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League of Legends Build Guide Author SpaceSchuttle

Poppy The Iron Maiden

SpaceSchuttle Last updated on February 6, 2011
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Hey, SpaceSchuttle here with another build this time with Poppy the iron Ambassador. you don't see to much of poppy in the league of legends. She seems to be one of the more overlooked champions that really have a lot of potential to be good. poppy has alot of base armor and damage that requires little care for it to scale in your favor. She really is probably my favorite assassin in the game. So please read, enjoy, Subscribe, and comment

Send me your scores,

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Pros / Cons


-Poppy is extremely durable due to her passive. it causes enemy champs to over commit to the kill witch in turn causes their demise.

-Poppies ult takes the best of both worlds: great debuffs and Kayle's Ult all in 1 package.

-High natural Attack and Armor


-First target in big team fights

-mana hungry in laning phase

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Alright runes arent a huge deal but heres an example of what i like to use when using poppy.

reds- Desolation
gives a good advantage in the laning phase since most champs don't stack their armor initially. it's just raw attack power really.

blues- intelect
heres how you fix his mana hunger. nine of these gives you an extra 100+ mana which should keep you in the lane much longer than if you chose to get AP or MPen.

Yellows- Ressillience
Again for the extra kick in the laning phase. it never hurts to stack armor

Quints- Fortitude
Again for survivability 3 of these gets you a little short of 100 Hp. Just one more thing seperating you from the rest of the pack.

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This is a basic 21-9 with a little differiation with the SS masteries. I like to get the extra MPen from offense and the armor and Dchance from the defense. Nothing really special to discuss.

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Alright heres why your all here. here are the reasons why i choose to build poppy like this.

Dorans Shield- Always a good start for poppy gives health armor and regen. Dorans Sword is also a good choice here depending on how confortable you are with poppy.

Wrigglers lantern- this item will carry you through most of your laning phase. i feel that the lifesteal is so important in keeping Poppy in the lane longer. it also makes poppy Jungle Able. So you can stay on those buffs throughout the game. it also gives attack damage and armor witch is always appreciated. the active Effect usualy is the difference between me falling for a gank and living. wards are always good and their really good when they are free!

Yohmuu's ghostblade- this little number not only gives damage but also gives a health bit of Apen and Cooldown reduction. this will let you get your ultimate up more frequently which in turn gives more kills. the Active Effect is also good for poppy as he isnt the fastest in the game. i usualy secure kills when i activate Yohmuu.

Sheen- probably where alot of your damage will come in. Poppy lays on all of her damage at once when she goes for a kill so when sheen activates its Unique passive. Your base melee gets a huge buff. this item just makes you a little bit larger of a force.

Nashor's Tooth- this Item is good for the extra attack speed and AP. but i really like its cooldown capabilities. I really like to use my ult as frequently as possible to help my team in big team fights so this item is another one of my favorites.

*at the end you can sell your dorans for thorn mail or guardian for extra armor.
if you get extra armor be sure to sell ninja tabi for faster boots.

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Skill Sequence

i like to rely heavily on Devistating blow and Heroic Charge since they will be bringing home the bacon for me. I really rarely use PoD but hey if you like it more swap it out of heroic Charge. but you need to make sure devistating blow reaches 5 fast. this will be your main source for heavy damage.

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Summoner Spells

I really like ignite and Exhaust on poppy because with Exhaust you can run in front of your enemy champion and heroic charge them backwards into your team ensuring a kill. this is probably the most glorious thing poppy does for her team on a regular bases. ignite is strictly for the mastery +20 ap when its on cooldown and its alright for damage it could be replaced for ghost or fortify. Both are fine options as well.

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levels 1-6

Alright get your dorans and go to your lane. your going to want to hold your exhaust until you know your teamate can pick up the kill (or if your solo until you are in trouble or are about to finish them but their getting away) Rock their minions up until level 4 then proceed to get life steal. After that you can start playing more aggressive bullying your opponents around a bit maybe even picking up kills. remember poppy's passive makes her look weaker than she actually is. You can get alot of kills by them misjudging your situation. Do this and you should be able to get Wrigglers at the least level 6-7

Levels 7-12

Now that you got your wrigglers go between sustaining your red buff and ganking your lane. (your ultimate gives you an un heard of advantage in 2 v 1's) you may want to coordinate an attack against a single enemy with your laning partner. If you are farming well and killing enemy champs go straight for the attack damage and cooldown. if not get the Extra 10 gold per second. Around level 10 at the most you should be wrapping up your yomuu's. When you get yomuu's you can use your ult more frequently so you can choose to stay in your lane and carry your teamate or because a jungler type player who just supports every lane by ganking. either choice is fine. if you do this properly by level 12 sheen should almost be purchased.

Levels 13-18

by now you should be rocking the house with poppy your team has started rushing lanes and your job is to take out the enemies carries in big team fights. Your teamates dont have to target with you with this since you should have a good bit of armor pen and damage anyway. you dont have to kill the carry but them retreating is just as good as anything. So you just play the lane rushes until you can affor nashors tooth i like to start with the attack speed first. poppy benigfits more form the extra attack speed than the AP. (which you should have about 40? Around there) After nashor's your pretty much done with your build and the game as your level 18 and about 45 minutes in approximately.

*It doesn't take perfect conditions to play this way. it does take a good bit of judgement on whether or not its a good time to strike.

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Team Work

heres a list of players that work well with poppy

Mordekaiser (His ult plus your ult = Ace)
Ashe (lots of slow can yield a good amount of kill success)
Sion (2 second stun and he hits hard which is good)
Singed (hes kinda iffy but his adhesive will certainly help you out)
Udyr (post laning phase udyr is your best friend since his stun can hit multiple enemies)
Rammus (good stun and ultimate hits hard over time)

heres a list of heroes that arent good with poppy the reasons should be obvious (most the time its a health problem)

Ezreal (squishy and has a hard time keeping up)
karma (poppy is too slow to be effective as a partner)
Shaco - (invisibility is bad for poppy because he becomes the target)

Everyone else is about average or above average