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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Huevitos


Huevitos Last updated on January 11, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Let me start of by saying this is my first time posting a build so im not 100% on some of the details and this build focuses mostly on items. I am not pro, I do not play ranked games, this build works extremely well for me, just thought i would post here since ive never seen another build like it.

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Runes and Masteries

The selected masteries are just what i run with in regular matches because i am too lazy to constantly change them every time i pick a different champ. The heavily defense runes i find are helpful since her passive also reduces dmg and i tend to get focused on lvls<6. Nobody likes a lvl 6+ poppy.

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Skill Sequence

Depending if im soloing or not, determines if i get charge or db first. If i solo i tend to get db cause that helps last hit minions and surprise taunting champs. If theres another champ in the lane i get charge first because the stun and/or push helps on separating and bringing down an op champ. Focus primarily on db, its poppy's bread and butter, i balance charge and paragon because that defense helps and speed bonus helps close the gap or maneuver yourself into position quicker for that nice charge. I dont level ult too much because i primarily use it for turret diving and blocking op champs.

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Summoner Spells

Regardless i always get ghost, imo ghost is key to poppy. It allows to easily and quickly close the gap and/or set up that charge. Slows become irrelevant with ghost, trinity and paragon, your pretty much uncatchable to most champs. I rarely get caught, only due to stuns and silences. I tend to run with ignite cause it helps if they manage to reach safety with little hp.

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Aside from the cookie cutter trinity, the kicker is the Hextech Gunblade, for some reason i never see this used in poppy when others play and ive only seen 3 on this site that contain it. The vamp from ap and ad is a pretty nice chunk when you spam db endgame. Theres nothing like engaging with 30% hp and jumping to 50% after a nice db on a soft target. The items after gunblade are entirely up to you, you can focus more on defense, ap or ad depending on op team. The ones i put are just some ideas. I rarely get past BF for cleaver.

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Poppy can be a mean carry or anti carry and on occasion a decent tank. Most of the time its a carry or anti carry. Her ability to focus on one target at a time allows her to quickly dominate the op carry. I try to focus on the ranged or as soft as possible champs of the op team unless otherwise pinged by tank.

If your team is doing well or on par with the op team, i find it useful to manuever myself so that i am in prime position to hit them from the back where the softies often lie. This way when i show myself more often then not they focus more on saving their own skin then continuing the team fight after one or two hits from db. This also helps to push a carry out into the open with charge into your own team. With your ult up you shouldnt have to worry about survival after your charge. However on a side note if you do choose to play this way you must have good map awareness, dont get mad if you constantly get killed by urself if you dont pay attention to minimap.

Tank wise, due to poppy's passive, you have to focus on armor or ap res rather then hp. If you stack hp you might as well forget about her passive. However her passive and paragon will help reduce enemy damage. You will want to initiate with ult and try to separate an enemy champ from there team.

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All in all i mostly wanted to express this build in terms of items, I am aware my runes and masteries aren't prime or cookie cutter they are just what i roll with and they work for me and my play style. The player makes the champ imo. Try the build out you might like it and have fun.