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Kayle Build Guide by Badmamajama

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Badmamajama

"Heaven's Vengeful Support" Kayle

Badmamajama Last updated on October 25, 2011
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Before you Rage!

Heal and Clarity isn't mandatory for this build. You will notice after getting used to it that clarity isn't so much for you as for your team. Also anyone who thinks that they can heal a team no problem without Heal is just being dumb. Heal doesn't cost mana, its a small heal but when coupled with a Champions own heal it helps. Every good damage class is going to use flash or exhaust or Ignite or teleport or what have you, so as a full support build it just makes sense to take everything you can that supports your team. With that being said if your team has very stable mana control I'd recommend taking Rally, Fortify or Clairvoyance.

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The Plan...

Here's the deal, this build is not going to get you a lot of kills, it's not going to make your teammates invincible, (with the exception of 3 seconds at a time) and its not going to make people freak out and say, "WOW what an awesome Kayle!" So if that's what your after just forget about it.

For those of you still intrigued as to what I'm doing with this build here you go,

This build has mid range healing capabilities and lack luster damage output, but... it couples both items and Kayle's passive to drastically reduce the tankyness of your enemies. "Malady" and "Black Cleaver" to be exact. Kayle's passive reduces armor and magic resist on enemies by a stack-able percentage and the items do the same but at a flat non-percentage rate that also stacks. The ridiculous attack speed allows you to maximize the output of this effect as quickly as possible.

As any AD carry will tell you this attack speed will get you kills, as I will go into further in the next chapter.

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Damage Output...

While this build is not meant for dealing a considerable amount of damage it is still quite deadly because of its constant spam using Kayle's Righteous Fury coupled with Attack Speed.

This brings me to the other items I chose to include in this build,

Nashor's Tooth: needed for Att. speed, necessary AP and CDR for healing purposes.

Madred's Bloodrazor: completely used to be a major bother to all tanky characters on the opposing team, not only are you taking away there armor and magic resist your dealing damage to them based on their max health. (Attack speed plus Max Health% based damage is brutal)

Sword of the Divine: USE IT'S ACTIVE! now not only are you reducing the armor and magic resistance of the enemy you have in addition to the runes that give you Magic Pen. you can have 80 Armor Pen as well for 8 seconds.

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Never forget that if you get too advantageous about destroying you opposition in this build you will die and not have ample time to give your team that "Nail in the Coffin" advantage. You can heal, slow, and make invincible for a few seconds, never forget that.

This build is great for one reason, you wont get that boring support feeling, where your just standing around waiting for everybody else to kill the enemy and spamming out the occasional heal or ult, because the true almost unnoticeable effect you are having on the gameplay is the fact that your dealing constant damage to the enemy and making your teammates deal even more damage as the fight drags on.

Support Vs. Tank and Sword of the Divine/Madred's Bloodrazor: Engage tanks as soon as possible in this build, all of your capabilities in this build allow you to put a serious damper on tanks and tanky dps. Always remember to blow the active on your Sword of the divine as soon as you engage one of these enemies, don't worry about its cooldown it's only 40 seconds. Madred's bloodrazor and the sword of the divine will cause you too chew through a tank easily and make it so your teammates will blow him away like he was a squishy mage, usually you wont be the one to kill them... why?... CAUSE YOUR A SUPPORT THAT'S WHY! ;)

Have fun this build is hilarious! especially when the opposing team starts raging on their tank for being the biggest feeder on their team! LMAO!

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Final Notes...

This build is expensive... but to get the needed effects only Black Cleaver and Malady are needed so if you find yourself falling behind or in a game where your team is dumb just throw it out and go sheer AP because the most frustrating thing while using this set up is when your damage dealers suck, with the resistance and armor reductions you do your damage classes should murder anyone on the opposing team and if their not, they either suck or are just being outplayed.

Full Build: If your lucky enough to be in a game that allows you to achieve this full build its endgame damage capabilities can be intoxicating because of your extreme Attack Speed and splash damage which just gets worse and worse as you reduce your opponents damage mitigation, so I urge you to be careful of "DPS tunnel vision" always be aware of who needs a heal and who needs Mana as well as where and when your ult is needed.

Thanks for reading! Have fun and THIS GAME IS AWESOME! Great Job Riot!