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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shadowsketched

Poppy - Assassin / Initiator

shadowsketched Last updated on June 10, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is a guide to playing Poppy as an assassin / initiator for the Summoner's Rift stage. Feel free to drop a comment below about this guide.

Laning Phase:
First thing, Poppy should NEVER solo mid.

When choosing a laning partner, look for a long range character who can stun or slow the opponent. Good choices include Ashe, Kennan, Ryze, and Zilean.

Melee/Tanking partners are also doable, but you'll be hugging the turrets heavily and will not have much pushing power. You are also less able to farm. Consider this a last resort.

Start off by buying an Amplifying Tome and a Health Potion. Put a point in Heroic Charge ("E"). Then, meet up at your turret.

If the enemy has more than one squishy unit, feel free to hop in the bushes with your partner--your Cleanse can wash away any sore of ailment they put on you. If they get greedy, ram them against the wall with your Heroic Charge, deal some damage, and if necessary/safe Exhaust them to finish them off.

If you and your partner decide not to go in the grass, just hang back until the minions start to go out.

Your ideal place as Poppy is by the landforms on either side of the river--by hanging around there, you have the wall for protection from the side. If need be, you can also ram an enemy into it to escape or to kill.

The bushes are good if you want to sneak attack.

Farm as much as possible but stay alive. Work on getting the Sheen and Mercury Treads. If necessary, get more Health Potions on trips back to base.

Continue doing this until either your turret or their turret falls.

Midgame Phase:
At this point, you can help out your teammates with ganks, push any undefended turrets, or jungle.

When going for a gank, look for squishy characters first. Hide in the grass, and when they come out too far, activate your Paragon of Demacia, then activate Diplomatic Immunity to only take damage from them. Run in, and if possible, charge them into a wall with Heroic Charge. If not, just run up and use Devastating Blow. Cleanse if they try to blind/stun/slow you. Then, get out of there using your Paragon of Demacia.

Jungling is easy with Poppy. Note that Heroic Charge sometimes glitches, pushing either your or a neutral monster through a wall. Just run in, activate Paragon of Demacia, whack the monster, then use Devastating Blow until your Paragon of Demacia buff runs out. Then repeat.

Your priority is getting the Golem buff since the cooldown reduction and mana reduction will help you deal more damage with Poppy. Dragon is also easy with Poppy, just make sure you have full mana/Golem buff to be able to Devastating Blow it repeatedly.

Also note that the jungle is a great place to find opposing players--the confined space helps your Heroic Charge stun more often.

Finally to push with Poppy, activate your Paragon of Demacia, whack the turret, then activate Devastating Blow (to trigger Sheen), then whack the turret until Paragon of Demacia wears off. Repeat until you're being attacked or the tower is destroyed.

Item-wise, your goal here should be to finish as much of the Hextech Gunblade as possible. I recommend going:

> Vampiric Scepter > Bligewater Cutlass > Amplifying Tome x 2 > Hextech Gun > Hextech Gunblade

The Gunblade will provide a nice boost to your power as well as provide a great active ability to slow down your enemy, enabling you to pursue better as well as help you get in position for a wall charge with Heroic Charge. Just don't charge too far into enemy territory without having an idea of where the enemies are.

Endgame Phase:

Stay either directly with your team or nearby. Feel free to jungle if it's safe.

When the enemy initiates, go in, activate your Paragon of Demacia and Diplomatic Immunity on either their healer, DPS carry, or mage. Do your best to ram them in the wall or ram them towards your team. Again, you want to hit and run here.

If your team is initiating, hide until you see an opportunity to take out a vital squishy character. Then use a similar strategy to above.

And don't forget about using your Hextech Gunblade to take out runners.

Poppy is also great at taking out Baron. I wouldn't recommend doing it solo--I'd say 3-4 players are good to take him out. Use Paragon of Demacia and Devastating Blow to take it out as fast as you can.

When possible, get Stark's Fervor. I chose it over Trinity Force since it helps your pushing ability and provides some armor penetration. If someone else has it, feel free to get the Trinity Force.

Final Notes:

Poppy shines at doing burst damage through her abilities and chasing down weak champs. Her farming ability is poor due to a lack of area-of-effect but makes up for it with excellent jungling skills. Use Poppy if you like to play hit-and-run style.

Her early game is weak compared to other champs, but late game she is strong.

Problematic champs for Poppy include:
Morgana (shield negates your burst damage), Zilean (revive can wear down your Diplomatic Immunity timer), Master Yi (kills you first UNLESS you can wall ram him and kill him first)

Good opposing champs for Poppy include:
Malhazar, Ryze, Janna, Teemo

Be sure to show your opponents how you demonstrate hammer diplomacy.