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Teemo Build Guide by kevinsem99

Pop Comes the Teemo!!!!

Pop Comes the Teemo!!!!

Updated on July 8, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author kevinsem99 Build Guide By kevinsem99 2,495 Views 0 Comments
2,495 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author kevinsem99 Teemo Build Guide By kevinsem99 Updated on July 8, 2011
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This is my first guide so don't be so negative. I've recently tried Teemo and I love using him. This build is for attack damage and attack speed. I've used for many games and did fairly great 1 on 1. Overall this build will help you more or less. Please read through this entire guide and trying it out.
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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I chose teleport so I can teleport to mushrooms and let other allies with teleport to use them as well. I chose exhaust because it weakens the target's attack,speed,and helps you get easier kill. Other options are the usual;flash(escape/chase),Heal(healing while camoflauge),Ignite(goes with your poison),Ghost(double speed), and cleanse(if you know their going to have cc). That's all the summoner spells you should use. The rest forget them. You will do fine without them.
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So why Teemo?
-Can camouflage and do sudden kills
-Poison others so if they barely get away with low hp they'll die of poison
-Has a chase ability
-Can plant mushrooms everywhere
-Can stop an opponent's auto attack
-Is really cute
-Has nice skins
-Isn't extremely mana hungry
-still several more that I am forgetting to mention
-Not reliant in nuke dmg like Annie
-Can't think of anymore cons o,o

Why should I do AD and AS?
Teemo's AP Ratios are low. REALLY LOW. If it's 1 AP ill go for it. But its about 0.2. If you want AP go for it. This is not the guide for you. AD gives lots of overall damage plus has a boost from his E which isn't affected much by AP. Though I'll admit an AP Teemo can do fairly nice damage.

What about Hybrid?
Tried it pretty good. Thinking about a better build right now. I'll show you a build later.
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I go with a 9/0/21 build for the cooldown reduction which gives more more shrooms to use as wards, traps, etc. Since we are using teleport and exhaust we put 1 in those. If your not using the these spells feel free to adjust the masteries. Then we put neutral buff boost for reason I will explain later. Movement speed since it'll work well with move quick. The rest are self explained (hopefully).
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Skill Sequence

I start off with Q 1st since it helps better at the very beginning bush battle since a)it stops them from hitting you and b)it does more overall damage. I max E 1st since I'll help you kill runners and your build is attack speed. After I max Q if your team is doing good so far. If not, max out W since I'll help you retreat from battle since your doing bad. Remember to use camouflage. It gives 40% attack speed when you pop out of it which helps you get faster kills to move on to the next.
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Items. Almost the more important part of the game next to champion selection. I start off with building Berserker's Grieves since its the boot that gives off AS. Next I buy Sword of Divine for the attack speed. After I get Black Cleaver since it gives nice AD and AS with a bonus of ArRd. After that is where things get switchable. If the team your going up against has tanky champions buy madreds. Need more suvivalbility? Buy BloodThisrtier. Really fast runners? Frozen Mallet. If your game is going really in sell your grieves for phantom blades since your W gives you alot of speed along with your phantom. It'll also give you a nice 30% CritC.Still going in? Then buy elixirs. They give a nice boost.
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Golem Buff

Here is an important thing to get that improves nuisance to your opponents,Blue. It gives a cooldown which makes your shrooms restock faster which equals more bombs for usage. If you don't want people to take it stack 1 or 2 shrooms there. If they go off you can hurry on over to take it. One way is to use teleport to a nearby shroom and last hit it. Second way kill the killer which also gives a nice amount of gold. Either way take blue buff as much as possible.
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Remember this is my 1st guide. So don't be mean. I'm going to update this when I got better ideas for Teemo. Tell me if you like the build, how it can improve, and if there is something I should add. That's the end of my guide.


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League of Legends Build Guide Author kevinsem99
kevinsem99 Teemo Guide
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Pop Comes the Teemo!!!!

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