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Riven Build Guide by Adrian

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adrian

Playing the Support Game

Adrian Last updated on October 27, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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So You Want to be Helpful!

Riven is an awesome, awesome champion with some pretty nifty momentum. She's a bit squishy at first, but if you can kick hard enough early game to get her built, girlie'll cause aaaaall sorts of havoc. The question is, What to do with her?

Even with Riven's damage potential and crazy movement abilities, she gets beat to the kill often by champs with more impressive ranged abilities. Riven's moveset makes it easy for her to pester about anyone, at least, and she can waylay wave after wave of minions with little to no effort, even in the early rounds. This is the build I use to put those abilities on display first, and tack on the support for your other champions while we're at it.

The plan here is to use Riven's very, very underlooked crowd control abilities to clear the way for a murder machine like Hiemerdinger or Miss Fortune, so that they can wail your scraps into oblivion. The second part of this is supporting their effort with Auras, Rally, and your control abilities. Lastly, focusing on your own survival takes a portion of our damage output and replaces it with life steal and regen, because you aren't helping much if you're, y'know, dead.

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Giant Runeblade? Gotta' Make this thing Sparkle.

"But Adri, why so many different runes?"

Because, they all serve their purposes well. Runes here are spread out a good bit, but serve to hasten the death of the nuisances in between your teammates and their targets, or keep you alive while you do it. Not many people are fans of my high regen habit, but, especially with the added lifesteal and MASSIVE amounts of splash damage from Tiamat, even in the middle of a minion cluster that would shatter you normally, life tends to stay high and prepared for altercations with opposing champs.

The quints here breaks the mold and look directly into helping you build your armory and level quicker, which could be left to just a small fraction of Masteries instead. The extra little percentages can really, really push you early though, and make you a legitimate threat before anyone knows what's going on. Level 4 with Tiamat when the rest of the team is two and buying their boots is intimidating to anyone.

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Survivin' in Exile Ain't No Picnic.

The Masteries here follow the same motif as our runes, pump out the damage, and level up before anyone else can. On the plus side of this, it works, period. The massive damage boosts from nibbling at the bottom of the Offense tree puts the fear of God in the eyes of most everything, and with some quick utility perks, you'll be cranking levels out with a few minion waves and little to no effort.

On the downside, there are a few fillers in the plot to make this happen that would be mch better distributed elsewhere. Sadly, there are VERY few potential changes that allow the necessities still be reached.

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Tools for a Wanderer.

Tiamat, hands down, is the center of your items in this setup, and you want to try and nab it up as quickly as possible. You're choice in boots is subjective to your whim, I use the Ionian's for the extra cooldown reduction. The faster Ki Burst is open, the faster EVERYTHING around you decides its a nice time to die. On that same page, always having Broken Wings ready so you can move forward to assist, or beat a hasty retreat, the better your survivability. Especially in the wake of low armor.

The Valour Symbol, especially for a measly you'll-have-it-in-seconds 800 gold, is too nifty to pass up. After that, what you choose is all you. I like the Good O'l Stark's Fervor, for simple fact that its supporting aura keeps those around you alive, and it produces a decent amount of damage. The Bloodrazor is another nifty damage increase choise available, but don't be afraid to save for some reeeaaally expensive toys. The Trinity Force is a totally acceptable thought when you pump out money as fast as this.

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Keepin' the Moves From Getting Stale.

Now, Ki Burst is easily the most nifty damage spell on the list with this build, and should be your main focus, but having Broken Wings first level for that badass mobility boost is almost a necessity. Also, Valor keeps you out of harm's way when its time to turn around, and should not be forgone. You're final move, Blade of the Exile, is not all that important in a support build like this, but keeping it readily available to chase off the encroaching ranged attackers is a fantastic plan most times.

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Steriods for your Pals.

This one's simple. Heal is easily one of the best spells available ever, even if it isn't necessary for you. And with aaaall that lifesteal/ regen, it isn't needed for you. Keeping it around for your partners, however, can save them from dropping at a pivotal point in a fight, and can be used very easily to keep a wave of minions alive at a turret until reinforcements arrive.

Rally should be self explanitory, especially once you get to the final push. You drop your little banner, everyone starts going haywire, and your opponents drop so fast the only thing you hear is "so and so scored an Ace!" 50 times. Granted, ONE spell isn't gonna' do that all on its lonesome, but it sure as hell helps.