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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author kubs3891

Poppy Big Boom (AD)

kubs3891 Last updated on May 22, 2011
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 21

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 8

Expanded Mind
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Presence of the Master

Utility: 1

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I'm going to begin by saying that this is my first build, but I think I have created an item build that will be helpful to making poppy a viable character. I never see other poppys unless she is free. These players have no clue what to do and usually fail. This leads to them instantly dropping poppy and never giving her a second chance. i will agree that she is one of the harder champions to master, but once you do, get ready to see the kills stack up. Since this is my first guide iys going to be short and sweet. Please though, do not judge the build until you read why my build id how it is.

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Masteries and Summoner Spells

Since this an ad build i get 21 in the offense while taking the critical chance over the ap. The 8 points in defense and her passive makes poppy very hard to kill in the beginning. It's main purpose is to let her farm while not being harmed. This is most important because many poppy players don't farm enough and they get gold and exp starved.
Ghost and exhaust work well on poppy because they let her get into position for her stun that comes from charging an enemy into a wall. Then, once in the wall her damage can be truly maxed out. flash is another possibility but i don't find it necessary because she is not squishy like most other carries and her ulti, if used correctly, can get her out of most sticky situations. Also, some will say to use ignite, but that's not necessary either. she is an excellent turret diver, and one hit from her does more damage than ignite ever will.

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The runes are common sense. The armor pen reds give her huge damage even againt high health champs. The attack speed yellows give her early game farming ability which, as stated above, is the most important thing for poppy. finally the flat cool down blues allow poppy to abuse her abilities. I take flat cool downs because late game the cool downs are not much. It's the early game that poppy needs lower cool downs.

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The items, of this build, really lets poppy shine. the first thing to due is rush sheen by starting with sapphire crystal and two health pots. The extra mana allows poppy to use her w skill constantly. This skill ups her ad thus allowing her to secure last hits. After sheen get berzerkers greaves. This ups her attack speed thus making farming quicker. Many will say to next rush trinity force, but I found its parts, built differently, allows poppy to get gold faster and do her job better. Phantom dancer allows for easy farm and allows her to run very fast. The huge speed created by the phsntom dancer and her w skill allows poppy to get anywhere on the map quickly.
The blood thirster then gives poppy survivability. the high attack speed will allow poppy to steal hp very quickly thus keeping her alive when she dives in. Another phantom dancer seems crazy, but it makes her even faster. No its even easier for her to charge people into walls with e. Next is frozen mallet. The slow from the item and the life makes her very hard to kill and helps to stop enemys from running. The build, to this point, will come very quickly because it turns her into a farmer. Now poppy will be a great farmer and you can complete your trinity force. This will will up your burst and allow you to kill squishies almost instantly. Finally sell your unneeded berzerkers greaves. Your movement speed will not suffer much at all. Use this new slot to buy a Black Cleaver which will give an even bigger boost to ad.

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Skill Sequence

Start with the charge (e) because it will allow you to get your laning partner out of trouble. Then go with paragon of demacia as your second skill because it lets poppy farm without using her devastating blow. Using devastating blow to farm will make poppy mana hungry. This is a definite no no. Then max out devastating blow first and paragon of damacia second. Make sure though to get you ulti whenever available. Getting paragon of demacia second allows poppy to be faster and assassinate a target that tries to run away. Many will say that the ulti rank two and three can wait until the end, but the way I play her makes the best of the extra ad that comes from each rank up.

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Play Style

This has been said all through out the build, but I'll say it one more time. Ok.....are you ready....FARM!!!!. For the first six to seven levels use your paragon of damacia to farm. This will keep you from getting mana hungry which will allow you to use your combo whenever necessary. This combo is w,e,q . Use this combo only when the the enemy is near a wall and you and your partner can secure a kill or to keep enemies away from a dying partner. Once you hit level seven keep farming, but start to look for low hp mid lane. By this time you should have your ulti so your new combo will be w,r,e,q . Once you initiate keep going. Your ulti and passive will protect you. While laning phase is going keep, farming and grab blue if your caster doesn't need it. For easy farm, kill the jungle if there is no jungler on your team. Poppy can make quick work of jungle creeps.
In team fights your main job is to take out the best carry they have. Use the second combo I stated, w,r,e,q , to do this. With all of the advatages of your ulti you should kill the carry ina matter of seconds. Also don't be afraid to initiate. When I play I initiate and take out the carry. By that time, a good team, will follow. Remember to move on to the next squishy while prioritizing aoe casters. The combination of attack speed, lifesteal, high hp, and you passive, should make you almost immpossible to kill. That is unless your tanks do not do there job. Many underestimate poppys longterm damage though so they don't focus her. With this build her combo and regular attacks will bring down hp very quickly.

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I hope you like this build. Please rate it and give the reason for your rating. It will be greatly appreciated. Just remember, don't forget to farm. The right balance and farming leads me to double digit games. Some of my recent games have been 20 8 7 and 25 10 8. So believe it or not its up to you. Try this build though and you will see I'm not lying. If you would like to play add me. My name is SitDownShutUp13. Thanks again everyone, I hope this helped.