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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Clawlsinjr

Physical DPS Kennen

Clawlsinjr Last updated on November 3, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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(this is my first build, plz comment how i do :D)

Yes, this may sound dumb, or just plain stupid, but this is the best build i had with Kennen.
I didnt do any better with the AP Kennen. If you want to follow this guide or not without the need to start a whole new game (or practice game), Look at the Pros. and Cons. If you want to just follow the guide in a new game, then you can skip this, or read it for fun anyway :P

- Good at 1v1, better than ap is what i think.
- quicker being able to farm faster
- more power = easier last-hitting minions

- Not good when alone against multiple enemy's
- Not tanky, but Kennen is squeeshy anyway :P
- Spells are less powerfull


Something about the runes:
some good idea's are to replace some of the runes

Marks > attack speed for quicker attacks and better farming
Seals > Health for better survivability early game
Quintessence > Anything you like or already have

Summoners Abilitys
I always use ghost and ignite
Ghost for running away when your Lightning rush isnt enough or when youre low on Energy.
Ignite for when your abilitys and attacks wont kill the target when past the enemy turret

You can choose your own Spells but then change the ghost mastery into something else in the Utility Mastery Tree.


The ability combo without the ultimate goes:
Lightning rush > Electrical Surge > Thundering Shuriken

With the ultimate is :
Lightning rush > Electrical Surge > Slicing Maelstrom > Thundering Shuriken > Electrical Surge (when at lvl.5)

The Slicing Maelstrom trick:
each of the ult strikes gives one MarkOfTheStorm (MotS). So if youd o the combo correctly and quickly. You will get more MotS with one ult! Use Lightning rush and then Electrical Surge for two MotS. Then Quickly use Slicing Maelstrom to explode your MotS and stun the enemy. Now the Ult will strike the second time and give another MotS. This way you get 2 MotS with one Slicing maelstrom except for 1 MotS if you dont do this combo! Use this to your advantage.

Always try to take mid/top

Physical Dps Kennen is intended to be a high power 1v1 champ.
With this build used makes the abilitys more like a supporting attack more than your main attacks. The stuns are usefull for chasing and keeping the enemy pinned down. This makes it easy to kill enemys with your regular attacks.

If fighting in a bot/top:
Try to have a tank wiht you in a lane and make use of his tankiness. dont take heavy damage. plan with your lanemate who to focus first. Always attack one target with eachother, it's better to have 1 killed than two of them at half health.


I usually use the items shown above but i sometimes use others:
First item:
I always start with Boots Of Speed but you can decide yourself to start with.
I take boots of Speed because, although being a Ninja, Kennen is pretty slow, so it helps trying to get first blood. then build it into Boots Of Swiftness whenever you can.
I never buy items before i finish my Boots, but if you do the same is up to you.

After Boots Of Swiftness i go for Guinsoo's Rageblade.
It helps with farming as it will provide attack speed when starting to attack. Also great for attacking enemy Champions. When building, start with the Pickaxe, it will make last hitting (with this attack speed) alot easier.

Madred's BloodrazorThis item is actually an anti tank item, but i actually use this item not for the passive, but for the main boosts: AD, attack speed, and a little bit of armor. Works good with Kennen as he is squeeshy and this is a Physical dps build.

Two Hextech Gunblade'sthese are really usefull! AD, Lifesteal, AP (to boost your abilitys a little) and Spell vamp.
Nice for boosting your abilitys AND your main attacks! And then the Spell Vamp and the LIfesteal, wich are great for staying in lane and surviving attacks.

Guardian AngelActually a random choice, put whatever you want here. I rarely get this far in my build but if i get here, i always buy guardian angel. Decreases your Squeeshyness. And the some kind of bubble around Kennen is sometime a Terrifying sight. If not alone, they almost never attack you!

Thanks for watching my guide to Physical Dps Kennen!
this is my first build. And frogive me for any mistakes in my english grammar or spelling, im Dutch.

Have Fun and play alot of LoL!