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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Jarvan IV Build Guide by CaptainFail

¤ Prince Jarvman

¤ Prince Jarvman

Updated on July 7, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CaptainFail Build Guide By CaptainFail 4,413 Views 4 Comments
4,413 Views 4 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CaptainFail Jarvan IV Build Guide By CaptainFail Updated on July 7, 2011
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1.1 Introduction

1.1 Introduction
Welcome guys
Hi I am Chris aka Aeschylos in League of legends.
With my first guide on
Jarvan - The Exemplar of Demaciaaaaaaaa.

Why Jarvan?
Jarvan is extremely fun to play, and is able to forfill multiple roles like Tank/DPS/Jungle.
in this guide i will tell you all about my favorite champ.
Why i like him and how you can use him well.

Still to come Pictures etc.
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1.2 Pro's and Con's

1.2 Pro's and Con's

Pro's :
- Pro initiator
- Good melee farmer
- Able to forfill many roles
- Extremely fun when well played
- Assist king

Con's :
- Not easy to play
- Ult can kill teammates
- Assist king (If you are some1 that think every champion needs kills.)
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1.3 Runes & Masteries

1.3 Runes & masteries
The Runes =
(Mark) Red's =
Go Armor penetration u feel this on jarvan, Together with ur Quints and masteries Apen u get a total of 31 begin game.
(Seal) Yellow's =
Go with that Attack speed, u feel that 2 its pretty nice.
(Glyph) Blue's =
Armor. That littble bit of armor helps u alot begin game to survive a solo lane or tank dmg when you are babysitting.
Quintessecens's =
Same as red's.

For masterie's =

Go with that armor penetration and that attack damage from the offence tree.
You are left with several points :
Grab the magic resistance en the armor from the defence tree for a little adding to your runes and so on a little bit more survivability.
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1.4 Items

1.4 Items

U have multiple ways to go on Jarvan
- FullTank
- Tanky/DPS
- FullDPS

I prefer the Tanky DPS'er because thats mainly what he was made for.
The Build that i go u dont see very often.
but always when i do this i can perfectly hold a lane do damage and farm at the same time.

You should have your warmogs up in around 15/20 minutes, if ur later consider yourself slow =P. You need that warmogs full ASAP, With ur E-Q combo it shouldnt be that much of a problem, Maby get some left up jungle creeps or big farms that u can have.

That full warmogs makes u tanky enough begin game so u can get some Damage item.
Btw u can easily change the item sequence if u just let ur warmogs be the first item u get.
And u can change Berserkers with Mercery's For example.
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1.5 Skills and Skill Sequence

1.5 Skills and Skill Sequence

Skills =
Passive Martial cadence
Q Ability Dragon Strike
W Ability Golden Aegis
E Ability Demacian Standard
R Ability (Ultimate) Cataclysm

Sequence =
You can switch all you like in the Skill Sequence but i recomend you to level your standard to level 5 ASAP
What i do is this :
The first 3 level's you take al 3 skills starting with your Demacian Standard and ending with Golden Aegis. This way you have every skill and you are prepared for almost everything thinking of a gank at solotop for example.
Next up level up your standard every time posible just as your ultimate spread the rest over your Dragon Strike and Golden Aegis.
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1.6 Jarvman Gameplay

1.6 Jarvman Gameplay

Passive = Martial Cadence
FARMVILLE, it is easy (With a little practice) to farm with this passive as it allows u to Deal 10% of his current health as magic damage.
in a Teamfight, Hit so many dudes with this passive as possible because later on spreading basic attacks over everyone will deal max 400 damage, with only his basic attack.

E/Q Combo
If u plant your 'E' and get your 'Q' to your standard u travel there and knock everybody up in your path. Do something with this.

It can travel u tru trees to get away or to chase someone.
Pretty awesome aye?
And u got a slow also?
U do! Ur Golden Aegis skill is a AoE slow and at its a shield to, and again u can use it for chasing by slowing the enemy or getting away with some nice shield.

Your ult Cataclysm : That requires some practice!
It really does because u can trap an enemy in it but also a low health teammember that is trying to run away, or u can kill urself with it.
U dont want flash in their team because if u do good they will keep it for u. U yourself want flash to flash out if u are chased or when it goes wrong for example the team is killing you and u trapped yourself in with 5 enemys you cant handle, Flash and they have no change to chase, u can also EQ combo out of it but that is easily interrupted with Stuns slows or being out of mana.
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1.7 The end!

1.7 The end

This is the end of my guide for Jarvan.
There are still pictures of end stats coming etc so its not done yet but for now this is it.

Comment with things that can go better or typo's etc!
Vote if u like it,
Try it with jarvan and show me your stats i can let it show if u want. And it would make me happy =')

Goodluck with it and I'll see you in the field!
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