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Shaco Build Guide by Xaedrik

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Xaedrik

"Don't tell him you missed the punch line."

Xaedrik Last updated on April 4, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Introduction for Shaco!

The famous assassin going AP for dominion!
-Why do I prefer AP over AD for dominion? because two shiv is OP! :D
See that pesky teemo just praying through mid to poison your team-mates? With one decieve behind him to get a few hits and a two shiv... That teemo won't be a problem any longer. Stacking boxes properly so that they won't be triggered by minions while around turrets gives you a major soloing advantage as well. The fear alone is great, but with AP they also do some sick damage when paired in two's or even threes.
But not just the awesome damage, but the fact that with a built in flash you are not catch-able! Decieve I actually keep up for emergencies rather ganks, boots typically allow you to get close enough to get that last hit. If you are good at poking, I've used Shaco to kill in a 1v4 utilizing with my JiTB's, decieve, shiv, grabbing a heal if around one and brush. Your burst and escape is a force not to be reckoned with!

Anything you have to say just add in the comments, this is my first guide and have been lazy with it so far, I will edit it as needed and take advice! Any tips..etc
Please keep comments positive, haters gonna hate, but I'd rather anything said to be useful instead of ignored due to mockery.

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Pros / Cons


Epic poker
You ARE squishy
Epic burst
Can be denied
Epic Dance
Commonly banned

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The runes I picked will probably be changed if people give me tips in the comments, I'll be honest, I haven't bought runes yet, I am just starting to save for rune build, I wanted to just get all the characters I wanted to play first. I found this the better route then buying them first, just an opinion. So those who want to comment in a positive manner please do, I'll take the advice!

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Masteries/Summoner spells

Simply aiming for higher damage and MP against the enemy.

Why did I choose those particular Summoner spells?
-for soloing top!

You can cancel their channel with a garrison and buff that turret, then get in there with an exhaust and they will die, end of story. or if you need to get one good shot at them and run out, you can nerf their tower and possibly get two shots instead.

Regardless Exhaust is good for catching someone or trapping them for a team-mate.

They are NOT essential, though. What ever you are comfortable with you should use as long as it isn't clarity and reasonable - heal is even reasonable to solotop despite the short distance and recall. You can grab healths around them map though, making heal a little unnecessary, never really out of mana and can always use that really quick recall and run back in just a little amount of time, as the map is not very large. (make sure someone can cover top for the time being, though).

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This item build is not definite but there is nothing wrong other than leaving you squishy (But that is only if they catch you). It's great on ability power and what not though, it will make it so your two shiv can take out half of someones health in an instant, sometimes less sometimes more.
I've been experimenting lately and this built always works so I have no personal complaints. Again the only flaw is being squishy but I never have a problem getting out of those situations, just have to play cautiously and observe everything such as an enemy coming to gank. The better ability power is stacked the quicker you can kill the enemy without them killing YOU! :D

however I recommend Raba and Deathfire entirely for the major AP boost and the use of Deathfire being like a second two Shiv!

Another Item you can slide into the build would be turning your Will the into the gunblade for another shot at someones health, and with that you can substitute your void staff for a morello's too, depending if they bothered with resist or not. The CDR is amazing for two shiv and I will sometimes go for it over the Magic pen.

You could pick up other items such as an Abyssal Scepter if they are AP heavy and have someone buffed up. it will give you the 70 Ap with some good resist.

honestly just make the call on good judgement if you really need more survivability you should try around without using deceive or flash unless making a get away... Play for ganks and recall when too low if you can't snatch a health or two.

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Team Work

In dominion team-work IS needed. Believe it or not. SO many matches where people think they can just wonder off and ninja the other team's node... Never really a smart option unless as a distraction where you only neutralize and run (While you have your 3 nodes captured and controlled).
Or that moment where both teams are down to 50 and you have the 3... But your team goes to the enemies two greedily thinking "It's going to be over soon, let's just poke and giggle." -Sad face- That also gives them an opportunity to throw YOUR team off-balance and steal the third (top) node.
Or that moment where they put 3 of your team on Death CD... That's what looses the ties no matter what. End game with 3 on a 30/40+ second timer... Good luck haha!
so when you are playing, defend once you have your 3. If your team is derping to their turrets, warn them to defend, hold strong but remember to be nice, no one, even the noobs (Who we all once were, [and perhaps you started strong in LoL as a newbie.. But you were a noob in some game somewhere]). Regardless if your team DOES do this, guard top. They can handle bot hopefully. With a turret on your side and JiTB's placed strategically... you can take up to 4 of their team. :D

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For the future

This guide will take some editing in the future (Lots of it), it is rather bland of course, and needs more info for the readers that isn't just bleh, I know. This IS my first guide so I am learning how to add stuff as well, this was my first attempt on a half hour lunch break, bare with me. :)

Any tips, ideas or options that you would like to add please suggest in the comments!