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Twitch Build Guide by Srky-Boy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Srky-Boy

"Twitch" blood is everywhere!!!

Srky-Boy Last updated on October 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Chapter 1


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I've just been bought Twitch, the hero is very good that I immediately wanted to make a guide for him.I first looked at other guides for him and I realized that not all completed and perfected, so I wanted to make guide-build that I think it good for him. I took a little from everyone that tried to create perfection. I failed to make the perfect guide, but I tried.

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Chapter 2

1) I personally find him to be really fun to play
2) Can scout almost unhindered early game or even late game if they don't buy oracles (which as stupid as it sounds has happened a number of times)
3) Has a great aoe slow
4) Fantastic ganker
5) An ult that can hit the entire enemy team as well as work in tandem with his other abilities

1) oracles and wards require you to change how you are playing your game
2) You're squishy as hell, forget that for even a moment and you're doomed to failure
3) Rather reliant on his spells until late game when he can dish out the damage with relative ease
4) Reliant on positioning the WHOLE game. If you don't have great positioning, you're gonna get rocked a lot.
5) You have to be steady (this goes out mostly to the new players). I throw this out there because I made this mistake a few times when I was just starting out. Being squishy, you MUST keep your distance in a team fight. Your hand has to be steady even during a cluster**** otherwise you'll mis-click and accidentally get too close. This leads to minimal damage and a dead rat.

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Twitch isn't good jungler cause he has too low hp but after lvl 11 you should grab Blessing of the Lizzard Elder WHENEVER YOU CAN!!!!

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The Champions You Should Avoid (NEW)

This is my new chapter in which I will explain some champions that can easily pwn you in a matter of 3 seconds...

Olaf - Your worst nightmare,he is tanky DPS and has too much HP and damage output for you, it doesn't matter if you know that you already play vs him, even if you do take exhaust it's no use, his ulti is like cleanse...
Just one more important tip: (everything red is important) if you see Olaf on half health just run,because his passive; Berzerker Rage , he is more dangerous half health than full, you can only get him untill lvl 6 when he is not so durable...

Shen - he just has too much hp for you, and if you try to run, he will taunt you with Shadow Dash so try to avoid him as much as you can...

Rammus - same story as Shen but only Rammus can kill you faster...
one tip: when in a teamfight vs Rammus you should stay stealthed until he uses his QUER combo, when he does, pop out of Ambush and from safe distance try to damage him as much as you can

Annie - ALERT!!!!! Annie can kill you in 2 secs (verified) if she has her Pyromania ready then you are ****, she will stun you with Summon: Tibbers , then will use Incinerate and will spam Disintegrate ... there's no tips for Annie, you just can't kill her 1 vs 1 unless you are feeded

Sion - too much damage + Cryptic Gaze = pwned

Jarvan IV - you can try to fight him but when you notice that you cant kill him you would try to escape with Ambush , which won't work!!!! here are 2 resons why... When you Ambush yourself he will throw Demacian Standard and ixtend his Dragon Strike into it and you will be visible again after you will be visible he will use Cataclysm on you and you will be pwned

Leona - too much stuns and CC's and also hp = dead

Karthus - Karthus is easily slain if you know how to position yourself against him and if you don't I'll explain it to you: When you know that you are going in a fight versus him, DON'T GO STEALTHED (cause you will maybe need it to escape), he will ofc turn on his Defile and try to spam Lay Waste on you, to avoid so, you will need to turn on your Spray and Pray and attack him from safe distance, when he comes closer, 1 time attack him and move to the right,then again attack him once and move to the right,after that attack him twice and move to the left and etc... if you kill him, run as fast as you can and go in Wolf's Camp and return your hp with The Bloodthirster

Malphite & Cho'Gath - Malphite and Cho'Gath are very similar,both have 2 CC's and much hp, avoid them, if Cho'Gath proper adjusts Rupture you are dead, cause he will then silence you so you cant use Ambush autoattack you twice and then finish you with Feast ... Malphite will first slow you with Seismic Shard then will use Unstoppable Force , Ground Slam and finish you off with normal attacks

Mordekaiser - like Olaf he is your worst nighmare...has too much hp survivability and magic damage output for you, just dont try to go 1 vs 1 him never, you will just FAIL hardly... he will nuke you with Siphon of Destruction , put his Creeping Death on him, throw Children of the Grave on you and finish you with Mace of Spades and to be harder, his passive: Iron Man grants him shield which when its maxed can protect him from your maximized Expunge with 6 stacks of Deadly Venom ...


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About farming, if you play solo lane you will have to get 95% minion kills, that's right 9/10 minons, but if you play duo lane you should get 6/10 minions... Just autoattack them once and when they are low hp use your Expunge (if you didnt understand let me explain it beter:autoattack 6 minons and when most of them are low hp use Expunge )

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Team Work

When you go in a team fights with Twitch you have to be very carefull...
As I said before you will be first champ focused and that's why you should do this:

Before going in a team fight first grab Blessing of the Lizzard Elder (required) and after that go Ambush ed check the place where you think their team is...
After you see their whole team position yourself behind your team mates cause they will try to kill you as fast as they can.
Then,when a team fight starts pop out of Ambush and pwn them with Spray and Pray and Expunge

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Summoner Spells

Before I took a hard look at how I was playing with Twitch I always used Teleport and Exhaust. I have since broadened that horizon and I'll explain why as I go through all viable spells for the rat.

What I Use Personally

Simply beautiful. This is a wonderfully versatile spell and I cant recommend it enough. This helps you secure kills, escape ganks and even dive occasionally. Always take it.

With a second DoT around and a mastery that makes your Expunge stronger, this is my kill spell of choice. It's pretty self explanatory.

Also Recommended

This is a good one. Nothing better than shrugging off a bunch of crowd control and strolling away unscathed. In my eyes this spell is really only good for saving your own *** when you've made the mistake of letting your opponent hinder you greatly. I try not to let that happen and I use Tenacity early so I generally pass up on this one.

Exhaust can help not only with securing a kill, but also the getaway, which is nice. I prefer Ignite, but if you're having some trouble securing kills and getting away after, go with Exhaust. Now what about taking both? If you were to do that you wouldn't be able to have Flash, and I can't recommend that.

I used this for the sole reason of getting me back in lane faster. I no longer use it because it is much less versatile than flash and with boots as your first buy you shouldn't need to rely on it. The one thing limited by NOT having this is your ability to run over and backdoor when a minion wave reaches a turret.

Usable But PLEASE Just Don't

It always pays to know where your opponents are, but between stealth and wards you should be able to cover things pretty well without it. Besides your support should be rolling with it regardless.

This one is nice because a lot of people underestimate it. Early game if often leads to a couple kills for that reason, but late game it's not a big deal so I pass. As a word of warning, watch for enemy Ignite. If you ignore that and then rely on Heal you could be in trouble.

Twitch can certainly have some mana issues early game, but to me it doesn't really warrant the use of this. It's almost useless on him by endgame, not to mention his allies wont get that much out of it by endgame either.

Sure it's great and all but it should really be left for a support character. You're a carry for God's sake. Leave it to your tank please. Besides the passive farming boost this will do nothing for you.