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Master Yi Build Guide by wakkydude

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League of Legends Build Guide Author wakkydude

pro as heck guide to master yi

wakkydude Last updated on August 1, 2012
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Master Yi Build

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master yi professional

welcome. you have entered the yi zone.

master yi is the most badass video game character of all time. he makes sephiroth look like butt, master chief tiny baby and duke nukem is wimpy loser. but why is yi such a badass? lets take a closer look.

first of all, he has seven eyes. wow. just think of all the cool stuff he can see. next up is the katena, the best weapon in the game. it helps yi kill really fast and is honorable. watch out! its the swordboots. this helps him kill even faster and he can run around really fast and make the enemy angry. check out that trenchcoat. this lets you know that yi is a sexy beast who listens to power metal. i dont know what that last bit is, but it looks cool. yeah.

now that we know more about yi, its time to learn how to play him. with my guide, you will be a pro in no time. prepare to bathe in the glory. and the honor of axe body spray.

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cool skills & the evil forest

before you can go fast, you need to set up your skills. i choose revive, and smite . revive makes you go really fast, and smite lets you kill fast. these are both mandatory.

there are also runes, and mastery pages, but you dont need them unless you are a wimp. might as well go back to super mario. lol

these are the stone brothers. they are the first monsters you kill in the evil forest. they suck. move their rocky behinds. seriously, theyre worthless.

over here are the rude dudes. they are very impolite. kill their blue leader to demoralize them. not so rude now are you?

careful its the dog. he is very vicious and not cool at all. there are some cool dogs but this is not one of them. in fact it might be one of the uncoolest dogs ever. anyway. demolish the dog and move on.

now complete this intense boss battle. now you have the blue rocks which look really sweet. use your teleport spike to get back to the stone brothers. they should be called stoner brothers, because their weed consumption hinders their ability to fight. dont do drugs kids

here is the second boss battle. he is more dangerous because his rocks are red.

if you are too weak for the forest, dont worry as these skills work perfectly in a lane too. you can even get some sick frags with your smite.

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the item shop

while yi is extremely powerful, he needs a lot of equipment. start with some clothing, as being naked on the battlefield isnt cool at all. buy some red sodas too. you dont want to become dehydrated.

after you get some money, turn your clothing into x-man claws . now you can bust up those rude dudes even faster. buy a rad schythe too, it has a skull on it so you have to buy it.

now turn your claws, and rad scythe into wiggles lantern , the best item in the game. it makes you kill faster and see more. if you dont buy this item uninstall the game.

you have a sick as hell lantern, but you are still slow. fix that with move really fast boots . youll be cruising in no time.

finally, you can buy the best item in the game. the doublesword . its two swords in one item, you cant get any better. buy three more doubleswords, as they synergise with going fast. you have so many swords the enemy might as well surrender.

this is the complete build. wow. great job. now you are an unstoppable dunking machine. time to slam some nooblords.

find the full video this was shamelessly stolen from here