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Talon Build Guide by rolfson

Pop go the squishies!

By rolfson | Updated on December 5, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


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Welcome to my guide for Talon in Dominion. How many times do you see a squishy and want to just destroy them? Pretty much all the time - I know. Well I'm going to tell you how to do exactly that - utter destruction. With Talon's insane burst dps, silence, slow, and ult stealth, no squishy (or tank for that matter) is safe.

I will be updating this guide over the next few days much more, putting pictures, links, screenshots, etc. This is just the bare bones that will tell you what to do and how to do it

Edit: Changed runes, comments were pretty smart (I was being idiotic about survivability), now leaning more towards CDR / AD. Good job guys :D
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Pros / Cons

    Insane Burst DPS
    Very good maneuverability, and a good harrasser with W
    Good Chaser with a W
    His ult. His ult. Oh god, his ult. Not only does he have incredible solo target dps, but combined with his W and ult, Talon can single handedly wipe out an entire other team.
    Amazing dancer

    Somewhat squishy
    Focused HEAVILY once you start obliterating the other team
    Susceptible to CC and silence
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Runes are fairly standard for AD carry, Desolation for Penetration and then armor/magic resist just for a little more survivability. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten double, triple, or even quad kills with < 20 health left from my ult; would have been dead without those runes. Some choose to stack pen or AD, but I find that the extra survivability far outweighs an extra 5-10 damage or 5ish armor pen.
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Standard melee build, but I removed the neutral minion buffs from mine since there are no neutral minion buffs. Instead I just put the extra point in CDR, which Talon makes a living off of.
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Start out with the prospector's blade and boots. The blade gives 200 health (VERY handy early on), along with 5% lifesteal and +20 damage. Sometimes I'd run with a brutalizer instead, but the extra pen isn't worth losing 200 health and 5% lifesteal. Afterwards bulk up on AD, with the exception of sheen (the 100% increased damage after teleporting plus your Q is freaking amazing). Sanguine blade is practically built just for Talon, as the AD and lifesteal are absolutely wonderful. I go with an infinity edge instead of another sanguine for increased crit and a bit more of a damage boost. Critting with q that has a sheen/trinity procced on it hits pretty damn high.
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Summoner Spells

I always run with ghost and exhaust, nothing else has quite the same feel. While a lot of people tend to lean towards flash, I generally find that Talon's ult has a low enough CD that it's essentially another flash. I prefer ghost for chasing down runners and getting to cap points early. The new summoners are nice, but they don't fit well within Talon's playstyle unless you're incessantly turret diving solo.
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The key to Talon is utilizing your silence-flash to gank. Once you're in close range, drop a W to slow them down and then Q + Ult. By this time your W should be back up for another slow, and a Q for finishing blow if they're still up.

Early game(lvl 3-6): From the very start, talon is amazing. At the beginning of the game, I always split the team up 4/1, where 4 go top (3 take the very top, one takes middle), and I go bottom as talon. Even if it's a 2v1, Talon can hold his own against the enemy champs provided you turret hug while your teammates cap the top. The key in this game is quick annihilation of the enemies, followed by defending captures. Continue to defend your turret until top is captured, or head up there if the enemy bottoms move to top as well.

Mid/Late game (6-18): Once you get your ult, the whole gameplan changes. Talon is one of, if not the absolute best gankers in Dominion. At this point Talon turns into a roamer, staying in the center area and only leaving to gank squishies or cap an unguarded point. You should start racking up the kills and point caps if you play correctly. Correlate ganks with your teammates for maximum effect.

How to Gank as Talon:

This is Talon's bread and butter. At lvl 18, your ult will be on a ~22 second cooldown, meaning you can effectively gank every time you get near someone. You have to play smart though, and not overextend if you can't take them or you will be quickly demolished and kill-less. So what do you do? First things first - when you identify a target, move in to E range. Activate your Q, then run in and teleport to them. You will immediately hit them with your Q (and if you have sheen, this is already going to half-health them). Toss your blades (W) in their direction to hit them twice, and then Ult. They will attempt to run at this point - but surprise on them! While stealthed, you have 40% movement speed bonus. So follow along, and shortly thereafter your Q and W will be up. Another blade toss, another Q, and they're dead. If not, you did something wrong. Now get out of there, pick up some health from the spawns, and continue your roam of terror.
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Team Work

Not only is Talon amazing at ganking, he can single-handedly win team fights. Upon entering a teamfight, pick out a target and immediately jump to them and silence (they should be a AP caster for most effect). Pop your ult so you won't be focused, and then cast a W in the direction of the most opponents. These 4 hits (2 from ult, 2 from W) will decimate their ranks and should be enough to allow your team to mop them up quickly. This strategy even works when it's Talon vs 2 or 3, especially near a turret or if they have low health. You can easily rack up penta kills if the situation is right.
League of Legends Build Guide Author rolfson
rolfson Talon Guide
Pop go the squishies!
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