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Lux Build Guide by shizonme

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shizonme

Playing Support Lux with a Menacing Blow

shizonme Last updated on June 14, 2012
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Welcome to the in-depth Lux guide, this guide will go over the many different stages in playing Lux. Hopefully, by the end of the guide, you’ll will have a greater knowledge on playing Lux as a supporting champion and understand her champion more. Lux is a demacian, which means she has that demacian ultimate which if strong enough or built right can put a devastating blow on an enemy (in her case multiple enemies).

Hopefully if you’re reading this you have a somewhat knowledge of how to play support and what items to build. That’s just expected from your readers when going through support guides, however, this guide will look at playing support but at the same time be a menacing team mate for the opponents. Most supports aren’t feared by the enemy team, unless you’re playing a tank support, i.e. Alistar, at the end of this guide, the enemy team will fear you.

My IGN is :
T R I B U S H - add me for any addtional help

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Alright, runes are a messy subject and everyone has their own taste to what runes they like to play with or use. I usually stick to the same runes whenever I’m running a support champion unless it’s a tank support then I’ll pick up some more defensive/utility runes.
In this case, as you can notice, I took the Greater Quintessence of Potency which gives me a flat ability power boost, I like using this rune because of the shield and how it runs off of the amount of ability power you have. It’s a great way to improve the shield or your other spells in early-mid game without having those extra ability power items.
I took the Greater Mark of Potency because once again, I enjoy having that extra ability power off the beginning spawning pool. This allows me to build the Meki Pendant without worrying if I’m going to have enough ability power to either save my attack damage carry or do damage to the enemy bottom lane.

Now the Greater Glyph of Focus is pretty self explanatory, I enjoy having the cool down reduction on Lux, some people take cool down reduction for all their runes, but I enjoy having that extra ability power from the start. This rune gives you the capability to spam your spells a little quicker than usual, especially once you get the boots and the tome. It may not seem like a viable rune, but trust me, try this build out and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

Greater Seal of Focus, once again I enjoy having that extra cool down reduction from the start, allows me to build a Meki Pendant and not have to worry about my cool downs or my ability power.

Runes are different to everyone and everyone has their own preference on which runes they want to use or buy. These runes are not set in stone and this build will work with any rune setup you run as long as it follows the ability power caster support type champion build. Try out some different rune setups and see which ones you prefer, honestly this rune setup is pretty standard to Lux and I find it runs best on her if you’re playing support in the bottom lane.

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Summoner Spells

Flash: Pretty standard choice, good escape or engage summoner spell. Should probably be always chosen when playing Lux as your susceptible to early ganks without it and you’ll need to get away and wall spam your abilities into team fights taking place away from you.
Teleport: I like the idea of being capable of teleporting to the wards I sit down in case of an emergency, or just having a teleport handy in case of a 4 man push in a lane and my team mate needs help as soon as possible. I know this isn’t a standard choice but you can switch it up with what you see fit.

I didn’t take exhaust because of Lux and her ability to crowd control almost anyone or anything.

You could switch in Ignite with teleport if you’re feeling it but usually I never take ignite.

If I was going to switch teleport with something it would be clarity or clairvoyance, those are the other two options which seem viable.

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As you can see, I took the 0-0-30 mastery setup. This is subject to change depending on your play style, but since I like going all in on utility as playing support I took this setup. It also gives me improved summoner spell casting for my teleport/flash.
Professionals or wannabe professionals are going to assume I’m ******ed for taking the all-in build or even for picking those summoner spells. I’ll explain later why I took the summoner spells I did but I mainly went all-in utility due to the fact I like supporting my partner in lane as much as possible.

Also since I’m not building any gold per second items, I like having the extra starting gold plus the gold gained for assists/kills during the game. This allows me to stay caught up even more when I’m not farming a lane.

You can set up the masteries as you like, but this is the way I took them for this guide, depending on your summoner spells you will switch up the mastery build as well. Remember it’s all about preference, but if you want to follow the guide straight forward, take my advice and use these masteries or at least try them out, if worst comes to worst go 21-0-9 build.

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You’ll probably notice that the item build isn’t very supportive in terms of giving buffs to your team mates.

When I’m playing Lux support, I almost never take any supportive items other than oracles and wards. The reason is because she relies so much on her spells it’s almost impractical to build supportive items. I usually always focus my attention on getting wards and ability power boosting items.

Follow the item build accordingly and you’ll be surprised with just how well this baby works.
Always start with the Meki Pendant and ward, don’t ward until level 3-5, and never ward the lane bush, either ward your tribush or the river bush.

Remember to follow the build according, building the items in the sequence shown in the build list. A lot of people like to go Rod of Ages first thing when building Lux; I enjoy having the massive cool down reduction and ability power from Morello’s tome. Make sure you get the Rod of Ages second after Morello’s; this will provide you with the opportunity to go late game and stay caught up with the enemy in terms of bulkiness and ability power.

As always, item builds are massively subjective to the play style of you. If you switch up this item build, you might as well switch up the entire guide itself.

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Pros / Cons

Great assisting and killing ability

Massive amount of damage and shield support

Capable of initiating team fights

Tanky heavy damage for ability support

Non-susceptible to ganks and ambushes

No need for gold per second items since you rely on assists and kills

Great amount of mana regeneration along with cool down reduction

You’re a chick with a laser beam that does massive damage

Non-supportive item build, no buffs for team mates really other than your shield

Not very mobile

Team may troll you out for not building a supportive item or buff item

Kill and assist dependant, if your team is getting curb stomped chances are you won’t be a help since you rely on the kills and assists for your gold income

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In summary, some may find this build non-supportive but truth be told Lux is a support champion at heart and doesn’t require what most supports do. Since she has the ability to kill or assist at long range, you’ll be getting a lot more gold throughout the game then you would be if playing a tank support or healing support.

It’s very important to spend as much cash as possible on wards. Stop buying sight wards (green) at level 7 and continue to purchase vision wards throughout the remainder of the game. Invest in oracles if required around level 11 or 13.

Utilize your ultimate as much as you can, your ultimate will have a crazy cool down with this build so spamming it is no problem and you should try to use it as a poking tool if possible as much as possible.

Don’t be scared to initiate, Lux can snare and slow then flash out of a team fight with incredible haste. This build allows you to take more damage than usual when playing Lux or another ability heavy support champion.