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Twisted Fate Build Guide by Qazi4k

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Qazi4k

Qazi4k's Epic ADC Twisted Fate Guide!

Qazi4k Last updated on December 18, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Twisted Fate with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Vayne BELIEVE IT OR NOT, but you will OWN her in a 1v1. Your ult reveals her from Stealth, AD tf has massive ad and magic burst from E. your attack speed from runes,build and E passive. will CRUSH her with blade of the ruined king. just land a stun and always have vision of her with your ultimate.
Ezreal EASY! constantly kite when you land a gold card and you WIN. SIMPLE!
Kog'Maw I'm tired of defining EASY! Your E will crush this dude in lane. Heavy CC will nail this drooling fool!
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I'm a Platinum V ADC main.I may not be the highest elo in the game. But I've definitely had my fair share in experience for the position ADC. Believe it or not, but my top 2 adc's are Draven and Twisted Fate. Both carry immense snowball potential.

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Why AD TF and Why not AP TF?

You could go either one. But for bot lane prioritize as ADC tf, you carry massive hybrid burst as a Twisted fate, your Q won't do anything but your W and E. Man oh man! especially your E will crush ANYTHING in it's path especially with the build, runes and strategies I'll be providing you for this guide.

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Laning is simple with ADC TF, all you do is come to lane with no intentions, get your farm going! Your passive is technically a built in Avarice Blade. Giving a random number of Gold ranging between 1-6 every time you kill a unit. AD Tf is all about farming and kill's. If you could maintain freezing lane and bringing in some kills at the same time. and 100 cs at around 9 mins. You'll be getting built in no time!

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Early level's especially in ranked play, your jungler or the enemy jungler will attempt to counter jungle. AD TF could definitely help out especially when he's level 6. By using destiny to appear to the scene and bring in some heavy duty CC!

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Blue Card

Your Blue card in lane is really good to use as a tool for last hitting, I have rhythm of using Blue card every 2 Red card's. Blue cards bring enough mana to sustain back your previous mana to your prior card or ability you had used earlier. It's the card that also does the most damage too!

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Red Card

This card is meant to push lane, especially as ADC TF. Makes wave clear super easy especially if you red card with your E passive on you. Your passive will make you super rich and make you ahead compared to the enemy adc

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Gold Card

This card, gives you such free wins when catching an enemy or bringing in a lucky gold card when the enemy bot lane tries to tower dive you. You could easily stun them then they cannot do ANYTHING to you and they'll just eat the tower damage. Gold cards are every 3rd card.

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Card Rhythm

Blue, Red, Gold

If you're at Gold card you're 1 card away from Blue card, and 2 cards away from Red card
If you're at Red card you're 1 card away from Gold card, and 2 cards away from Blue card
If you're at Blue card you're 1 card away from Red card, and 2 cards away from Gold card

His cards Switch every Millisecond. I highly recommend using a metronome for a little bit!

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If you want to freeze lane just Blue card, you'll get used to the rhythm. Keep in mind.. You're AD so your auto's definitely do alot of damage so you don't need to just last hit with blue card.

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Max E

Since AD TF doesn't really prioritize in any abilities other then his pick a card and E. definitely use the builds I provide for you. Attack speed is so deadly with his E. Especially with a Braum supporting you and providing you that godly passive!

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Statikk Shiv

Statikk shiv is AMAZING with your Pick a Card. Think of it?
Blue Card+E+Statik passive? That's a WHOLE ton of damage. and imagine that all with a Nami Bubble? Nami's bubble's could work with TF's Card's and E passive.

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Preferred Supports

1)Braum: Your Gold Card+his Passive stun will be crazy annoying. His shield can protect you from any form of incoming damage from anyone! Your Red card with his Q slow will be SOOOO dumb... and make the enemy ponder and cry behind there keyboards!
2)Nami:Her heals are great in lane, her 3 bubble's she gives to allies could work with your W,E,and Statikk. So she's a really great pick with Twisted Fate ADC.
3)Leona: Her CC, peel, and courageous engages will bring forth a great win to bot lane, her Passive that illuminate's the enemy with this shiny light, will bring more damage with your auto's that could work with your W,and E.
4)Sona: Great sustain, and CC. Her heals will bring you a nice comfortable, stress-free lane for not only you, but for herself as well.

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Blade Of The Ruined King

The Passive of BOTRK will be INSANE with not just TF's Auto's but with his E passive.Bring's a whole lot of attack speed to the table for you to bring forth great and I mean fabulous results to your Team and slow ADC's!

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Now Runaan's isn't the greatest item on an ADC, but for AD tf I'd say it's pretty great. if there are 3 units nearby and Runaan's touches all 3. Your E passive is instantly up! so you're getting your E technically every auto attack! super Strong in teamfights, and with Blade!

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My Support is feeding. What do I do?

FARM, Farming as TF is the greatest thing you could do for your team. If you could bring in the heavy duty gold income then everything will be alright. Bad support's are usually are useless vessel in the end anyway.

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Mid Game Scenario

You should be getting BOTRK,Shiv, and Greave's and should be maintaining a great farm lead for yourself to bring heavy gold into your inventory for you to get built quicker then the enemy adc. If you could bring those items, and maintain the farm lead against the enemy adc then you're in top shape!!

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Late Game Scenario

At this point everybody should be at full build's, consider warding! WARDS WIN GAMES! Vision is perfect for bringing in good backdoor's, great to see what the enemy team has up there sleeve, and you guys could bring in some tricks and pushing tactic's yourself. Consider getting scanner for yourself to bring in your own way to get rid of enemy wards. And get the Elixir that lets you push faster because TF is the KING of split pushing.

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Finalizing the Game

To end the game is very simple, You could either push mid or you could go through the enemy jungle when they're in open nexus or when you have "Winions" pushing in as they're baroning or something. And you use destiny to go inside there base and you go in for the backdoor and shred those towers with your card and bring in the win for your team! and there you go guys you get the win!