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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SexyWoodenSpoon

Pre-Evolved Heimerdinger

SexyWoodenSpoon Last updated on September 27, 2010
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Now think about this, every other heimer build concentrates on either AP, or this type of AP or that type of AP or semi tank AP? Now what makes a good champion?
1) Some are item dependant, most carries are thus you try to feed your carry.
2) Supports usually have a heal or global heal or similar, or a way to push minons quicker early game and stuns / slows / silence / blind.
3) Tanks, someone who can initiate.
4) Nukes.
>> Builtinto those either high/good DPS / AD / AP / CC / AoE.

Those are the mains, sure there are more but the key with heimer I find is that he HAS Stun (if you are good with his nade skillshot), And it can be multiple stuned as well in groups. He Has a blind, his nade also does that, and is a medium skillshot area blind. He has a slow, his ult used right and not depended apon is a good slow when planned out right, and it does alright constant damage/ranged slow and works on its own while you can combine it with other things. So heim in this build can be terribly effective with All his abilities and his autoattack. Beef up his wrench and people will be shocked at a crazy attackspeed 800crit wrench from a heim chasing down runners and pwning squishies with his 3second CD blind/stun. Rockets vs runners.
And now your going to say "Heim in this build is 100% item dependant, you will never get those items." - This is true, heim is quite item dependant in this build, he needs movement speed, crit hit and attack speed and damage. But remember, hes heimer, he doesn't need turrets or nades that deal 700dmg to waves of minons, his bombs still mostly kill them, rockets finish off three more, and then you just pwn the rest with a second or two of wrenching, or drop a turret and leave to jungle and let the turret kill the remainder. With nades/rockets/turrets/wrench you farm like a crazzy hatter. Now, enough trying to convince you heim can be an amazing shocker DPS. Go try it out and have fun! Now for my nonserious guide on how I play him as such!

AP Heim, everyone goes that! Bombs away, rockets away! Everyone giggles when a wrench kill happens. But I tell you! Noone expects the wrench to do 1000crit fast! And now that us Heims only get 2 turrets they really aren't as good dealing the damage anyways, our nades still do a good amount of damage, well aimed is a good stun/blind, rockets are great on runners! Expesially through walls/after nade.

Ghost/Teleport - Why? Chase down those foo's faster! Run away from foo's faster!! Teleport? Your Heim, your the games most reviered farmer, use it, kill everything. Unlike most champs that are also item dependant to do well and might not farm to well Heim does it natrually, Teleport helps him get those masses of minons or safe that lonely turret when times out, or get near the fighting faster. Also can use turrets/teleport to em to get behind enemies to tower dive / backdoor / or teleport to those buffs where you set a turret at to watch em! (p.s. if your turrets are at the buffs and the monster returns you see it, your turret attacks and the monster doesn't kill the turret, sure you never kill the big buffs but you know its there and can teleport there instantly if you want/need the buff)
-You could use exhaust instead of teleport, but for farming and buffgetting / backdooring, tracking down junglers and being everywhere, or rather where the enemy team doesn't want you at that point of time! Teleport is the way to go.

How to play?
Early game - Like every other personal tower huggin heim, push your lane (don't solo) and last hit minons. Enemy champs will think your like every other heim but really stupid for having crit hit in the beginning.. Which most people will say I am as well for even making this build, but meh its fun as anything! With your ArmourPen+ small crit chance to do 130dmg in the beginning with turrets is quite epic. You lane till you have PhantomDancers+boots of swiftness, thus outrunning everyone at this point of the game, most likely anyways.
Mid game - AGGRESSIVE! How do you be aggresive with heim? Jungle everything, minus baron of course. Get all the buffs (besides when you allow a better champ like MissF get redbuff early game and ect.) and GANK. How do you gank as Heim... Try to get behind the enemy, lay a turret in the retreat path, ping so start team gank and bomb/ next turret if you have the mana/CD. Wrench of doom a bunch nades if you can when they run, rockets if your sure you won't hit minons. Ult the turret if they are passing it and you think it will slow enough to get there and finish or get the kill by itself. How to jungle? Nade through walls/rockets will kill wolfs and most of the smaller monsters. Buff monsters is nade/turret/rockets/wrenchXblah/nade/wrench. ((YOU CANNOT SOLO BARON! Heim the inventor is transformed into Heim the Mad Wrench Massacre, not Heim the Jungle Master, thats what WW is for.))
Late game - MORE AGGRESSION! You can turretdive with ghost, you can outrun mostly everyone with ghost/ Boots of swiftness and 1-2 phandomdancers and trinityforce. Nades to stun/blind runners or teamfights. You run out of mana, so grab the blue buff a good bit, you can kill the buffs in 2 seconds and get there in less time ;) so why not! If you get caught jungling then drop a turret and nade yourself / ghost if you have it to get away. But at that point you should be able to take most enemies solo. People will focus you eventually, you run like the wind and have a fast nadestun with crazy wrenching damage, use it to your advantage.

Why AD heim is extreamly fun. You can effectivly use ALL your skills.
-Turrets: Are still mad useful for bits of damage, taking damage, farming and teleport targets, and for a quick turret drop/ult slow to add to the confusion.
-Rockets: They do at least 300dmg later on, there are 3 of them and they are only a tap to activate, No aiming required!! So its great with its slow cooldown to throw it out there early fight, and against people trying to run! If you can't Ghost up and get the last wrench in then rockets will finish the job on that 1-150hp runner!!
-Nades: Good area damage/Blind.. Stun.. SkillShot.. Over walls... Visability where thrown!? ..Low CD?? What more do you want.
-Ultimate: Reduces cooldowns KEY. But no it also adds your turrets to full HP when used and gives them slowing effects, so you have a Blind/Stun/Slow. With Bluebuff the rockets/nades are like 3 second CD's. Turrets are only like 15CD, not bad. And the ult's primary is passive.

The only thing thats left out in Heim is that his wrench is vertually pointless, if AP heim kills you with his wrench, the world should die with giggles. When a Wrench gets a killing spree, you will also die from giggles!

----FUN FACT: Fact, Heim's autoattack (wrench) is so slow moving that you see that beautiful wrenches rotation. If not the slowest auto attack in the game then its at least one of them! -- With Boots of swiftness/ phandomdancersX2 /Ghost (trinityforce just adds more but not needed for this fun fact). You will run Faster then you wrench! So its really funny to throw at someone and run past the wrench and then it catch up after they think they are safe and get the kill!

Other things to know... Assassins are easy to deal with, why? Nades blind/stun. They get up close and personal, you throw down a turret, nade yourself+them, and wrench them to death (Practice the art of autoattack / move / autoattack / move), ult if you think its needed or want to make sure they don't make it, and you can nade again if they don't die before or kill you, if they run try hitting a aimed nade/rockets or just chase them down with you 500-550 speed.

Im sure you will all so down this build, but its mad fun. Try it out! Shock your enemies and make them tremble with fear against the ninja Heim wielding THE WRENCH!!