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Warwick Build Guide by Demosthenes

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Demosthenes

Preseason Warwick Solo Top

Demosthenes Last updated on December 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

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Is this a troll build? - No

A troll or a cheese build is a build that only works rarely and or in a specific situation. Previously an AP Warwick was considered a cheese since it works amazingly well in the lane phase but is easily shut down later on. The issue previously was that Warwick was dependant on how Q to do the damage and that is all. Because of how Malady scales, it validates an AP Warwick to the lategame as well still promoting a high attack speed.

Why is this a viable build? (NOTE:All numbers do not reflect target's armor/magic resist)
At lv18 and max gear, you would do...
Spellsword- 370ap/5% =18
auto hits- 330.38 dps (149 ap, 181 ad). (3303.8 damage over 10 seconds)
Auto hits with W active- 495.63 dps for 10 seconds (223.1 ap, 272.53 ad) (4956.3 damage over 10 seconds)

Assuming you Q between auto attacks-
Q's hit for 645, can be used every 3.97 seconds (twice in 10 seconds).
This will do...
4593.4 damage(459.3dps) in 10s w/o W active + 32% of target's max hp.
6246.3 damage(624.63dps) 10s w/ W active + 32% of target's max hp.
In both cases you will also regen 1032 hp through Q.

Warwick's R ability will also do 1190 damage.

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Pros / Cons

Good on a heavy AD team.
Does a lot of damage to carries.
Great poke.
No mana issues mid-late game.
Strong sustain.
Able to stay in fights; not completely dependant on abilities.
High mobility

Item dependant
Low HP.
Bad on AP heavy teams.
Heavily dependant on mana.
Easily kited.
Stunned or silenced while being targeted often means death.

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Summoner Spells

Ideal Spells

Great ability to make your escape or chase down your foe through walls. Can flash through most walls in the game.

I'm not a big fan of ignite, but the true damage is great and as many face has given you the kill when they escaped your grasp with little health. Has great late game potential with the reduced healing. Great counter to listeal/regen champions.

Warwick has one of the best mid game roam/ganks. The idea behind it is your lane for as long as possible, getting as much cs and then roam/gank whichever lane is being push or your jungler is also ganking. Because Warwick also has a lot of sustain, it is a great way to save a tower being pushed.


Warwick's main weakness is being cc'ed. Cleanse is a very good mid to late game item. Because this build has no spell vamp or lifesteal, Warwick's main sustain is through Q'ing. Though this may be his weakness, with cleanse it will allow you to get out of the cc's and continue the fight.

Exhaust can be book if you're facing a very mobile time and can help secure an early game win. Since Warwick has some of the best sustain, you can force a lane fight. Since Warwick has no means to slow without items or his ultimate, exhaust is a good way to stay on your target and reduce their damage.

Surge is fairly ideal for this build and promotes Warwick's in combat viability. Since it provides both AP and attack speed for 12 seconds. The only issue is if you're chasing enemies around and you prematurely use Surge then it is a waste. For in combat, it is great for early, mid, and late game damage.

These summoner skills, don't touch them.

Some of these seem obvious, however there are two I'd like to talk about why you do not use them for this build and generally for Warwick.

Ghost can be a great ability on some champions. It can get you to your target faster, able to stay on a target, and allow you to run away without those pesky minions getting in your way. For Warwick this isn't such a big deal and you have better options. Generally when Warwick is ganking, he opens up with his R. This means Warwick is already on the target. In this case you could just grab exhaust to stay on your target. Once you have Iceborn Gautlet, you really don't need either to stay on your target. By the time your/a target is at 50% (enemy of course) your E will activate, giving you your needed movement speed. Yes, Ghost can be useful, but even the optional summoner skills are far better than Ghost because mobility isn't Warwick's weak point, it is being CC'ed such as stuns, not necessarily slows.

This summoner ability shouldn't be used on any champion, period. It only has some practical use on few champions such as AP Yi. I have even some AP Warwick builds that involve clarity. Though you rely on poke, it matters much more than you manage your mana. Yes, Warwick does have mana problems in game to reach his potential sustain. However, Clarity is only valid through the early levels. It is by far a useless ability late game and holds no point in this build since by mid game you wont realize you even had mana.

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- It may look strange, but you'd only need to start out with boots if you're being too aggressive. Do not try to win the lane at lv1-4 without a jungler's help. Your job is to farm and do a little harass. Health/Mana pots and Faerie Charm will give you enough sustain with your Q. If you're under pressure from a lv2,3, or 4 gank, you should be fine as long as you have enough mana to Q at least once and have flash up.

-Chalice of Harmony makes it so mana is no longer a problem. The MR helps once you start Ganking. CoH gives Warwick a lot of laning potential because he is so mana dependant. Because Warwick's Q has such a high base in damage, you can exchange hits against your enemy while they get widdles down and you lose almost no health.

Glacial Shroud has always been once of Warwick's strongest items. Before it was for Frozen heart, but now there is a lot of potential for an Iceborn Gautlet. Depending on how the game is going you can decide between the two. Which ever you choose you should get glacial. CDR is essential in this build, the mana justifies your Chalice and one armor and one MR item is good for early team fights.

-This is the item that makes this build viable for mid and late game. Previously this item was still used on Warwick, but only as an early to mid game item. Because now Warwicks auto attacks can scale off AP with this item he will be able to have the high sustain of an AP Warwick while also being able to stay in the fight and do high amounts of damage instead of just sniping hits.

-Though Mercury Treads and Ninja Tabi are good for a solo top and general bruiser champion, without the armor pen a lot of the damage in this build could be negated. Because of Warwick's E, he doesn't lack in combat mobility.

You have the option of upgrading the boots to Furor since you'll often be the closest to the enemy or intiating. If you have Teleport, because of the current mechanics, Homeguard would be your best option.

-Great source of AP which is also ideal for Warwick's Ultimate. Gives 45 MR with a full stack. Gives much needed attack speed to justify Malady's passive.

-This build involves Iceborn Gautlet because one weakness of Warwicks was not being able to catch his opponent without exhaust, red buff, or having his E active. Because your opponent will become slowed every time you Q, it allows Warwick to stay on his target. More mana, armor, and ap are always nice.

If you find your team on the defense then it may be a better option to go with a Frozen Heart.

At this point you have a choice between Athene's Unholy Grail or Archangel's Staff. If you're winning significantly or the opponent lacks AP then you could go with Archangel's for more damage in which case you can get rid of Chalice. In most cases Athene's would be better because it will continue the mana regen with your high mana pool, grant you MR, AP, and puts you at a total of 34%CDR (including mastery).

-This item is obviously just for more damage and really gives you a lot of your Q's damage.