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Lux Build Guide by RainRain

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RainRain

Precision Lux

RainRain Last updated on July 7, 2011
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Hello, First guide written, I probably forgot a few things, but hell i just want to get it done.

I'm a long-time Lux player, and to be honest, Nay a single person i'v met has really built survivability on Lux just because she's a long ranged champion, Well i'm here to state that that is not a lone reason enough, and a Lux with high hp is a deadly Lux.

I'll be going over a few things as to why i build everything and anything in this guide!


The cdr states is wrong, Morello's grants 20% cdr, along with your 9% from runes and 5% from runes = 34%, NOT 25%, If you really want the extra 6% (Only 2 seconds on your ultimate), Get blue buff.

Mobafire doesn't add stats from masteries.

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Pros / Cons


+ Great range, easy to stay at the edge of combat
+ High damage caster, with very good escape utilities
+ Very quick to move
+ Her whole burst can take a second or two to do
+ Ult cannot be stopped by anything other then death

- No target spells, unfriendly to people with bad placement/aim
- Somewhat Squishy
- Weak spell (W)
- No hard CC
- Her bind does half effect to the 2nd target, giving an advantage by tanking the blow.

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Now, i personally use:

MP5 yellows: These heavily helps you early game along with your doran's mp5

CDR Blues: Nice cdr for when you haven't attained your 40% yet, should have about 9 at start.

MPeni reds: Obvious offensive caster reds are obvious.

HP quints: extra survivability early game, Feel free to switch with magic peni.

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There are a few, but i personally like Clarity + Clairvoyance.

Clarity: While my build includes much mp5, I like to keep clarity for those cases when you need a burst of mana to get the kill.

Clairvoyance: While many lux's prefer to just guess, I'm a fan of sniping from long range, packing a clairvoyance helps heavily to get a precise shot on where to shoot your ult for that kill on a runner, Or to steal baron at the last second.


Ignite: First blood is always nice, deals some DoT which is very helpful to get that last remnant of hp for bursts when they just don't fully get the job done.

Flash: Lining up your ultimate easier, or just simply escaping (Won't need it as bad, due to your Q being able to snare two people at once, then slowing with E), I'll be using this over clarity, as i know myself flash is better for lux, but i take it anyways considering i can get myself out of bad situations easily.

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Not much to say, 9/0/21, I get only one in intelligence since sorcery gives 3%, and the 2% from it is enough to cap out your 40% without wasting skillpoints, Feel free to add 2 in it and change around for that 13% at start however, Or add none at all and use on others due to 3% from runes.

Clair mastery and clar mastery for cdr and being helpful for when you don't need clarity as much, and having a very short CD clairvoyance, just a bit longer then your ult at rank 3 at 40% cdr.

I get good hands over perserverance, due to

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Alright, here's where i tend to, and you more then likely will aswell, change things up.

First: Dorans ring

I get this for the extra 100hp and mp5 mainly other then AP, as if you want FB you're more then likely going to rely on your partner since you do not have your full burst, However enemies may fall pray to heavy poking from e.

First core: Rod of Ages

This is a big item in your build, It gives you that massive boosts in hp, mana and ap that's just ever so needed to lux, being squishy, slightly mana heavy and her awesome ap ratios, This item adds major survivability early game.

Boots: Ionian

15% cdr is much greater for a spammy ult, then magic peni from sorcs.

Morellos: 20% extra cdr with some nice ap to finish up 40% cdr, having less then a minute cdr for your ult at all levels.

2nd Core: Lich bane: I cannot stress how needed this item is for lux, If you're a lux who does not believe you should get this item, give up on playing her. It meshes with your passive so well, giving you a massive 300 extra damage, along with your ult.

Rabadons: Normally the game ends by now, but get rabadons for a grand total of 700 ap, to become the most deadly beast on the planet, that's very hard to kill.

Situational: If doing well, grab a deathfire for another boost in AP and change your boots to sorcerers, If not grab banshee's veil for survivability and that very nice passive.

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Skill Sequence

Whether to get Q or E is situational, If going mid grab Q, if not grab E.

I max Q first for it does more damage, and is your start of the build, Others may argue not to, but if you're good with your skillshots you should rank Q to max first, then E. Otherwise get E max first.

W is always last to rank, grabbing one at 3, since it's not a very good spell (very weak shield, and short lived, but it can still save a life in cases)

Grab R at any rank possible, reasons obvious.

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Basic knowledge

Your average combo without sheen or lich's, Q, E, explode e, Autoattack and R.

you can usually get it all done within 2 seconds of bind.

When you're getting chased, and know it, if you think you have a decent chance, go ahead and combo without autoattacks, it SHOULD scare your opponent away, or give you a decent advantage in the fight, If things aren't on your side, Bind them, e the space RIGHT infront of them, and run quickly. If it's any champion with a displacement move (Jax, Kassadin, Shen) Just bind and run.

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Lux is a fair champion to fight, very harsh against melees, She's fairly squishy however, but extremely powerful and can kill you in a matter of seconds.

Unlike most think, Magic penitration is not heavily needed on lux, as she focuses those weak over tanky.