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Graves Build Guide by ADMERK

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ADMERK

Put'em in the Graves

ADMERK Last updated on June 2, 2012
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How to fight

Don't rush in, Basically start with high harassment until you are level 6 use your ultimate and then quick draw to the enemy so a buckshot hits with precise damage needed. The target is likely to stun and throw the smokescreen a little ahead it should hit them so you can catch up. Team fights are also a timing thing like when your using graves. He is good at damage but since he is a carry he is a large target try to stay back until it is initiated then go in. Your likely to do well with this My best score was 28/10/10 The deaths are mainly because your targeted.

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Laning with a scrub

If your with a scrub or they are jungling try to stay out of the fight even if you can harass them it is easy to be ganked and most likely the enemy can flash. If you need to initiate even alone try not to do this even if the urge will kill you its not worth getting killed and laughed at for being a scrub. The best chances to winning alone is not tower hugging but using buckshot for minion kills and maybe get harassment hits. If your teammate is able to gank let him start the fight then use smokescreen as a barrier on them. Quickly joining in and weakening the target.

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Bad money gain/ need items

If trouble getting money then skip the dancer and immediately try for last whisper to try for money. You might need to change how you approach the enemy and learn what you and your teammates are doing. If you have also bought everything needed you can sell the Dorans Blade for money and get the madreds bloodrazor, frozen mallet, or black cleaver if you need it.

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For the Scrubs

Tower hugging is the scrubby fail tactic if you do this then here are the tips you need.
1. Use the smokescreen to hide your visibility to use hidden buckshot tactics
2. Guerrilla warfare is your friend.
3. if your a lousy no good player then this might not help
4. the tower may protect you for the moment but if your weak recall or try to scare with your ally but this might cause a death.
5. The team fights are in needs of Graves but don't go in first or even be the third be last and you shouldn't be targeted.
6. Death isn't gonna cause you to do bad but if your a person who is deeply discouraged of this then try to use more smokescreens.

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If the tactics are hard to understand

First the smokescreen tactics - this will help hide you and your quickdraw will get you close for the best buckshot ever.
There is also the quickdraw and buckshot combo - jump in with the quick draw and instantly my targets try to move aim at the spot their moving because of the seconds it takes to shoot. This will give you the health advantage and the quickdraw will let you get a few shots
Finally your R is an any situation kinda move - if you have them weak finish them or use it as a last resort defense for major protection.

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Examples or maybe a suggestion

I have had games with gankers and if you see this about to happen use your quickdraw to get away and flash for last minutes. Buckshot is the best move it will save you constantly it is used with all combos and a major help to your combos or if you need a thought boost to your build. I have also been in situations with a warwick and it is troubling when he jumps on you causing mass damage this will usually scare you, try to use your quickdraw and throw a smokescreen over you it will cause the enemy to go over most of the time.

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Thank you

Thanks if you like the build Please thumbs up if you can and leave a suggestion its a new champ and its hard to adapt with new champs. An idea or addon to the build will be nice so leave a comment/suggestion and hope it works for you