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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ScorpioRage

Poppy. A DPS Story

ScorpioRage Last updated on July 27, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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You'll notice this is somewhat similar to the build by Tidus2. But I have a variant of his that I think is more effective for early game ganking and general laneing.

Devastating Blow(Q): This is Poppy's Most Damaging Skill and is why she can be such an effective ganker early and Mid game. It is not the priority skill but dealing massive amount of extra damage of targets really sets her apart.

Paragon of Demacia(W): The first move you'll get an max out. Some may say that is unorthodox but there are a few reasons.

1) Essentially it is a passive skill, for laneing this is really great. Just keep whacking away at the mobs without fear. This passive allows her to stay out laneing quite awhile longer since she isn't constatly draining mana.
2) Activated Speed Boost + Max Stack? Hello Mrs. Gank. This allows her to stay on opponents of equal or greater speed, allowing her to keep her stacks up dealing loads of damage to opponents. Plus at level 4 (When you should start trying to gank) With max stacks you'll have 20 Bonus Attack and Armor. Quite significant early game.
3) When she has full stacks you can easily push first tower and take it down quickly. Some would say pushing tower early sucks because you're vulnerable to gank but it allows you to backtrack wait for units to come in and you can gank lanes w/o worrying about the turret auto-attacking you as soon as you hit a hero near it.

Heroic Charge(E): Level 4 Skill. This is what allows you to effectively start ganking. It's primary use is to close the gap between you and your enemy. If you happen to run them into terrain, awesome. If they're trying to kite you through the forest...lots of terrain, GL runners. This combined with Paragon Speed Boost, Exhaust and Flash, you've got yourself a nice arsenal to stick to an enemy Hero like white on rice. (Protip: Using Flash or Paragon to line up a stun with Heroic Charge is marvalous)

Diplomatic Immunity(R): "WHOA! Put on the breaks! Not getting an ultimate as soon as possible? What is this?" That's what you were thinking wasn't it? Well I'll tell you. IMHO, her Ultimate is very situational early/mid game and you wouldn't find yourself using it much. Solution: Don't Get It. Late game this skill is great! For Team Battles and pushing to the other opponents Nexus. Target a low DPS target, go around whapping other people in the face. Or target a tank with this ability it will keep them from CCing the rest of your team while you get a bonus damage on them to try and burst them down. But the point is you won't need it for laneing or ganking, so don't get it until later.


Early Game: Grab Dagger head to your lane. If you have a partner that is DPS/Stunner search for opposing heroes and try and kill them for first blood. But be conservative, you don't wanna be below 50% Health with Creeps get there. You always want to be hitting creeps to build/keep stacks of Paragon because it will make you kill creeps faster and it will make it harder to harass you due to increased armor. You mostly wanna stay in your lane as long as possible, Poppy isn't hugely item dependent early game. After you hit level 4 you have options. You could go grab Berserker Boots and gear up to start ganking, or just sit in your lane accumulating gold. Mostly depends on what you situation with pushing and or what your HP is at. Low HP, Go get boots and get ganking. Enemies pushing your tower, go grab Boots, otherwise I'd say stay in your lane until you need to go. When you do get Boots if you have extra gold pick up daggers then the Vampiric Scepter, in that order.

Mid-Game: This is then you wanna stay in your lane as long as possible and wrack up kills and push hard. TO gear up for a gank usually...

1) Lurk In forest
2) Heroic Charge/Flash
3) Devastating Blow
4) IF they flee, Paragon/Cripple (Usually go with Cripple if they're near a tower they can run to, Paragon if they don't.

After that burst them down as fast as possibly with Devastating Blow or a Stun positioned Heroic Charge. If they manage to survive through the duration for Cripple/Paragon use the one that you didn't use the first time.

Late Game: It'll be much harder, if not impossible to gank heros. This is when you start teaming up with your other team mates and go stop over the competition. Diplomatic Immunity a High DPS Target so they they can't nuke your group, do it to a low DPS target so you don't get nuked. Focus on Towers/Buildings the most. Late game your burst isn't that great but the ability to take down buildings is huge. +50 Bonus Attack and Armor is never a bad thing.

That Concludes my guide if you have any questions I'll be more than happy to answer them or include them in an updated version of this guide.