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Amumu Build Guide by Fisseler

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fisseler

Pubstomp Amumu - AP/Tank

Fisseler Last updated on August 10, 2011
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Amumu - Sadness Incarnate

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi there.
I have only played in the leagues for 6 months, never played a ranked game and I sure am noob in every sense of the word. This guide isn't meant to be good at anything. It's my first guide ever, and it's mostly for myself. During my League expirience, I have grown accostomed to mobafire guides. I like the setup and quick overview, so i need my own guide to keep while testing. Therefore it exists. I probably wont update it, unless i have tested a new buildorder throughly.

I'm trying to get good at this game and Amumu is my best bet. I hate his look and story, but boy oh boy he is fun to play and gets the job done. I started using the "Amumu - Wrapping up the jungle" guide, which is insanely good in my opinion. Im very satisfied with it, and will use it most games. In the lower leagues however. Where people aren't as skilled, I find Amumu too tanky with that build. Therefore im trying to boost his damage output, while retaining enough tankyness to survive at the low elos.

And lets face it. Amumus skills scales extremely well with his AP, so lets try to have some fun with them. A wise man once said, that games are about having fun! They should never feel like a second job. This build sure si fun, if you get through early game with a gank or two, and a solid farm, and can keep your farmrate high through the entire game. The build requires a lv 30 summoner, with the right runes and masteries.

Build 2:
I have to admit build 1 sucks. Some of he ideas are fine, but in practice, it really doesnt work very well. I have returned to Jebus' fantastic jungling guide, and used that as the fundament of a more Aura inspired Amumu. The core build is a direct copy, but it is after all how i like playing Amumu, so no reason not to give the credit. It still needs testing and good judgement, AKA when to buy which items in what order depending on enemy team composition, the game itself and your own team xD

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- Can tank an entire team for quite some time
- Has great crowd control ultimate and skill shot
- Can deals tons of AOE damage during teamfights, if the enemy closter (around a tower fx)
- Is fast enough to jungle decent
- A demon aginst high Health enemies AKA late game

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- Other junglers is faster and can rip Amumu apart in his jungle, expecially with this build.
- Expensive as hell. We are talking 1 hour+ games to get completely done.
- He will die more than your regular Amumu build.
- He has a squishie early game, which is very bad for a jungler, who should be able to gank at lv 4

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Summoner spells and runes

Smite is needed as a jungler. Don't let anyone tell u differently.

Last choice could be Flash, Ghost, Cleanse or Fortify. Learn to use Flash is my advice.

You need the armour and health to deal with the jungle. You need the magic resist midgame, where Mercurys is your only magic defense. Magic pen is okay, though you mostly rely and magic reduction from Abyssal and your passive, as this affects enemies with a minimum of magic resist, which magic penetration nearly doesn't.

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Rush it! Youll need tons of gold and amumu can actually jungle fast enough without a cloth armour. The health and mana reg is nice on him too. Sell this then you begin on Rabadons.

Mercury boots:
Great boots on any tank! Tenacity 35% is great. Sell these only if: You have full item build, all elixirs active and gold enought to buy the replacement item. This item should correspond to your needs, but consider Force of Nature, Quicksilver Sash, Guardian Angle or a Thornmail.

Sunfire Cape:
Armour, health and AOE damage. This is just great on Amumu. It helps you farm faster too.

Abyssal Scepter:
Magic resist, AP and AOE Magic resist reduction. This is "the Other Sunfire Cape". They stack so well with each other, and amumus skills in general.

Z*****as and Rylais
AP, armour, health, AOE slow with Despair and a great active to save your *** in late game teamfights. The buy order is the problem... Yoll need the armour from the cahinmail, but Rylais is better than Zhonays due to the slow. Ill test this, but it'll depend on the game too.

Time to hurt. You'll end up on over 500 AP, which will decimate your opponents if you initiate right.

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Build 2 Items

ince build #1 isn't really working, im experimenting with tweaks to Jebus' Wrapping up the jungle. It's so wonderfull, but i have to test some of my own ideas.

I belive i could actually spare the Banshes Veil, but I fear the lack of cataclyst will slow down my jungling. Perhaps i could try making it a RoA in some games just to test. If the enemy AP or CC is lacking, it could be spared i belive.

Sunfire Cape can definetly be spared, and should be in games, where enemy AD is lacking. The thing is... I love sunfire... It gives armour AND health AND a neat Aura that helps in jungle and teamfights, expecially if combined with Abbysal for MR reduction, AP and MR, and perhaps Rylais for AOE slowing hell.

Sometimes I end up in a full AP team. I play to have fun, and i got 3 friends that all prefer AP carries like Brand, Annie, Fiddle, AP Ezreal, AP Kennen and so forth. While it isn't really functional as a team, we enjoy ourself and have fun. In those cases, I would like to pick up a Will of the Ancients along with my Abyssal Scepter, as both Auras helps a caster team. The problem is, I can't decide what to sacrifice. Most likely Rylais. If the enemy team is short on AD it could be Sunfire Cape, while AP could mean Banshees has to go.

In those rare occasions, where the enemy team is being crushed and im finished with build, have all elixirs and has thousands of golds going to waste, I'll sometimes sell the Aegis and buy a Rabadons. Aegis is way better on Amumu than Rabadons, but lategame Aegis isn't really pushing much math for the team. In these cases, Amumus AP scalings should be exploited for the fun of it, as Rabadons will make both Abbyssal, Will and Rylais even more crushing. This situation is however extremely rare.

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Early game:
Jungling until at least lv 4 but lv 6 will make you more sure to get the kill.

Start at blue buff. A pull from your midlaner will make it easier. Despair toggled, hitting the golem, drinking your one health potion as soon as you begin to take damage. Smite around 450 Health.

Run to the wolves. Hit the bigone and activate tantrum and despair then the hit connect, cast tantrum again then it is of cooldown.

Kill the wraiths with tantrum and despair. Now youll be very low if you didnt get a pull on blue. youll be able to recall and grap phillo stone. If you did get a pull, take twins, then recall.

After recalling, take out red, and the rest of the jungle, while being aware of gank possibilities. Help defend and gank, clear your jungle, steal their buffs and get fed.

Mid game:
You arent dangorous or tanky yet, so only help in teamfights if your ulti is up. Eat the junlge (Dragon at lv 10 with chainmail), ward if needed, gank if possible. Sometimes, youll see a good creepwave in a lane with no enemies. Clear that and the next one in second before running to the jungle again.

Late game:
It's party time! Tank, initiate and hurt them as much as you can, while getting dragon. Keep your farm steady by clearing lanes and jungle, but remember, your team comes first! Run towards teamfight, save and slay.

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Amumu can fill out several different roles on the team, but always remember: He will never be a carry like Ashe or Anivia.

I have a lot of testing to do on this, so ill be back later. Vote all you like! This was never meant to be a top rated guide xD