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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Poppy Build Guide by Moridin63

Poppy - I'm Blue

Poppy - I'm Blue

Updated on July 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Moridin63 Build Guide By Moridin63 6,987 Views 3 Comments
6,987 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Moridin63 Poppy Build Guide By Moridin63 Updated on July 20, 2011
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Chapter 1

This build is pretty much a modified Poppy: A Scary Carry Build

Change: Ignite to teleport, reason is to help in other lanes, extremely useful with a team that uses wards.

So, Introduction:

Poppy is awesome
Ridiculous damage late game
High damage throughout
One of the BEST Ults
Possible Stun
Very fast movement speed

Purely melee except for charge
Sheen is what really sets up the nice damage
Ult can be hard to use if they target you before you get it off (ie. silence, toss up)
Not a great farmer till late game

Standard armor pen Marks
Mana per level Seals
Flat Cooldown reduction Glyphs
Standard armor pen Quints

Other choices include:
HP per level Seals
Flat mana per level Seals
Magic resist Glyphs
HP Quints

Fairly standard 21/0/9 Masteries

Valiant Fighter (Passive): AMAZING Passive, will keep you alive more times than you can count
Devastating Blow: Your main source of damage, Q whenever possible
Paragon of Demacia: POPPY CHARGE, use this to get a sheen proc, and Q so that you get the + damage from 10 stacks, also useful for running around, running towards, or away, or setting up heroic charge
Heroic Charge: Requires practice but VERY useful for stuns, if someone turret dives you, charge them into your turret to stun them, and let the turret eat them alive.
Diplomatic Immunity: One of the best ults in the game, use for damage in ganks, to turret dive, or even to initiate teamfights and get a kill or two.

Summoner spells:
Ignite: Awesome for healing champs, and can help get kills
Flash: AMAZING for setting up stuns, people stand near walls all the time, but if you move towards them, even ghosted, they can usually get out of the way to avoid a stun, not with flash.

Other choices:
Exhaust: Standard awesome backup choice if you dont like ignite.
Ghost: Can replace flash if you don't like flash for some reason, movement speed does have diminishing returns though, and you already have a mini w ghost so I prefer flash.

Fairly standard skill order, modified from scary carry in that diplomatic immunity is a much better choice to level evenly, 20-40 seconds off the best ult in the game is very useful, and with the damage boost for when you use your ult to get those ganks is very helpful.

3 HP pots and regular boots to start (helps get early charges)
Philosophers stone gives you mana regen which lets you q a lot more, and some gold per 5, which is helpful since poppy is not a great farmer
Sheen: Amazing damage item, helps your Q very very much (mana is also a bit more useful than a tiny bit of ap if you go back to buy early)
Ionian boots: My favorite for poppy, reduces cooldowns, especially on your amazing ult
Other choices include: berserker, swiftness, mobility (mobility > swiftness i find)
Zeal: get some movement speed up in there, crit and attack speed are nice too
Vampiric: Less pots used, less going back
Trinity Force: AMAZING poppy item, all around awesome
B.F. Sword: Find it's better to get the damage before items like zeal
Zeal: Sell any remaining potions to buy this for a phantom dancer
Infinity Edge: Gets you to a bit less crit than PD, but your crits hit even harder now.
Phantom Dancer: Now that you have all that damage and crit bonus, attack speed, movement speed, and more crit make you awesome-er
B.F. Sword: Sell the philosophers to buy this to make black cleaver
Black Cleaver: Good balance of attack speed, damage, and armor pen. Squishy champs will usually die before 3 stacks though
Hextexmix Gunblade: AP, AD, life steal, spell vamp, and a decent active, I'd say its the best lifesteal item for poppy

Notes: In long games you will get up to black cleaver if you do well enough, normally can only afford hextexmix with the gold from nexus turrets if ever, and thats at the end of very long games.

Best lane partners include healers (especially sona)
Anyone with a stun
Anyone with a slow
Any high damage dealer / ranged champ

Early Game:
If you can't last hit right now, learn. Last hitting is VERY important to most champs, and poppy is no exception, since last hitting is the main way you are going to get gold, since early game you will not have the mana to Q champs to death.
If you and your lane partner get in bushes bot you can often get a stun off and with ignite and them doing damage you can sometimes get a kill.
Poppy also does fairly well in a 1v1 top situation, since a fed poppy, is a scary poppy.

Mid Game:
Use your ult to initiate turret dives, you can usually get the kill by yourself, but having champ backup incase something goes wrong is always nice, allies can follow you in and avoid turret damage cause you are awesome.

Late Game:
Ult a champ in a teamfight, wreck a carry or two, and then just focus whoever with your team. Your damage will be very high if you have enough gold and you will simply rape peoples.

General notes:
Whenever possible, charge someone into a wall, especially carries as this severely limits their dps
Use W to leave spawn faster, with philosophers stone usually mana isnt too much of an issue if you wait till its full to leave fountain
Use W and flash to position for wall charge
Turrets count as walls, charging an enemy champ into a turret and Q, and then ult means you might take 1 or 2 turret shots but they are stunned and already low
Try to carefully pick lane partners

Final words:
Poppy is a VERY aggressive style champ who can turret dive with ult, initiate with ult, and completely and utterly facerape a carry in seconds, awesomeness.

PLEASE try this guide before voting or commenting. Thank you for checking this guide out.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Moridin63
Moridin63 Poppy Guide
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