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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coreyoliseffect

Peter North Pantheon: MONEY SHOT!!!

Coreyoliseffect Last updated on March 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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I have been playing LoL for a while now and have gotten very familiar with many champions. Pantheon still holds a special place for me though. Lets face it, who doesn't like a champion that can hop? With the correct build he doubles as a tank killer. All joking aside Pantheon is a wonderful champion that can enhance any team or solo.

In this guide you will find a unique playing style that many will disagree with. Often times you will find yourself pushing alone or waiting for your team to push mid so that you can jump in. Just keep in mind that this build and strategy works very well for me. I promise that once you get used to it it will do wonders for your money shot as well.

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Pros / Cons

I'll start off with the pros and cons. I have seen many people building Pantheon as a tank... this does not work for me. Try as I might I can not get it to work. Keep this in mind if you are rushing into a fight. Once that first hit lands; YOU are what's for dinner.


Global Ultimate (Even though it takes forever to land.)
Turret Killer
Great Harasser
Distance Closer and Stun (Aegis of Zeonia)
1 Free turret hit per cool down (Aegis of Zeonia)
Tank Killer


Melee Auto Attacks
Squishy early to mid game.
Ultimate has a steep learning curve.
Uses mana, which can cause issues with harassment.

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Item Build

I start off with a boot and three HP pots or two HP and one mana. The boot helps to land your Spear Shot and the HP and mana pots keep you in the game.
Head for Berserker Greaves next to add some attack speed.
Grab the Vampiric Scepter next to keep you in lane and nullify the constant harass from the other team.
Suggested by shadows fiji I have decided to adopt The Brutalizer and drop the Manamune. The CDR and ArP it provides are a nice icing. It will also help later with the addition of Youmuu's Ghostblade, which is prettry much like carrying around a pocket Master Yi.
Madred's Razors will help you to jungle and will fold into Madred's Bloodrazor for late game tank domination.
Starks Fervor... life steal, attack speed, aura. Yes, yes and yes. However, decide who on your team is going to get one. I am unsure if they stack. No reason to have two though if they don't. You can exchange this for a Bilgewater Cutlass or Wriggle's Lantern. A free Sight Ward never hurt anyone.
Frozen Mallet for the slow and added HP. You will notice a huge difference if you don't get this. Guarnteed!
Might as well go ahead and finish your Youmuu's Ghostblade now. Time to open that Master Yi in a can.
Infinity Edge... lets face it. If you have this, you must be so stupid fed that you might as well go ahead and start getting arbitrary items. I usually never make it to this point as it is usually GG or a surrender.

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Skill Sequence

I figure that this is pretty self explanatory but here goes nothing.

Aegis of Zeonia > Spear Shot > Heartseeker Strike > MONEY SHOT!!! > Dead (chase if needed to complete)

I do use my summoner abilities either before during or near the end of this. You will just have to learn from your play style what works best for you.

If you ultimate is involved:
Line up ahead of where they are running or going to be when you land.

Grand Skyfall > Aegis of Zeonia > Spear Shot > Heartseeker Strike > MONEY SHOT!!! > Dead

Yes, this will cause you to kill steal. No it isn't a big deal; you are on the same team remember?!?!?! Besides, a fed Pantheon is a win Pantheon.

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Play Style

As I stated above I do not suggest playing Pantheon as a tank. To squishy, end of story. I do however see playing him as a wonderful life stealing, spear throwing, shield bashing, ganker. Need I say more?

I have seen other Pantheons mid. It seems to work for them. I myself have given it a go and have done well. You ultimate allows you to get anywhere on the map to assist ganks or defend mid without having to have Teleport. Moral of the story mid is harassing. If you are laning against a champ that you can't throw a spear at then you are going to be crippled.

On that not I suggest taking top or bottom. Of course a good laning partner always helps. I have found that someone else with a CC works wonders. You have the ability to put a hand on the enemy so that your partner can do their dirty work. With your ability to finish a low health champ you are in good shape.

Levels 1-6

I usually chill in the open and wait for the enemy to come close. When I see them in range I use Spear Shot. You will notice that after level 3 to 4 that you really start putting a hurting on the squishies. The best part is that Spear Shot is going to hit, no pesky skill shot there. Hopefully by level 5 you will be in a place to gank if you haven't already. You are going to have to coordinate with your partner on CCs. I suggest that you reach for the stun then take it from there. Remember that you are squishy; if things get bad pop Ghost and start running like a fool, but don't forget about your buddy. You can last shot a champion like an over grown minion. MONEY SHOT!

If you manage to make it to level 6 without destroying your enemy you are most likely low HP and so is your partner. You go back first! Grand Skyfall anyone? It is almost guaranteed that once the other team see you going back they will be out to kill your partner. If they try to dive and fail or succeed they are going to be low HP. Watch the one that was getting eaten by the turret; that is your target. Try to Grand Skyfall ahead of him/her. Keep in mind that it is going to take about 2-3 seconds for you to land after the circle has appeared. When you land a hit do your combo. Stun, spear, and strike. I will sometimes use Exhaust if I see things going bad for me or if the enemy is crawling away. Hopefully you will have Ghost up to assist in the gank. If all went well, your buddy just got a kill and so did you. If not... you still got a kill!!!

Levels 7-12

I really try to focus on myself during these levels. Spend some time alone in the grass exploring the entrails or the minions you just slaughtered. Talk with the wise lizard and ask if you can wear his red spinney things after he is dead. Don't forget that your team may still be laning. Use that ultimate. It has a pretty short cool down and will allow you some valuable kills or assists.
IF Section

If you haven't destroyed your lane's turret try to get that down in between jungeling. If the other lane has a theirs down hopefully they will come to assist in getting yours down. If your turret is down tell your laning partner to go away and let you level in lane. If mid is down go lane there and tell mid to go somewhere else.
Name of the game here is to get your levels and items up. If you don't you will be done for late game

Levels 13-15

PARTY TIME!!! Get your Peter North style on now. It's MONEY SHOT time. Team fights are probably starting and you are close to deciding on exactly the items that you need to have to splooge on the other teams face. This is where I differ from other people. I will go off and push a lane. Half of winning LoL is psychology. If you can make the other team think that you are going to get their turret they will leave mid or top or bot and come to tickle your pickle. Just keep that in mind. If things start to look bad take the blue pill to get home or Grand Skyfall. If mid is crying for help and doesn't understand why you are such a n00b you can be there is seconds; that is if you feel like it. Chances are you will be able to trade turrets with the other team. If so then... GJ!

Levels 16-18

This is where you can really come into your own. You are a ganking machine and you eat squishies like mo tomorrow. Basically you can stun and run or hope that your team caught on and gets the kill. Tip: Save your spear for the MONEY SHOT!
Just please remember that you are not the tank and you will get eaten if you head in first. If you have a big pair then you might be able to lead the other team. This is going to depend on how scared your team is.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting!!!

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Pretty basic selection here. I have tried a couple of different sets and this one seems to balance survivability and damage. Feel free to tweak there to suit your needs.

Greater Mark of Desolation X9
Greater Seal of Vitality X9
Greater Glyph of Shielding X9 <NoM NoM Veigar
Greater Quintessence of Desolation X1 or X3
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude X2

You are going to have to mix and match the quintessences. I aim for a little more HP because I have a big pair.

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Masteries and Summoner Spells

Basic 21/0/9 here taking the improved Exhaust and Ghost. All the better to chase you with. I think that is a Warwick line...

The 9 points in Utility helps with leveling and mana regen. I find that Pantheon is very level and mana dependent. I like to use my abilities. :D

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Team Work

Oh boy my favorite...

As I stated above you need to have a team that can take advantage of your stun. If you land it on a squishy, baring that a Kayle is near, chances are they are about to disappear into the oblivion.

You team also has to know that you can be anywhere is about 3 seconds,; after choosing a landing location. Be sure to help your team often and they will reward you with trust. Your ability to stun and eat tanks is to great to go un-used.

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Please feel free to make suggestions as I am always willing to listen. Please note though that I reserve the right to say that you are wrong based off of how I play. Pantheon is a champion that you have to make your own. He can do many things as long as you are able to make it happen. Tank Killer, Jungler, Ganker, Hybrid Tank, BDer and so on. I wish all of you the best of luck. Try not to land on anything to hard with Grand Skyfall and remember that your spear is bigger and harder than anyone's. Especially when you put it in their face!

If you have a comment or question, you know the deal. I will try to monitor and answer. Thanks!

Build Guide Inspiration:
Bluddrunk -For being so stupid fed that he has arbitrary items.
Corktronomus -For standing in fire.
Buffmelow -For keeping his cool while fail ganking.
Others that I have not mentioned because I have not known you long enough to mention you without your permission.
Oh yea, and all those that have died at my feet.