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Dr. Mundo Humor Guide by prismstorm

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author prismstorm

prismstorm high elo gym mundo gymgle guide 1.8k

prismstorm Last updated on September 4, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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So why should I, the greatest player in my respective division (Bronze V), decide to learn how to play Dr.Mundo as a jungler? I'll tell you why scrub

The proes
-Op muscles attract the *****es towards our alpha as **** physique and the epitome of masculinity.
-Op ability to go wherever he pleases regardless of set conditions, that may restrict any other mere mortal
-Op STEROID on his e spell allow him to bulk harder and faster than anyone in your local gym
-Op ultimate, allows Mundo to recover after a massive, lactic acid (C3H6O3) filled rep with the bois.
-Op meat cleaver is useful for chopping up an assortment of meats in order to keep up with your macroes and daily dietary intake (estimated at 8500 kj per second).
-open up them butt cheeks baby

-His recklessness in the gym often creates massive repercussions to his upper and lower spine in his later years (Such as Multi-secrosis, AIDS and Gonorrhea to name a few)
-Mundo does not take no for an answer, so if he rapes you you're finished (Hua dog, 2013)

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I enjoy running a full rune page dedicated to energy regen, this pre-game setup allows mundo recover his stamina, so he can quickly pump through set after set, without exhaustion or death.
In some instances, it is fine to use health per level quints, as this is a quick and easy bulking method (Zyzz, 2008). Also, gold over time quints allows Mundo to pay for the overly prices whey protein supplements at the local pharmacy and still have enough to splash on his *****es. *****es love money. Other choices for marks during your high-school career include A+, A or B+. as long as you don't score below a B+ you should be fine.

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Like all my guides, I list my masteries degrees in order of my liking
0-0-30 this is by far the my favourite setup in the game! The qualities in this tree are just too good to pass up. We have Insight (letting us know whether we should stop after 10 reps), Meditation (letting our body recover after a hardcore workout), Map awareness (so we don't rely on people calling m9a, real gongy) and Nimble (lets us sprint away when the person after you realises that you haven't wiped your sweat off the equipment, you dirty dog). The cookie also helps in the case where the energy regen runes still don't give you the macroes you need. If you need to bulk heavily invest in the greed mastery, which allows us to buy more supplements at Doran's shop (the stupid capitalist yordle). I also enjoy taking pickpocket, to remedy mundo's lack of funds by mugging passerbyers. The only mastery I don't recommend is intelligence, I mean who needs intelligence when you have aesthetics !

0-30-0 This also has a lot of the great qualities. Perserverance, Durability, Tough skin, Hardiness, Resistance, Veterans scars, Relentlessness, Tenacious and especially Good Hands for the ladies >;) . I could write a whole page on how great this page is, but I have to to the gym in 3 minutes so I'm sorta in a rush.

30-0-0 A lot of the masteries here are great motivational tools, especially the shiny blue bicep, which attempts to resemble Mundo's, but falls short by many metres. For some reason this tree contains a lot of swords, as a hulking steriod-laden man(?!) it would be unnecessary to spec into this tree, as you will fighting off adversaries with your chest anyway

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Start off with a Bintang singlet and 5 protein supplements. Personally I prefer optimum nutrition as my poison of choice. Next off, get a quicksilver sash to wipe your sweat off your bulging muscles, after your rigorous work out. At this point, I'm pretty darn knackered so I purchased a spirit visage, which lets me heal at a faster rate. Afterwards, I buy a giant's belt and I leave it there, unupgraded. Why do you do this Prismstorm? Because I'm a damn giant and I do what I want. I then a buy phantom dancer next. With no unit collision I don't have to worry about bumping into other members of the gym and possibly knocking them into a concussion. Ihe movement speed also helps me maneuver around the gym and get to the heavier dumbbells on the rack before the next guy.
My boots of choice are mobolity boots, becuase I got to get to places (Trick2g,2013). I stress the importance of movement speed in all my guides and all you scrubs never listen. Jesus Christ mang. My last item is obviously Guardian Angel, this is an excellence insurance bond in the gym. In the unlikely event of accidentally crush myself when I try bench something too big, I will be revived and can attempt it again.

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Skill Sequence

Though I have no clue why kids as young as 1 or 2 or even 3 years old are going to the gym, I can still give sick advice because I'm an expert with children, learnt from the pope himself first hand. If you're in your early years, you probably don't have the strength to hoist heavy items in repetition. I suggest heavy indulgence of the roids and plenty of supplements. This should enable you to lift appropriately.
By the time you are about 10 years old, your man hormones begin to kick in. however at this time, most of you should be dead because you OD'd on supplements. assuming you have survived, you want To finish off your teen years by getting everything into recovery. In some cases, you will have to go to rehab to remedy this addiction to supplements.
if you managed to survive through the biggest *****torm of a childhood ever, I congratulate you and invite to the Prismstorm bench off invitational in June 2013, coming to a cinema near you.
"mad invite"- pleshen

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Just like my Vladimir guide, I highly recommend Heal and Revive. Why?
Well apart from heal being incredibly useful for baiting at 700 elo, it does what it does (it heals us, you lummox). Revive is taken so if we die even without GA, we will be back on our feet ready to rape face again. The extra bulk it provides us upon reviving also enhances our reputation at the gym. Everyone will be mirin. Smite? ***** please. Who needs smite when you have a cleaver which does 25% of your max hp true damage to everything. I can't believe there's no damage cap to creeps on this broken spell. Flash? you silly goose, Mundo goes where he pleases and that includes walking through ****ing walls. Ghost? To run fast? You must be smoking some serious ****. we don't need ghost because we don't work out legs, only upper body (**** cardio mang). Teleport is very convenient to get to places because our legs aren't big enough to carry our huge frame around. Take this if your legs can't support your massiveness anymore

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My recommended workout plan (jungle route)

By 1:40 PM you want to ask for your mates to watch you, as you lift up the four dumbells in the corner of the gym. This warmup allows you to warm up all your abdominals and core muscles so you dont get a massive stitch at the big weights. At 1:55PM you want to get your two mates to spot you, as they help you lift up the Blue/Red weights at the benchpress. Remember to keep hydrated during your workout sesh! After the benchpress, go towards your rival's bench where he will be just about finishing his rep at 3:00PM, go up to him and finish him by elbow dropping him, instantly snapping his vertebrate. After this you are free to do whatever you want. Want to get your beach body up for the summer months? Going to Stereosonic to pick up some b1tches? You are free to do anything, apart from cardio becuase it makes you lose your gains mang.

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To conclude, If you follow my steps in the gym. You will be as big as me in no time! Remember boys and girls!
1. Macroes/Dietary supplements
2. Chest Day every day
3. **** cardio
4. You are the biggest, everyone else is trash ("Doublelift" Peter Peng 2012)
5. Harvard referencing is mandatory



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