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League of Legends Build Guide Author Pelikins

Peli's 5v5 No jungle Roam

Pelikins Last updated on June 8, 2011
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Peli's Pals

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Table of Contents
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Peli's pals

This is a 5v5 group that my friends and I often run. It is a jungless zone out comp that focuses on zoning out top lane (Ren and Eve) with a 2v1 and dominating bottom lane Alistar and Miss Fortune (2v2).

Around level 5 Eve starts roaming and ganking mid. Ren is able to continue to zone top (because his opponent is under-leveled and often he is fed) and bottom lane becomes a farm frenzy as now Eve is ganking as well.

Meanwhile Veig builds up his AP in the middle and gets support from Eve and occasionally Ali.

By having a strong early dps such as Ren coupled with Eve top, the jungle has to help out top lane repeatedly otherwise the solo won't get to level 2 and Ren and Eve will get fed very quickly off the free kills if the solo tries to get experience.

In order to do this, very tight creep control needs to be done to keep the creeps from advancing up or down the lane. It is important to only last hit right before the minion was going to die anyway and not take any minion agro so as not to push the lane. Each time the solo is killed Ren and Eve push the lane to the tower and do work on the tower trying to push it down. If top can knock down top tower in a timely fashion the game is won because now top and bottom are free farms due to top not having lane support and bottom constantly being farmed by MF, Ali, and Eve.

Once the solo respawns Eve and Ren stop pushing and allow two fresh minion waves to clash once again in the middle of the lane while they sit in the bushes and soak xp and wait for the solo to come feed them again.

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Xin for Ren: Xin also makes an excellent top for the 2v1. I personally prefer Ren because his Slice+Dice gives him more mobility to jump on an opponent quickly after Eve initiates.

Cho for Ren: We've also had a lot of success with Cho and Eve top. In this case we will substitute our mid for an AD carry. We do somewhat lack a true AP carry doing this but Cho and Eve usually will do the job.

Garen for Ren: Garen is obnoxiously overpowered in the first 15 minutes. What he lacks in mobility in comparison to Ren he gains in raw damage dealing potential.

Twitch for Eve: Twitch can be an excellent AD option for this type of play. He does however lack a hard CC element.

Blits for Ali: Blitz is also a good double CC tank that can replace Ali in the bottom lane. His grab is ridiculous for setting up gank opportunities but he lacks the support ability of being able to heal.

Xin for MF: Xin is also a great sub for MF however this leaves the team without a ranged AD carry which can make tower pushing more difficult.

Veig can be substituted for about any AP carry really. Anivia, Lux, LeBlanc, Brand, and Annie are my preferred substitutions. I like Veigar mostly because of his cage and because since the team is so CC heavy landing Dark Matter is easy and devastating.


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