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Cho'Gath Build Guide by silverraptor

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author silverraptor

Phantom Dancer Cho'gath (Yes, good sir.)

silverraptor Last updated on August 1, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Phantom Dancer Cho'Gath (Yes, good sir.)

If you're looking at this right now, then congratulations good sir. You have stumbled upon the completely silly build of Phantom Dancer Cho'gath. This build is not going to pretend to be the "Instant Win" build that everywhere else erroneous promises. No sir, this build is not about winning and losing, because by gods, anyone can do that. No, this build is not focused on the stress of winning, but rather focuses on having silly, non-stop fun throughout the entire game. If you recieved your First-Win of the Day bonus and just want to be silly, then this is the perfect choice for you. Now this isn't a troll build, so go and tell trundle to leave the goats alone and let them cross the damn bridge. This build is purely for the fun at all. I must recognize that there are some who would not agree so. But those are the types of people who think Tank Kennen or AD Annie never works. Good Heavens, how some people cannot have fun when playing games! Also, this build actually works quite fine. I actually have a 77% win chance when playing with the Phantom Dancers. If you're not playing this for fun, then you are in the wrong place. Anyways, on to the requirements.

First requirement before going anywhere: You must have Gentlemen Cho'gath. If you don't, the side effect is you will be caught up in the stresses again of wanting to win above having fun while you win. Second requirement, you must talk like Gentlemen Cho'gath throughout the entire game, especially in all chat. You must address any enemy team as "Sir *Whatever their name is*". Remember, you are a high classes citizen, and thus must treat others with respect. Most often, you will have everyone else promote themselves to your high-society class as well. I once had a Teemo apologize for tasting bad on the way down and had coated himself in butter for the next time. My, what a nice, cheery fellow. Anyways, once you get everyone else being silly and having fun, then you are on you're way to a nice, fun and happy game for all. At the end, there will be no winners or losers, just two sides laughing together at the fun they just had. I would like to stress the issue, even though stress is not a fun word. This build is meant for just having senseless "FUN"!

Anyways, now we can move on to the way you play Phantom Dancer Cho'gath. First off, cho'gath likes his health, mana regen, and ability power to start off, and luckily there is an item completely dedicated to this such as the Doran's Ring. How the bug manages to wear the ring, I'll never know, but I can't argue against him wearing a nice suit either. Afterwards, you grab boots and build up to swiftness the moment you get the chance. Running in a suit is difficult, but you will amaze everyone on how well practiced and easy you can do it. Then, you get the 2 Zeals, building them later into Phatom Dancers. You will then work on a Madred's Bloodrazor, then go back to more Phantom Dancers. If you find the game going on pleasurably longer then you're use to, then you will sell your Swiftness boots for another Phantom Dancer, since they will provide you for your speed anyways. If you find you're build almost complete, then sell the Doran's ring for a Infinity's edge or a Force of Nature if the enemy team is saturated with the wiggly fingers.

What to do with this build? Excellent question! For you see, did you know, that Cho'gath has the Highest Natural Attack in the game? And that each time you attack, you're vorpal spikes will activate? So by the time you get the 2 Phantom Dancers, you will have really fast attack damage with rapid fire vorpal spikes at 40% Crit Chance. With a Bloodrazor, you get more required attackspeed as well as doing an additional 4% of the enemies health per attack. Add more Phantom Dancers, and you get roughly max attackspeed with 80% Crit Chance and 4% Magic per Health total damage per hit. Add Infinity's edge, well you get the idea.

How to play him? Why, Cho'gath loves his Rupture. You toss them into the air, and then you're able to hit them when they are comfortably at eye level before they fall back to the ground. When you are able to move quickly, run past the fleeing enemy and place a rupture right in their path, allowing you to attack comfortably again. Vorpal spikes give you a little extra attack damage per hit, so that's self explanatory. However, sometimes the ruffians make too much noise for your taste, so you need to scream at them to be quiet. Not as civilized, but it makes them quiet. And don't worry, you're not on a diet. You need to keep yourself big and strong, so you may be a role-model to the rest of society. Just eat anyone you want, but make sure you have your napkin on you. You don't want to look silly with bits of food on your mouth.

Now then, you got the suit, you got the proper speech, and more importantly, you got the fun. Now everyone can fight like gentlemen!

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Anything Less, would be uncivilized.

If you are having trouble speaking like Gentlemen Cho'gath, perhaps you need some one liners. Here are some good starter ones.

"Good day, everyone."
"How are you all on this fine, sunny day?"
"Damn good! Thanks for asking."

Afterwards, you'll need to play it by ear depending on the champions you'll be laning against. Some examples are:

"Excuse me, Sir Singed. But could I ask you to spray for bugs later? I find myself rather disliking the scent of the stuff."


"Ah, good! Another game of Musical Mindbreak! It is one of my favorite too, Sir Malzahar."

If you find yourself so active in the game that you can't speak regularly, don't fret. When you find the time, make sure you comment Caitlin on her Hat, or ask Udyr if that Fur is fake, in a polite way. Remember, you are a gentleman, my good man. Now Good Luck and Have Fun!

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A Refined Lifestyle

If there are anyways that can make this way more enjoyable, please let me know. I will put your refined tastes in here for others to try as well. Just make sure you provide me with a detailed list of how exactly you changed your civilized behavior accordingly.