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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author alexbloo

pro Jungling amumu

alexbloo Last updated on October 21, 2010
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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****(EARLY GAME)****
Red line = your path
green arrows = where your top and midle lane should be positioned
at the start of the game to protect if they are well placed in the bushes they should cover the whole river
blue arrows = recall

Ok so as starting items you get 1 Cloth armor and 5 health potions
you want to start at blue buff because amumu is mana dependent
so when the blue buff spawns and you are sure that no one in their team is coming to gank you you engage blue buff
you want to pop your despair right away to hit all 3 of em you main attack the golem and pop a health potion right away
make sure you use smite on the golem

now you should be level 2 put a point in trantrum and head to wolf camp (2)
at this point you want to pop a potion everytime the potion is gone if you dont want any down time
engage wolf camp with despair and trantrum everytime its up then toggle off ur despair when the brown wolf is dead

now head to ghost camp (3) **IMPORTANT** make sure you tell mid lane not to hug the wall ( purple area ) or he will steal your exp and **** up your jungling
remember to pop your health potion everytime its down pop despair spam trantrum auto attack blue ghost it should be easy

now head to lizzard buff (4)
make sure you have at least half your mana before engaging and that your smite is up
pop another health potion engage when you have at least half ur hp pop despair and spam trantrum ( you should be auto attacking the lizzard )
make sure you pop smite on the lizzard then you should be ok

now if you did everything right ur hp must be low and you should have 1 potion left
pop your last potion
head to golem camp (5)
make sure you have a decent amount of hp before engaging and a decent amount of mana
pop trantrum everytime its up and auto attack one of the golems make sure you toggle your despair off after killing the first golem

now time to recall

you should now have around 550-600 gold depending on how long it took
take a look at their team and depending on what their team is
if they have a caster OR CC heavy team you buy your tier 1 boots that you will upgrade into mercurys later in the game and you buy a fairie charm that will upgrade into a philosopher stone later

else if they have a dps heavy team ( ex tryn xin ashe etc etc ) you buy your ninja tabi right away

if they have a jungler on their side you should go kill wolf camp + ghost camp then try to gank / cover lane for ppls recalling ( you should always be ready to drop your jungling for covering a lane )
if they dont have a jungler kill wolf camp / ghost camp then head to their blue buff
once you hit level 6 you should be using your ult for a gank ASAP

**dragon** im not a big fan of dragon cause it takes so long to solo as amumu early game i do it only if a dps in the bottom lane is available to help

Welcome to ****(MID GAME)****
mid game you want to keep leveling and farm alot be there for every team fight if there are any... but your priority is to level and farm minions yes i know its boring but its your job as a tank

Lets talk about your items now

***If they have a caster heavy team you want to get the build already up there***

ELSE if they have a dps heavy team ( only 1 caster carry ) you wanna get

ninja tabi => philosopher stone => sunfire cloak => thornmail => upgrade your philospher stone into shurelyas reverie => negatron cloak => sunfire cloak => force of nature

of course you can change the items depending on their heroes like if they have ryze get a banshees veil instead of force of nature etc etc

Now by the time you get all these you should be ***LATE GAME*** omge!!!!

Your job late game = You engage the team fights when your whole team is ready ( please dont hide behind your carry dps you are a tank you are suposed to be strong )
HOW TO ENGAGE = depending on their team ( if they have an ult that you can interupt with your bandage ex : nunu Katarina ) you do not want to open with bandage keep it to interrupt these ults else you just engage with bandage then you pop despair and start spamming trantrum ... thats right you dont want to do your ult yet because you want to hit all 5 of them with your ult ... if their team is running away its more like a gank than a team battle... once your ult hit all 5 of them and you interupted an ult with your bandage toss gj your tank job is now done if there are any runners you pop your item : shurelyas reverie to help your team catching up

thats pretty much it ... please comment im open to any suggestion to improve my build
thanks for reading and sorry for the bad english >.<