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League of Legends Build Guide Author vunehu

Phantom ownage, AD/CC Sion

vunehu Last updated on January 14, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Introduction - an epilog into the epicness

Well, maybe not.

I have always played tank-like characters. It's always good to have a fine tank with your team, yet playing tanks is a boring thing to do after a while. And so I though some meele dps would be great. Trynd? No way, I hate chasing up. Jax? No survi, I love to kill and stay alive.. the second one even more than the first. Sion? AW YEAH. This character has everything that's needed by dps. AWESOME stun, shield with absorbtion + dmg, autoenchanced dmg ( without items you get over 150 attack for free, just using the ENRAGE) and.. 100% life steal, +50% AS. Can you imagine it? 600 crit dmg = 600 healed dmg. Stun, ulti, shield.

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Pros / Cons

- great dmg output
- great stun
- a lot of survi
- an initiator
- healer (since your ulti heals your team too)

- you hate disablers ; stun for you means dead. You need to keep attacking, remember it.
- he is perfect in any other way *-*

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Skill Sequence

That's the second most important thing, after the items. I am giving it into the first paragraph after the introduction, cuz if you fail at skill sequence = you fail at the game.

Well then start up with your awesome Q skill on lvl 1 ; Cryptic Gaze. Even though it cost lots of mana. Thanks to that you will be able to make FB, run away and smile right into the faces of your enemies. If your lane partner failed, you stun the meele/most dangerous hero and run away. You will not give the points into it till the late game. You need it's effect, not the dmg since you are dps.

Now comes your e skill, ENRAGE. There's one thing to tell you about this. NEVER TURN THIS OFF, AND REMEMBER TO TURN THIS ON AFTER YOU GAIN IT. Take it as soon as you can, I mean it - the lvl 2 is perfect time. From now on you will be mastering this first. This skill gives you 3 hp per kill on the 5th lvl. Easy count, killng every minion counts - do as much last hits as you can. That's the ONLY HARD THING ABOUT SION, LAST HIT THE MINIONS.

Then comes your lovely shield at lvl 4. Thanks to Death's Caress you will be able to initiate the ganks (Sion is great ganker, my best one). At lvl 5 it will give you over 300 dmg absorb. Moreover you can detonate it to deal same dmg as it was supposed to absord, that's over 300. It will explode automatically after a few seconds. That's really great skill to push the lane, go into the jungle (yup, Sion is a fine jungler too), take blue golem buff, any buff. Just don't be afraid to use it, it's really important and doesn't cost a lot.

And the last yet not least one - your ulti at lvl 6.. Cannibalism. It makes you NEARLY INVICIBLE. Nearly. You see 3 champions attacking your turret. What do you do? Turn on the ulti (first always, since I forget about this a lot and die in pathetic way), shield, stun the lowest hp/armor hero, watch as his companions can't do a thing about you killing him. Attack the second one, they run away. With 100% of life steal, and such CC and dmg there's one rule: IT'S BETTER TO ATTACK ANYONE THAN TO NOT TO. I mean in teamfight ofc. Don't waste it, but if you feel like you can heal up in jungle - use it for killing the buff monsters, dragon etc. Just please, remember to use it since it's the true power of Sion.

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Items, huh. All teams that have lost to my Sion and my team always said that I have really strange yet succesfull build. That's true, I admit it. I've came to it after a while, I was really dissapointed in this champ. I missunderstood him, he is my main now.

So here comes the first priority:
- BERSERKER'S GREAVES ; that's the first item to buy. I prefer to start with the AS sword than the boots. Yet you can choose one of those, it doesn't matter a lot. Buy a little one health potion and you are done, go into the lane and.. have fun, try not to die. Go back to build the berserkers right way.
- AVARICE BLADE ; I buy it with berserkers, that is if my game goes well. I love this item, get it as fast as you can. It gives you CC and generates gold. Gold, last hits = Sion heaven.
- ZEAL ; that I would say is the hardest time in the game. I mean after getting a zeal you aren't so great, but you aren't bad. Just try to build the:
- PHANTOM DANCER ; as fast as you can. That's your mile stone, get get get!
- BRUTALIZER ; since you are nearly done with CC, you need a lil of dmg. Build the brutalizer, have fun since you are pain in the *** now. FOR REAL, that's where you SHINE.
- GHOSTBLADE ; that's my second favourite item. It gaves you additional 50% of attack speed. That's in addition to Phantom is great. Don't be afraid to use it. I am always moving it into first inventory place and spam 1 even when I harass someone, jungle.. just everywhere. An aditional free skill, great.

And here comes the many ways of Sion:
- lack of armor? Get the atma since you are high HP hero you will gain a lot of dmg from it (and CC!)
- lack of magic resist? Well that's the pain. Get the banshee, it's like no mage can do anything to you now
- lack of health? Sunfire cape, really.

It may seem a bit strange item build. But just give it a try, you will try this build again soon, I promise :)

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Summoner Spells

You are an offence hero. No forti, no heal (lol). You can change my recommended flash with CLEANESE, disablers sux. Even though I still prefer exhaust and flash. Flash + stun = free frag. Ulti + exhaust = .. free frag.

Exhaust is important, use it a lot!

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When it comes to farming you are just great. You can take a wave of minions onto your chest with your awesome shield. Detonating it and dealing lotsa of dmg to minions, AOE dmg. Just have ENRAGE turned on.. all the time.

There's one thing I would like to say. It depends on your lane partner though. Don't push your line, just let the enemies push it to your turret (and stun enemies champs if they attack you, the turret will do its job). Last hit the minions on low hp, that's your priority. You get health for it, gold for it, no cons.
Again remember to use your shield, detonate it. If you get one minion killed with it - that's a waste. 2 minions ; you did a great job.

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Creeping / Jungling

That's why I love Sion. If your lane partner don't know how to cooperate with you, pushing too far, going into obvious fights that you don't want to participate with, just leave him, for real. Take your shield, go into a forest, get your lvl and buffs, gank a lot and have fun.

Just don't push yourself too hard. Use your ulti when needed. It's your bread and butter, free health in jungle = win. Take a blue buff, have fun.

ps. In mid game you take most of the creeps in jungle to 1-2hits, that's the exp!

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Team Work

Not much to say about it. There's a rule within my team. What Sion stuns needs to be dead, for real.

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He has become my main in no time. I've managed to get what I was looking for. Sion is so great, and have an bare-bone arm! : >