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League of Legends Build Guide Author Lonewolf323

Pushin with Katarina !!!

Lonewolf323 Last updated on December 11, 2010
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This is an AD (Attack Damage) Build for Katarina, there's not much to say. But here is the description.

Skills : The First skill your gonna get is Boucing blade, since its great to pwn minions or to catch someone running away. Also because it's your only ranged attack.
Then, at level 2 get Shunpo, this will allow you more freedom on the battlefield. But dont max it, just put 1 point in it because the damage is not as great.
By after, alternate points between Bouncing Blade and Killer Instincts. This will higly increase your damage input if you can remember to use KI before BB. At levels 6-11-16 Remember to put Death Lotus.

Katarina LIVES only (or almost only) for Death Lotus. The trick is to : Use shunpo to fall onto the enemy, then wack his face of with Death Lotus, and finally, when he runs like a coward, to use KI and BB to get rid of any fleeing low health hero.

Items : For the items, start off with the usual Boots of speed, then take 2 HP potions to keep you laning till at least lv 6. By after, port to base and get Brutalizer. If you have done over 6 kills, get B.F. Sword immediatly. Get B.F., Go pwn and then get back and by Black cleaver, this will really annoys people when your dinky BB does over 400 Dmg.
Once you get the cash, get B.F sword and Bloddthirster. At this point, the game usually come's to an end. But if not, you can get Phantom if your team is on the defensive (wich it should'nt be) or just for fun, try and get Trinity Force if youre serioulsy Pwning.

How to Play : With this build, your gonna be pushing. So wath your going to do, is lane...
Many people disagree with this and say Kat should Gank, but wathever. Use your BB when minions are on low health and DONT rush for turrets unless you have Brutalizer and a lane of minions. If there'S an enemy hero, Wether he's ranged or not, once your lv 3 and can smash up an KI + BB, this hero os gonnna cower behind the turret. This is wath you want, wait for a lane of mininons, Then send your BB flying a close as him as you can get, the blade should it him, and if you abe got KI on, it should inflict around 150-200 dmg. Wich is alot for you puny lv 3 hero. Once you get the First B.F. Sword, turrets are going to be a peace o cake, as long ase there arent any ranged heros around. If there is, use the previous strategy.

Finally, if 1 of your friends is bring massacred, you gank to help, (wich is why we have gosth and NOT teleport) Creep up behind, go inside the group with a Shunpo, Unleash Hell with Death Lotus, Cripple any mage or tank, then send flying your BB with KI.

Note : Katarina can easily take on anyone with 800-1200 health or so, but dont Death Lotus on a group of tankers, for you wont do any dmg, best is to target the back magicians. Also, Death Lotus targets only 3 heros, so dont fall into a group of 4 or 5 unless there no tanker and there all 1 lv under you.