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Illaoi Build Guide by Nagakabouros

Top Preseason 8: The Kraken God

Top Preseason 8: The Kraken God

Updated on January 10, 2018
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nagakabouros Build Guide By Nagakabouros 28,326 Views 1 Comments
28,326 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Nagakabouros Illaoi Build Guide By Nagakabouros Updated on January 10, 2018
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Biscuit Delivery
Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

The Ultimate Hat


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Hello Everyone I go by TwistedGaming on league and i have noticed that there isn't a whole lot of Illaoi builds on here that go by what I do and how I do it. I am new here on Mobafire so please be easy on me if this guide is a bit weird.

I am currently Silver 4, with only 4 games won. I used to be a jungle main playing a lot of warwick and it wasn't getting me very far. I saved up a fair bit of IP (now BE) and bought Illaoi and didn't play her much. When preseason hit I got good at her. Now I am Mastery 7 on her in the live servers and soon to be 7 on her on PBE. She is really the only champ I play anymore and I figured why not share what i know about her and see if anyone can benefit from a guide.

So enough about me and lets break down Illaoi and better understand how she works.
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Pros / Cons

Can get Tanky
Can deal Massive amounts of Damage 250K+
Can 1v5 Fairly easily (If your skilled)

No CC.
Q is slow in animation
E Can be blocked by minions and Heimers Turrents. (also slowish)
Passive can be used as Stacks for Nasus.
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Kleptomancy- Great early game. Provides great spikes in gold generation and gives elixirs.
but by late game when your full build, you really don't need all that excess gold.

Biscut delivery- I cant stress it enough, these are amazing! Instant mana and a small health boost. These has saved me multiple time from top laners who take ignite.

Magical footwear- Free boots and less money to build Tier 2 Boots (also plays a BIG role in the celerity from sorcery.)

Cosmic Insight- This is straight forward. +5% CDR is great.


Ultimate Hat- Further Reduces CD on your Ult Every time you use it. So use it as much as you want early-mid so late game you can do team fight after team fight with your Ult waiting for you to "Press R to Destroy"

Celerity- Remember earlier I said that Magical Footwear was going to play a big part in this. Well listen to this carefully, "Gain 4% Extra MS. Gain extra AP or AD Adaptive based on your bonus MS. Without this you tend to have roughly 68 ad at the start. With this you have roughly 89 ad starting out of the gate items or not. get your boots at 10mins in and a third of deaths dance guess what 202 ad. And Cloud drakes won't be used to run away from fights but to start them.
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Not going to go super into detail on this but, I'll simplify it.

Coin is great, miss a minion, fine here's a gold coin or blue coin. Gold Coins give 25 gold out right. Blue coins give you enough mana that it comes really close to refunding your Q and sometimes your E.

Deaths Dance gives you more sustain in lane. (extra healing from Q, Tent Slams, and AA)

Black Cleaver is great for that little extra damage with some health.

Steraks Gage gives even more damage and sustain to deal the damage.

Spirit visage gives a lot of health regen and MR.

The rest depends on who your against and whether or not your wining lane.

I will say this if you go. Deaths dance, warmogs, triforce, bloodthirster, black cleaver, and spirit visage, You can Solo Baron Nashor. But I do NOT recommend it since BT does NOT work with the healing from Q and Tentacle slams. so in team fights its useless since you rely greatly on your abilities to maximize all your damage.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Nagakabouros
Nagakabouros Illaoi Guide
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Preseason 8: The Kraken God

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