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League of Legends Build Guide Author Foreign

Phases of the game

Foreign Last updated on April 2, 2014
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Many players have a good skill during the Laningphase in a game when all towers are up. But as soon as the first towers fall - players start running around doing stupid stuff and throwing their games. In this guide i try to give noobs a plan on how to play in certain phases of the game.

(Important: No guide is perfect and english isn't my main language so please STFU if you find grammar mistakes or words beeing called different. This guide is about the content and not grammar and ****.)

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The Map

As you can see there are 3 Lanes (Top, Mid, Bot) and the jungle.
for a good map control it's important to understand the jungle.
Take some time and read a bit about jungle routes, spawn times and respawn times:
click me for more information about the jungle

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The space between the red lines is your movement area
The red circels are "must have" wards if you push your lane to the enemy tower. (note: this guide is no warding guide!)

During this phase you have 3 possibilies:

Farm under your tower and let the enemy push your lane

This allows you to get last hits very safe, but on the other side the enemy can roam other lanes and might get a kill. So always make sure to ping when ur enemy is missing.

Fight in the middle of the lane

You can be ganked/roamed, but the chances to escape are pretty good. Overall very safe during the early game.

Push your lane to the enemy tower

High risk of getting roamed or ganked, but high reward because you can roam other lanes or get a fast Tower.

During this phase the jungle is usualy all about Red-,Bluebuff and ganks, because dragon is very risky when all towers are up and usualy not worth the risk. You should always watch the enemy jungler. If he is ganking top - you can push mid/bot without having wards, because then there is no risk of getting ganked.

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When 1 Tower falls the roaming phase starts. Roaming is when 1 Player won/lost his lane and can start helping other teammates to win their lane.

There are 3 scenarios for the start of the romaing phase:

Scenario 1: You killed the enemy bottom Tower.

Green Area: Way Minionwaves need to Towers
Arrows: Possible movements you can expect from players.

This gives the bot lane twice the map control. That means minionwaves need much longer to reach your tower/the enemy tower. During that time your Team can do Dragon or help your mid lane. On The other hand the enemy mid lane can punish you for pushing your lane too far to the enemy Tower.

Scenario 2: You killed the enemy mid Tower

As you can see the mid lane has a hughe roaming potential: top and botlane. Also there is a the highest risk of getting ganked by enemys.

Scenario 3: You killed the enemy top Tower

As you can see the Top lane is too far away from dragon and the bot lane to be a serious issue for them. If you don't take teleport as summoner spell you need a good map awareness to join dragonfights or teamfights on the other side of the map.

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The Roaming phase usualy ends when 3 First Towers have fallen and Players aren't forced to stay on their lane all the time because minionwaves need longer ways to reach the towers.

Now you want to stay together as a Team and push lanes so you can create a lot of pressure to the enemy team. It's important to use small "timing windows" when a big minionwave hits an enemy tower and the enemy Team is Out of Position to do objectives like Towers, Dragons, Baron or Inhibitors.

Teamwork and map control is the key in this phase. When the entire enemy Team is dead get as many objectives as possible and press "TAB" to see how much time is left to do them safely. Players have to decide here in seconds if they take a tower/inhib/baron/dragon or recall back to base.
Good decisions can decide the game, while wrong decisions can cost you the game here.

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Final Fight

The Final Fight is usualy when 1 Inhibitor has fallen and a won Teamfight can decide the game in the favour of the Team that is playing offensive.

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The Keyrole of Smite

Smite excists to secure objectives like Baron and Dragon.
a good jungler will make dragon/baron calls and use smite in the last second to secure them.

If the enemy jungler is dead it is "save" to do Baron/Dragon, because Smite does a hughe amount of Damage and there is almost no chance for the enemy team to steal your Baron/Dragon.

Make sure to ward all paths around those objectives to avoid beeing catched by enemys while doing them

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Thanks for reading and i hope this guide helped you to get a clue on what to do during mid/lategame.


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