
NOTE:Dont try to use this for a fast kill against a full hp opponent because this skill does NOT do very high damage(this is not like veigar`s Dark Matter)and is better used for constant harassment

Remove Scurvy VS Raise Morale
Most people will tell you to level up Remove Scurvy before Raise Morale because of the incredible healing that Scurvy will give you but I say you get Raise Morale.It gives more damage=easier last hits and better harassment,and give more speed=easier escapes and since you just use your Parrrley to land last hits and to harass it will give you a pretty good buff.
I would also like to note that most supports have heals/shields that will allow you to skip Remove Scurvy.
Remove Scurvy is however useful for the cleansing it gives so we take 1 lvl of it at level 2 (it is crucial to take it at level 2 instead of 4)

Cannon Barrage
This is an incredible ultimate because its global.It has many uses and it separates the good and the great players.Can be tricky to land especially against some blink heroes(like Corki and Tristana)or if they simply have Flash.
When ganking use the ultimate to slow the enemy rather then trying to steal the kill(ks is a virtue of bad,desperate players and i beg of you not to do in,especially not on purpose)
Useful when running as well.You will just laugh at the enemy trying to catch up to you or your teammate while taking heavy heavy damage and sometimes even dying ty to the big damage that quite a few players will ignore if they are sure they will get a kill.
A funny synergy is gang-janna.It is very situational and almost impossible to pull off, but I do know its possible cuz i did manage to pull it off with a friend.Janna was getting chased by 2 enemies.She got close to the tower and it was clear they were going to tower dive her.She then flashed back and behind the enemies and followed that up with her ultimate.Then i used my ultimate to unleash heavy damage and slow on them and janna was helping keep them in the range of the ultimate much longer with her tornado and zephyr.In the end 1 of them escaped with 50hp and got chased down by janna and the other died to my Barrage.
Another great use of the spell is to clear a large wave of creeps.If there are 20 creeps marching towards your 50%hp tower then pop your ultimate and get a big gold boost.
And of course(this is obvious)this skill is useful in teamfights and can turn the fight even if you are outnumbered.The fact is that this skill is easy to escape so it has to deal more damage to compensate.You will get double-triple kills if the opponenets stick around for the whole duration.

In conclusion this is a very fun,versatile spell and you should practice it and probably find some more ways to use it.If you find any please notify me so I can update this.

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Now this is where this build gets unique.I am yet to find a guide that uses Manamune and so far i have seen only 1 good guide using sheen,but i have seen too many guides recommending mass Avarice blades which is pretty sad if you get 6 blades.

Lets start with the boots:

I recommend you get some CDR because it will allow you to spam Parrrley,use Scurvy more often (cleansing) and you will be using your ultimate MUCH MUCH more often.

If you want you can get Mercury Treads but i only like those if the enemy team has HEAVY CC(like 3 or more CC)

Berserker greaves are out of question because as even if you are the carry your main damage output comes from Parrrley.

Going for ninja boots is an ok choice if they have a good ranged carry allowing you to survive much longer.

Now for the reasons why you should go Manamune even with mana reg glyphs:

The glyphs add nice mana but they wont allow you to spam all your spells as much as you need.
Getting a meki into a tear of the goddess start allows you to spam your spells permanently.The only time my Parrrley spends more then 5secs off CD is when 1 creep wave was just cleared and im waiting for the next one to come.So basically you spam spells A LOT,increasing your max mana by a great deal so the Manamune upgrade seems like the logical choice.If you check the gangplank stats with my items at level 18 you will notice he has slightly over 4000 mana with manamune which translates into 80 extra damage,which is quite huge.Late game you might want to sell this but i wouldnt recommend it as 100 extra damage and imba mana is nothing u dont want

A very good item on gang is the Sword of The Occult.Gangplank has a global ultimate which allows him to net some nice kills/assists.I would highly recommend twisting the build slightly on low ELO/unranked games because if you can get 6-7 stacks this item has made you some cash and you will be able to get fed easily after that.

The reason you should get trinity before manamune is that your mana will still be pretty low so you cant actually profit from rushing manamune but as soon as you buy trinity force you will feel a HUGE difference in your damage output and killing power.Also,trinity gives you nice all round stats and will(among other things) bump up your mana even more.

After you have gotten those 2 items i recommend you go for an IE because its just godlike. Gives you more powerful crits and more damage.Your Parrrley can crit so if those crits are more powerful then your Parrrley gets a monster buff.Also tri force gives you 15%crit chance so with IE you get a solid 40%.

Now for Avarice blades.You can basically get them at any point into the build but i recommend you get them at the spot i marked(before tri force).This is because trinity is an expensive item and getting blades after that is just a waste of potential gold.I have experimented and found that unless you get uber fed or the game ends quickly you will still gain some money from blades if you get them after trinity,but you could make a lot more getting them before.
Now i recommend buying only 1 blade but getting 2 is ok.Dont get more then 2 ffs because your inv is already pretty full and you wont have the room to continue building your next item meaning you will have to sell them before the make you any money.
Dont stack blades because the crit chance is very minor(i mean 60% if you get 5 of them which is way too much)and they will just take your inventory space while gaining you little to no money.

Phantom dancer is a great item for gang.Gives some attack speed(i have said that you shouldnt get AS in the boots section however i meant you shouldnt focus on AS but rather focus on your Parrrley)This item does exactly that.Gives more crit chance=easier to land Parrrley, and the MS bonus is always nice.Now i really really like the AS actually because it allows you to deal good damage even with your normal attacks(i have said that Parrley is your main source of damage but you shouldnt be 100% dependent on it so some AS is nice)

And finally the dreadful bloodthirster.It gives nice damage and since you can get CS easily you can charge it up pretty fast.The lifesteal will allow you to survive a lot more damage in those team fights.You can get 2 of these if you are doing well and replace your manamune/sword of the occult(whichever you got)but this is only recommended if you are appsolutelly sure you wont die(manamune gives 90 damage while thirster fully charged gives 100 but if you die its only 60 so if you die a lot stick with manamune)

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Team Work

This hero puts the gang in Gangplank.He is a carry but has 2 skills that benefit his entire team so he has a lot of influence in team fights.His main support spell however is Barrage and a good pirate will use this spell to support much rather then to ks.
Gangplank can fill 2 roles for his team:
2.AD offtank

When i say offtank i mainly mean that you shouldnt be taking the role of an ashe which can deal heavy damage while being out of danger,unlike you who can get just destroyed if you start playing the main dps hero.
You should much rather be focusing the enemies that are focusing your carry(for example if the enemy team has a xin zhao charging ashe then just kick his ***.
Another viable strategy is to focus the enemy carry with flash-ghost-Remove Scurvy to keep pace with him.

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Farming is pretty easy as gangplank.I recommend you take the BOT lane if you have a healer in your team and if you dont then go mid(harder to gank)
I would strongly recommend you get a healer(i recommend Sona)in your lane that can give you the CS and keep you safe at the same time.
Also,make sure the support doesnt use a mana manipulator as they should mainly be focusing on healing you and with this build you have infinite mana.
Farming is easy if you can last hit with parrrley.Just try practicing it a bit and you will get a hang on last hitting.
A note when dealing with those double hits(when there are 2 creeps with low hp but you can only get 1):when you notice that 2 crepps are going to die at aproximately the same time(you can tell if this is going to happen when the creeps are at high hp if you have some experience),try to auto attack 1 of them once or twice and then use Parrrley and then try to Parrrley the other one.If you arent successful last hit with auto attack.

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This is my very first guide so plz dont be too harsh i know this build does in fact work but im just not certain i explained it well.
Post comments about what i need to improve and vote xD