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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author OP Xin

Power of Attack Speed

OP Xin Last updated on October 27, 2010
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Build Description

Well this is my first build so don't rage on me if you don't like it. Well I find Xin to be one of the best rounded characters in LoL. Please rate if you take the time to read and you like it, thanks. I'll give a run down on the skills first.


For an early gank I think charge is a necessity. Not only does it do some damage but it slows the champion you hit and the champions around him. This makes it easy to catch players. Also I would recommend not using charge to initiate the fight because it has a rather long cool down and your probably only going to get to use it once. It's better for a lunge while they run away.

As for the next few levels you are gonna want to get all your skills off the bat and then I like to max battle cry early because the passive attack speed not only helps you gain health back more rapidly because of your passive but it also lowers your cool downs which is nice.

Your gonna want to put a point into crescent sweep whenever you get the chance and other than that max charge. Although the little extra damage from three talon strike is nice, I really only use it for the knock-up so I don't find a need to put many points in it besides the 1 in the beginning.


Exhaust is a must have for fighting other melee characters plus it slows. This lets you catch up to them as well as lets your team catch them.

If you want flash can help with finishing kills plus it also lets you run away. Ignite is another choice for finishing kills but it lacks the escaping ability.


Well the shoes help with the gank cause its nice to be able to catch them in the beginning or run if it comes down to it. The health pot is just a nice addition to your healing passive for if you take a few heavy hits from enemy champs.

Now last whisper is key to this build. Now although you think well its only attack speed and some armor pen. think again. The armor pen will keep your damage up and your attack speed is what you wanna focus on with Xin. It's also pretty cheap for the payoff. Now depending on who your playing against you may want to take the phage first because the chance at a slow is nice but I know if your playing against someone like rammus then whisper is a good idea.

Phatom Dancer is probably the most important weapon in the whole build. I would recommend buying zeal first then upgrading. The critical chance will be nice later on but more important are the attack speed and movement speed you get. The movement speed allows you to put off ninja tabi and the attack speed its Xins #1 attribute.

Once again its your call depending on how the teams going. If you need some more damage output to carry the team then skip to a bloodthirster. If you have other high damage characters on your team then the frozen mallet would be a nice addition to slow them down.

Well now then the last item is infinity edges because of some more damage and because you should have a fairly high critical chance and this just makes it that much better.

Well there's the build for yah. Although you won't hit hard you hit fast enough to do high damage and with battle cry your abilities will be up all the time. So if you like it then give it a plus if not then leave some helpful criticism.