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Build Guide by valeriojack

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author valeriojack

Poppy: Cheap Half-tank build by valeriojack

valeriojack Last updated on October 18, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi, folks

This is my first build here on moba hope to have some good comments to improve it.

I find pure assassin poppy builds are too squishy for my playstyle and pure tank build are better on true tanks.
So i tried to make a mix.

Summoner Spells:
Exaust is great for chasing and to save you from crazy dps guys.
Flash is great to flee. You will keep the space gained with your amazing speed.

RED: Armor pen is very good for this build as you mostly deal normal damage.
YELLOW: Dodge gives you a good defense against creeps and champs autoattacks.
BLU: Cooldown reduction helps to spam devastating blow (you could try Magic Resistance)
QUINT: Health helps early game (you could try Armor Penetration)

21 defense: I want to survive first.
9 offense: improved exaust, cooldown reduction can be usefull. Crit chance sinergize with this build.


  • Ninja tabi: helps aginst creeps and melee champs. If other team is heavy focused on
    magic damage switch to Mercury's Threads.
  • Zeal: Cheap speed to chase and flee and a little bit better dmg output. If you feel your speed is already good to chase enemies in your lane buy it after sheen.
  • Spirit visage: Cheap magic protection, life and cooldown reduction for Deva. If your lane enemies have poor magic damage output invert the buy order with Glacial Shroud.
  • Sheen: Cheap damage boost and larger mana pool.
  • Glacial Shroud: Armor, larger mana pool and another cooldown reduction for deva. If other team is heavy focused on magic damage buy a negatron first.
  • Phantom dancer: you'll love crits and the AMAZING move speed you'll reach.
  • Force of nature: nice against heavy magic damage focused team, speed is also nice. If other team has poor magic damage output you may skip this item.
  • Frozen Hearth: Armor, reduced attack speed for enemies and more cooldown for Deva.
    If other team has poor normal damage output you may delay this item after Trinity Force.
  • Trinity Force: is the only item you can buy now but it is so expensive that you won't be able to buy it most of the times. Anyway you don't really need it.

Skill sequence:
-- Paragon of demacia gives you some armor and a very good speed boost to save you if something wrong happens and to chase fleeing enemy to death.
-- Devastating blow is your main weapon so level it up as much as you can.
-- Heroic charge: take just one level before level 6. In my opinion is not worth maxing it early because your mana doesn't permit to spam both Deva and this one and the stun time doesn't scale. Keep in mind that can be used to flee by pointing creep.
-- Diplomatic immunity: take just one level at level 6, you'll use it mainly to save your ***.

- Early game -
Go bot or top.
Use your mana carefully as you don't have that much.
Try to play conservative and gain some money with last hitting.
You'll be harassed but your pot will keep you on-line.
If you see a good gank option with the help of your partner or under your tower do it.
Go this way: flash, stun with Heroic charge, smash with Deva, Exaust, Paragon of Demacia, follow and keep smashing with deva, if necessary use Diplomatic immunity smartly (enemy with poor damage output like a caster without mana), you can even tower dive a bit to take the kill if immunity is on a guy you're not smashing.

- Mid Game -
After destroiing the tower in your lane or if mates are in trouble go and gank.
1 vs 1: ok
1 vs 2: with immunity or exaust ready is safer
Keep in mind that with paragon of demacia on and items from this build you'll have very high move speed. Use it effectively by flanking running enemies and stun them on walls.

- End Game -
vs many: immunity, smash a squishy, flash to safety if you're diing.

Thanks to:
MrXbox360 for his Poppy - The Durable Tank build
Other guys of the top rated poppy builds that proved very usefull to me.

ps.: i think the skill level table is not regular feel free to tell how to fix it.