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Xin Zhao Humor Guide by lorddeminos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author lorddeminos

People in LOL **updated

lorddeminos Last updated on April 13, 2012
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People in League of Legends.

There is various types of people in the game which I would like to discuss, this guide is aimed at new players.I haven't seen a guide like this on mobafire so i decided to make one.

About my self.

I am LordDeminos (lvl 30) on EUW server feel free to add me. I have been doing a bit ranked on my brothers account and made my own 2 months ago. My first ever champion i played was Ashe (I watched remotay's gamplay) she was easy to play but a bit hard to kill people with. Then i played Master Yi and Tryndamere. Finally i settled today with Xin Zhao , Morgana , Udyr and Ashe. After playing countless games with feeders,trolls and afkers i decided to enlighten the fellow newbies about this spreading disease.

All rights reserved @ Lorddeminos. No part of this guide my be copied or reproduced without the authors
permission @ 2011 to present. Trolol. Terms and Conditions apply.

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Away from keyboard.

Most problematic for a entire team. They will leave the game from min 0 or around 15mins. Why?
They don't use there time, don't play a match when you need to have dinner in 20 minutes. Don't play a match when you have school in a hour etc. An other reason is to troll a team.

How to identify a Afk

1. They will Sit at the fountain ( place where the shop is) for the entire game.

Now that we know how to identify one what do they do? Leave a game out of hate or limited time.

Countering Afkers

The best way to counter it is to make a premade team or duo with friends.If one guy leave doesn't mean the game is lost I have won many games where it was 4v5.

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This is a topic of interest many over react when someone dies 2 times before the 10 minute mark, that is NOT feeding , just bad, greedy play. Feeding is the art of dieing multiple times to make the enemy stronger just for amusement. A typical feeder will have more then 5 death before the 10 minute mark ( more if they have teleport revive).

How to identify a Hater

1. the spell revive and teleport combined may* be a sign of a feeder.
2. No items is common
3. Stacking zeals and boots.
4. running into the tower for a faster feed.

Now that we know how to identify one what do they do? Intentionally get killed by the enemy to get them stronger, giving them gold and xp. Why do they do it? Some times it is to get a lost fast a possible for the minimum xp (need to be confirmed).

Countering Feeders.

That's the hardest part there is not method to stop them but providing positive feedback and hoping they will do better.

Here is a good example of a feeder.
(thanks to Taneren.

* Some solo 1v2 top laners has this set.

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OP and Up complainers

Now this counts for in game and outside on the internet. They call a certain XX champion over powered since of this xx ability. You get them in any elo in any mode they are widespread.

The reason why they complain

1. They do bad versus the champion. (Doesn't look up on guides or how to do better at him/her.)
2. Gets annoyed by a skill (like Mordekaiser's Children of the Grave).

"thanks for the help taneren"

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Ah the troll he is well a person who likes to see people angry and frustrated.They come in various forms and is found usually in the 0-1400 elo rating.

How to Identify a Troll

1. He will usually take ridiculous summoner spells, like I took on my Vladimir
2. Will Spam the in game and lobby chat.

"You guys suck lolol get a life!!"

(not to be confused with the Hater)

Now that we know how to identify one what do they do? A common one is hiding in a bush and only coming out to Kill Steal a enemy. Blocking pathways and letting the enemy kill your ally. Example : Trundle will use Pillar of Filth to block the way.
Not usually seen, but can be a great annoyance, Jumbing over the enemy's wall with a dash (etc Rocket Jump ) and then /dance to annoy the enemy then if they go to kill him, he will use his dash again to get away. Through odd items on certain champions can be called "trolling" , it can be a completely viable build like Ap Taric. Builds like 6 dorans on Master Yi is consider trolling.

Types of trolling

Banning certain champions according what the people want is a common method of trolling.
Troll: What should i ban kids? :D
Cool dude01: I am gonna tank with maokai,amumu or alistar according to what they select.
Maokai has been banned**
Amumu has been banned**
Alistar has been banned**
Cool dude b: Why did you do that?

2. Blocking paths.

Path blockers are the most common method.Simply blocking a escape route can be the demise of allies and is consider funny by the trolls.

3. Picking odd builds

Picking simply insane builds, like 6 dorans rings on ashe etc.
A method used by teams of troll is too copy 1 players build, like this.

Victim: Boots : 3 potions
TrollA: Boots: 3 potions
TrollB: Boots: 3 potions
TrollC: Boots: 3 potions
TrollD: Boots: 3 potions


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