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Teemo Build Guide by AnruiSOUL#91235

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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnruiSOUL#91235

Pushy Teemo

AnruiSOUL#91235 Last updated on July 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello Reader,

I like to introduce myself, I am AnruiSOUL. Teemo is one of my favorite mains. I play a Pushy Teemo - aka Chaser Teemo aka Bait Teemo. The idea is simple, you place yourself in unsafe situations, primarily pushing lanes, and lure one or more opponents into the lane you are in and get them to engage you.

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My rune choices are All Attack Speed runes with Move Speed Quintessences. I do this mainly to push my attack speed up to as high as possible as early as possible because my main targets are Towers, not heroes. Starting off with .991 AS and 1.187 when coming out of Ambush. I want to get as many hits as I can in each sitting.

The MS is to be the fast heroes in the game period. Early game, even those with boots have a hard time keeping up or away from you. Starting off with boots, my MS is 382 and boost to 417 with level 1 Move Quick passive and 445 with activated. The numbers raise to 497 and 515 when Ghost is activated along with Quick Move, very few can even touch those speeds early game with just lvl 1 boots.

This is also great for harassing being able to usually shot off two shots quickly without risking position and gaining a larger threat range. Easier on Melee heroes then range, especially nukers.

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I choose the 9-0-21 format for the obvious reason of maxing my MS and AS. Also the added bonus of lower the CD of my Summoner Spells to be able to escape even more. My 9 points in attack are unusual, but increasing crit chance, attack speed and a little armor pen is what I saw most desirable.

21 Point in Utility, reduce my death time for when I do happen to die. Mana regen to keep me in lane longer and my mushrooms out. The others have basically been explained or just to fill into 21 points.

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Starting items will always be, boots and 3 hp pots. you are very squishy but every hard to catch with ghost and flash to save you. I suggest also to never face check any side bushes if you are not soloing mid. I usually my pots whenever I lose two bars or below 50% hp. Expect to use all three prior to level 6. You want to not looking like a obvious easy target, you what them frustrated and annoyed a squishy Teemo is hard to kill.

Usually my first trip back is a Wiggles Lantern. If I am forced early its usually enough to build Madred's Razor. If you are supper lucky from farms and kills, Lantern and Boots of Swiftness.

After that, build the items in following order, Phantom Dancer ==> Black Cleave ==> Trinity Force (Build the parts as needed, Zeal first unless HP is needed then Phage) and then Guardian Angel.

In most games, I get as far as Black Cleaver so past that is optional based on needs.

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Skill Sequence

For Skill Sequence, I max out Toxic for harassing/pushing purposes, with 1 point in Quick Move and Blind at 2 and 4. Blind first if there is a lot of auto attacking going on, Move Quick when nukers or heavy harassment is going on. Pick up Mushrooms as needed and max the others as needed. Again if you have a Auto attacker like Yi or Ashe on the other team, blind. Else Move Quick to evade chasers or to chase down. Generally speaking, Teemo with at least lvl 1 Quick Move, Flash and Ghost is hard to catch, it just gets hilarious after that.

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Ranked Play

In Ranked Play, you want to run this style when your four other teammates can do without you and don't need your added (low) dps. I will explain the phases and your role in them.

Early Game

First off you rarely want a solo lane with Pushy Teemo. He can and is fully able to solo, but for team comp, you want those lanes filled by other members so they can be strong enough without you. Choosing lane its easy, if for some reason there is a 2v1 lane, join that, Teemo's speed and poison will deny the solo of experience and or kill him with the partner to back up the harass.

If the lane is a 2v2, try and be the harasser/guard. Yes I said it 4 box Teemo is the Guard. The MS will keep you out of most range while able to harass from the grass and hide in them with ambush. Again you want your teammate to get their farm on for when you leave them to do your real job.

Poison is great, it forces people to work for last hits or avoid you completely. Though I don't recommend trading blows, you can get the lingering effect if the feel they can't finish you off or you flash away do avoid death blows.

Flash and Ghost are your best friends, remember that. Getting first blood usually means using both, so if you are the strong team in lane save it to kill a runner. It will take practice but often times u can flash in a tower hit them once with a lvl 2 toxic and blind combo and only take one hit from the tower running through the tower. You can often you flash to space and kite a hero that wants to kill you also if they think they can kill a Teemo.

Remember you job early game is to protect your tower and get theirs first. Kills aren't important, getting them away from their tower is so you can land as many hits on it as you can, usually with another partner you can down your tower in 9 mins or less. And you can do that my harassing them and forcing them to port home.

Lastly, when you first get your Mushrooms, they come far and inbetween so use them as mini wards, ALWAY place your first one in the river grass besides your lane and then one on thier side next to the river. Then I like to Place a 3rd one in between the two as a choke point and them edge grass keep them out of it when retreating or chasing. Make sure you always keep them up. You should also have Lantern by then, place it always infront of Baron/Dragon early game to avoid incoming ganks or defend Dragon.

Mid-Game for Pushy Teemo is the instant a side lane tower goes down, either your own or the teams. Teemo job from there on out is to take over that lane and own everything about it. This is where your ward placement changes and where your mushrooms placement is very important. You will constantly push your lane You also become non confrontational. If you don't have Black Cleave you will most likely not be able to kill a hero on your own.

Ward and mushroom placement make this strategy a success. You will be using them as warning signs someone is coming for you. Even if they Oracle, the mushrooms are there to tell you to get away from them. This frustrate the other team, constantly running into your mushroom and then not able to surprise you, also Oracle is expensive if you can't get a kill because of it. I always place my Lantern ward in the grass next to the closest Golem, it maximizes the view in that area mushrooms can't cover and also give you view of who ever is farming it so you or a teammate(s) can kill them. As for Mushrooms, I place them at every entrance to my lane, more inward towards the jungle so I can see them sooner. Then I fill every grass close by with Mushrooms. This is every important to keep up because this prevents ganks. You need to stay alive and keep constant pressure on your lane forcing 1 and if your lucky 2 people to come after you constantly, this will give your team the advantage for group fights cause they are usually two solos, jungler and the farmed hero in your lane vs whoever didn't come after me while I am digging into their base.

Again your job here is to push, not gank, not 'help' the team. If your team needs your low dps, then you are in trouble. This is also your time to farm. You are pretty much useless for team fights until Black Cleave. Also if there is a fight right next to you, say in your heavily Mushroomed jungle, assist. It will help, but don't go out of your way to help your team.

Late Game
I usually consider my late game strategy when I get Black Cleaver and on. You pretty much stick to the same as Mid-Game but you will assist your team when fights break out. Your sudden added dps will rip through a team that isn't use to you being involved. Also 1v1 fights are more in your favor. Kiting is the key, running them into and catching them own mushroom is where you will shine. Again you primary concern is pushing lanes, and with your move speed at close to max, I have gotten it up to 650 at times. You want to push all lanes, but try to avoid the one your team is in. Without a large group of CC or a heavy burst, Teemo becomes extremely hard to catch and kill. Kiting become your greatest tool at this point.

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This strategy is for those that love speed over anything else. Teemo is built to run and hide and act as bait for the team. Some people do not like this, because they want to be the killer. Often times I consider Pushy Teemo a support hero and will explain as such so teammates will pick stronger heroes. Even though you may end up with a lot of kills, I like seeing at the end of game, 9 buildings destroyed. On a finally note, this Teemo also considers backdooring perfectly legal and not a 'cowards' way to win.

I wanted to get this strategy out their, I will be updating and improving as I learn the system.