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League of Legends Build Guide Author wyldeknight210

quick to the draw quicker to make your foe fall (revamped)

wyldeknight210 Last updated on March 1, 2011
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Chapter 1

Hey LoL'ers this is the one and only wyldeknight bring you an exclusive build that makes me dangerous with none other than the card master twisted fate....i ran thisbuild several times n i won some of those game (bad teams on my part) but out of the ones that i have won or lost i can guarentee that you will end up in the double digits in ur kills or assist...(mainly kills).

Now some of the summoner spells you may want to consider are
-Ghost for quick get aways sense you are Squishy McSquish
-Cleanse to wipe away those nasty neg effects on you that will (or might) get you dead:(
-Heal...pretty self-explanatory
-Ignite for more dps action not my cup of tea but ive seen champs die from it
-Teleport if your cofident but i think its a waste sense you can teleport with your ult.

Pros of the Card Master
-Stunner...(i mean with his gold card not in he looks good...ok he look fairly descent i might if he was my typeeryone on map but i like chicks so yeah)
-Slow/Snare...(whatever you wanna call it)
-Blue cards restore mana
-Awesome support
-You can see everyone with ult (you are the ultimate seeker in hide and seek)
-Loaded dice gives you additional 2 gold for every kill

Cons of being Twisted with your fate
-If you dont communcate with your team you will fail and die in your ganks
-Pick a card can be a tad frustrating in a bind
-Low AD

Ok now first item you should get is a dorans blade it adds 100 hp 9 dmg and 3% life steal now depending on what lane you get your gonna have to do some skill adjustments if your with a partner get "pick a card" if your solo get "stacked deck". Now you probably want to know why these skills instead of wild card well if you wanna waste mana by all means go ahead it does hit the target but sense its an easy skill to dodge its not worth it ANYWAYS for those soloing if you choose "stacked deck" good now the trick is make sure every forth attack hits the champion your going against because of the additional 55 dmg it deals depending on who the champ is it takes away a good chunck of health.

Now come lvl 2 if you picked "pick a card" feel free to help you team with ganks when neeeded if you want to pick your card from "pick a card" you hit w and wait until you see the card then hit w again, if your getting low on mana thats no problem just use "pick a card" blue card to get it back, the only reason you should be going back is to buy things....or if your not killing enemies fast enough.

Now at lvl 6 you should have berserkers greaves, zeal (or phantom dancer), emblem of valor building up to starks fevor and your ult now depending on the team you have you might have to help defend turrents or get that one champ whos been "eating well" whatever the case know that the key thing is to COMMUNICATE with your team on what needs to happen, at this point you should have starks fevor as well as Sword of the oracle (some people wouldnt get this for some strange reason but i get because it adds 60% attack speed also every forth attack does additional magic dmg plus once you click on it you attacks become undodgeable) and be building up to the meat and potatoes of your build the black cleaver and the madred blood razor (or infinity edge what ever you prefer, me i like the madreds).

I consider the black cleaver and madreds to be the meat and potatoes because with the black cleaver it adds additional 30% attack speed but it also has armor pentatraion that stacks 3 times also the madreds grant 40% attack speed also when it hits it does 4% of magic dmg of the target champs health which means trouble for any beffy champions on the opponents team.

Well LoL'ers this my build for The Cardmaster Twisted Fate if you have any questions or better build items leave your comments below......

I'm wyldeknight and i approve of this build \n/ 0mo \n/