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Gangplank Build Guide by tera_X

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author tera_X

[Ranked] SoloQ Domination with Critplank

tera_X Last updated on September 6, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, after i pulled myself out of Elo-Hell i wanted to make a guide about how to accomplish it the easy way. With this guide you will win every Top lane, but sadly not every game. The Goal is to dominate the early game and take the enemy Top Bruiser out of the game.

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Pros / Cons


  • awesome and fun early game
  • realy aggressive/offensive playstyle
  • good late game

  • needs to get first kill on lane (read ranked play)
  • you will be camped by mid/jungler
  • you need crit runes
  • not as durable as a normal tank in teamfights
  • all in strategy

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You take the Crit Runes for obvious reasons. You would do more sustained damage late game with Armor Penetration but you want to settle this in the early game. And as GP you are mostly poking with your Q instead of meeling the enemy Team. And a critical Q hurts even in late game.

You could switch the yellow runes for 0.41mana/5 if you don't play against an AD Top. But its not recommended.

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Normaly you play GP/Top lane with a more defensive mastery setting. But as we want to kill stuff in the first 2-4 levels we gonna go full aggression and play 21/9/0. You can play 15/15/0 to get the Enlightenment cdr but as we didn't get any ArP Runes i recommend the 6 Armor Penetration in the offensive mastery tree.

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Everytime your Flash is on Cooldown you have to buy a ward and put it around Baron. After you got Wriggles you'll still buy wards to ward the water and the Top Tribrush. This is Important cause at this point you should dominate your lane and push the creeps into the Tower to deny the farm completly.

You want to sell the Philosopher's Stone first cause you'll got enough hp regen from Warmogs. To get enough room for the Infinity Edge you'll sell the Avarice. The last Item you are going to sell is the Wriggle's Lantern, get a Force of Nature if the AP are fed else get a second Warmog's Armor.

Everytime you are going back to shop while laning atleast buy 1-3 HP Potions and 1 Ward! It is realy important to buy atleast 1 Ward, so buy it first before you may not have enough money.

With those 2 wards you are pretty much ungankable if you have your eyes on the mini map.

Ward Baron:

Ward Tribrush (Optional):

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Summoner Spells

Ignite all the way, you want to kill stuff!
Exhaust isn't realy needed with your permaslow passive. And you should deal more damage than Tryndamere early game with the crit runes.

You can take Ghost instead of Flash if you are very confident with your positioning and map awareness skills.

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Skill Sequence

Just Spam Q into your opponent and hope for a crit. Spam it on CD! You want to dominate that lane as fast as possible.

Against Champions with gapclosers or hard CC like Irelia/Ryze/Kennen you want to stay in the brush until your Q is off cooldown.

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Gangplank got one of the highest base damage of all champions and in addition with his passive , last hitting should be realy easy. You don't want to use your Q for farming at all, only in realy rare occasions. You use your Q for harrasing only or save your mana until the enemy is bank in Lane.

Don't be afraid to use the Ultimate to clean your tower of creeps when you are not there. Just be sure to hit atleast ~10 creeps to compensate that CD with some Gold.

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Early Game / Laning Phase

Just wait for the first crit then wait until your Q is off cd -> Instant blink Ignite Q meele hit should give you the firstblood. He may port back after the first crit, don't try to force your luck cause the jungler ganks at level 2 are pretty popular at the moment. Just wait until hes back and you already outleveld him.

Your opponent will stack Armor realy fast, but if you are zoning him completly early game due to some lucky crits he wont have that much armor at all. And after you got the Phil. Stone you wont go out of mana spamming your Q and he is basicly out of the game. Just don't forget to ward!

Everytime you send him back to base push the lane into the tower. If you have enough time left until he comes back try to gank mid and/or steal their blue with your mid. With this Strategy you know when their blue respawns and your mid should have a good advantage.

After you got the first 2-3 kills top you can tell your jungler to stay away from Top and focus on bot/mid.

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Late Game / Team Fights

You are not a Tankplank, you are tanky but not as tanky as Udyr/Rammus/Skarner/LeeSin. But you are dealing much more Dmg than them. Initate Teamfights with E+R and hold the enemy Brawler away from your carrys.

If your carrys are doing poorly and you have your Atmas just ignore your carrys and flash in and try to kill the enemy ad/ap carry with Q+Ignite. They will focus you this way and you will most likely die but your Team should be able to clean up after you took the enemys carry out of the game especialy if you already took their top lane out of the game earlier.

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Champions you can't Dominate / If you are losing

Even if you dominate Champions like Irelia/Nasus/Renekton/Udyr/LeeSin/XinZhao early game due to crits they can catch up to you cause of their abilities/mechanics. They can trade blows easily with you after level 5. It is pretty important to get the firstblood against these Champions before level 5! If you screw up somehow or don't get any lucky crits you have to call for ganks from mid/jungle otherwise you will lose to them later on even if it looks good for you. Obviously you have to get brush control and stay there until your Q is off cooldown against them.

You died first:

This is the worst case and shouldn't happen to often. There is not any real solution for this because you probably got outplayed. You can call for ganks, skip the Avrice Blade, sell the Brawler's Gloves and go straight for the Philosopher's Stone and try to play it defensive.
This is more or less an all in strategy so you are at a pretty big disatvantage now. You can try to turn the tide after your Flash and Ignite is off cooldown but its not recommended.

You died twice:

Hug the tower! Ask for ganks! Buy 1 - 2 Doran's Blade to get some early game stat boosts and/or Heart of Gold instead of Avrice Blade. If you already have Avrice Blade don't sell it just get a Doran's Blade.
If you don't have enough gold for Potions and Doran's Blade you realy messed up. Watch the Replay and try to improve your gameplay.

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Thanks for reading! Feedback of any kind is highly appreciated. The Guide is obviously not done yet and i haven't figured out how to link items/skills. (Would be nice if somebody could PM me on how to do it.) :D