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Amumu Build Guide by zilchtre

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zilchtre


zilchtre Last updated on November 17, 2012
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ap tank mumu/tank mumu/ap mumu

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Today i will show you a guide that will make you understand why amumu gets banned almost every ranked game. I will be showing you how I play my ap amumu, my tank amumu, and my ap offtank amumu. Amumu is really versatile and fun. Once you get ur ult its gg.

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pros cons
- really good clear time - can easily get counter jungled
- really good ganks (if u land them :D) - usually banned in ranked
- game changing - if the enemy catches you bye bye mumu
- teamfight turner - there really isnt anything else
- alot of cc ( even better with rylai's )

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Runes (ap tank mumu)

For my marks i like to go mark of ptency for some ap damage. For my seals i like to go greater seal of resillience, always take these with any jungler. For my glyphs i like to go greater glyph of warding for the magic resist it really helps late game when their carrys start getting their ap up. For my quintessences I go Greater quintessance of potency for some more ap. These runes really help with clearing the jungle at the start and the armor and magic resist help when ganking.

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Runes (tank mumu)

For my marks i get greater marks of fortitude for some extra health at the start. For my seals i get greater seals of resillience. For my glyphs i go with greater glyphs of warding for the magic resist so I can gank while taking less damage. For my quintessences i get greater quintessences of swiftness, i really like these for any jungler that is going more tanky then damage because u can get into the fights faster( really good with mumu because u can get between all of them quickly and use ur ult.). These runes are my standard tank runes for almost every person i tank with.

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Runes ( ap mumu)

For my marks, glyphs and quintessences i get greater(mark, glyph and quintessences) of potency. I get these all for the ap. For my seals i get greater seals of resillience. The reason why i get all the potency is for really early ganks. With ap mumu u need to gank alot because u rnt tanky enough to jungle the entire time.

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masteries (all)

i go 0/21/9 for my masteries. I get all the damage reduction in defense and i get the mana and buff duration in utility. This is how i play almost all jungles. The buff duration helps alot on amumu knowing that you are dependant on blue early game.

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Start wolves get ur mid to help you, then get a leash on blue smite the big one then make ur way towards the wraiths kill the wraiths using your w and e. Then if you are higher then half health take red without your smite then go to golems then you jungle until you get level 4. If you are lower then half wen u get to red go to golems then get red then get wraiths that should get you to level 4 and then look to gank if all lanes are pushed go back and buy some items and maybe a ward or 2.

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When ganking top, tell your teammate to get the enemy to try to harrass him and when the enemy does go out with your w up and e the enemy. Do not use ur stun until he uses his get away unless hes low then use it right away. when he uses his getaway stun him and finger bang the e button on your keyboard. If you killed him "clap clap" your not done waddle as fast as you can to mid and do the same thing ( dont get discouraged if you dont kill them because you just helped your teammate by getting rid of the enemys flash). Ganking bot either go tribush or get into the bushes without being seen ( ask your support if they have warded before you do this). Then you wait for your support to engage and then you go out and do your finger bang on e and then stun them when they run. Once you get your ult dont use it unless you cant kill them without using it.

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Team fighting

Team fighting as ap off tank amumu and tank amumu you want to be focused. You are the initiator. You wait until the moment is right then you use your bandage toss to get near them and then ult and finger bang e. You can also flash in then ult and then bandage toss their carry and then finger bang e again. You can also counter initiate really well just go straight for their carry. Try to make your ult as useful as possible and get the most people in it as you can. Amumu works really well with a kennen, fiddle, katarina, orianna, karthus, lux, draven, gragas, galio, ezreal, malzahar, janna and nunu. He has the best ganks before 6 then any jungler in the game if he doesnt get counter jungled.

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Counter jungling

If you want to counter jungle make sure you can and always try to take their blue. When playing amumu make it your objective to have their team have 1 blue buff the entire game. If you can do that it is automatically gg because your team will always have 2 blues. This is key when playing against anyone who needs blue. Really good against a fiddle and a diana. Make sure you can take them tho cuz if you die counter jungling that is really bad, you wasted your life for nothing.

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I hope this helped you guys, if their is bad engrish ( dont worry i spelled that wrong on purpoose ;D ) I speak english second language. This is my first guide so I bet people are going to think it sucks. This is how i play amumu if you can give me any tips for future guides pls do in the comment section, I look daily because i have nothing better to do. AMUMU IS A BOSS SO PLAY HIM LIKE ONE. DONT PLAY HIM LIKE THAT OTHER DUDE YOU SAW IN A BLIND PICK BECAUSE HE PROBABLY SUCKS :D!!!!!!!!!!! PLS PEOPLE STOP BANNING HIM IN RANKED. HE ISNT OP AT ALL.