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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bshel419

Ranked team make-up

Bshel419 Last updated on February 16, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Welcome to my first guide on mobafire, now for those that say this is terrible or not correct its my opnion. Now as most people know the basic team set-up is tank, support, mage, carry, jungler(carry). Why pick who i choose? Ill explain in the sections talking about them, also u see that my rune selections are pretty similar....because they are. U only need 2 runepages but if you want to be better at jungling/tanking you'll want a 3rd. First is for phys dps, armor pen reds, mana regen yellows, Cooldown reduction blues and health quints. Magic damage same thing but magic pen for reds and tanks/jungle mag pen or armor pen(who ur playing ofc) armor yellows and cdr blues then the ever popular hp quints. Now i dont go in depth very much about the champions but i give a good summary.

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Tank: Shen

Why Shen? Amumu, Rammus, and malphite are always banned in ranked (least in my elo....shows how much i know hahahahaha -.-) shen is the only good one left also he is a flippin ninja(pun intended). He has taunt now rammus also does but he can taunt a whole team in theory he has a sheild for those beast turrett dives/absorb damage, has a good solid attack move and main thing worth leveling first and plus the lifeleach. His ult has been nerfed substancially but is still a very good "i saved ur ***" move, it has been useful when team fights break out and u ult ur carry(because if theyre smart they'll go for them right out the gate) and then taunt to get them off of him. Now for runes you could do health yellows instead of armor yellows with him but id rather have a generic rune page then get a set of yellows for one person.

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Support/Mage(in this case): Zilean

Taric, Janna, Zilean top 3 and only viable supports i believe well taric is good support and BD best support in the game.....constantly needs blue buff which i find annoying. Janna and zil are both even in strengths now i prefer zilean he has better support AND nuking potential. Who needs a heal when you've got a revive? Who needs a push back or stun when you've got a ghost that can be done twice in a row? His bombs are wicked damage good for last hitting those annoying people who get away. Standard caster runepage mag pen reds, mana regen blues(clarity? yes....enough? no), cdr blues(his W? it has a cd doesnt it? :P), and hp quints. When shen fails zilean makes up with his revive.....carry being focused? no worries lets have him revive and by that time the team fight is decided usually.....all around a good support and a very good pick

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Jungler: Warwick

Shaco and warwick viable junglers only ones that can possibly carry a team in my opnion. Most people know jungle route DONT START BLUE U DERPS they will gank u now double golem? if solo que go double golem if ur arranged with some buddies go wraiths....but no lvl2 after first camp? D: well if u get ganked itll be longer for u to hit 2 :P. Once you hit 6 or if the lanes ask or the situation calls for it start ganking. Shouldn't be too hard by this time u should know how to set up a good gank...make sure usually ur gonna wanna gank the solo lane or mid when theyve pushed to your tower so they dont have much room to run back to their tower.....yea so Warwick or shaco i find warwick easier to play Shaco is abit nasty but very good choice also

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Mage: Annie

Annie and Anivia....only viable mages in my opnion.....mages my favorite class and my mains the WHERE YO HP GO BRO? champs. Now why Annie? Tibbers>Q>W>ignite most of hp gone and cdr and just short cds in general makes her rdy to go if somthing happens also her stun being open again because ur supposed to tibbers stun ofc :P. so early game harrassment get ur stun up by last hitting with ur Q then when its up stun them with Q then W them then run bac....rinse repeat till 6 then u can start the nuking....get stun then tibbers>Q>W>ignite then Q what if they get away with 2 or so bars? never fear! Hold alt click em and tibbers will go now if theyre low enough he will be enough....not enough? have him tank turrett one Q will do it probably if not...hell u can take 2 turrett hits Q>W flash out if need be. Usual caster runepage enough said....prefer annie shes much easier than anivia

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Carry: Corki

High skill cap absolutly beast....Sivir, Ashe, Tristana, Mf, Kog'maw may be acouple i missed but regardless corki, i believe, is the best. His E will just shred a team especially if they stay in a little cluster also chasing enemies with ur E is one of the best chasing moves, his R is very good harrassment and kiting his Q is good for melee dps when u W into them...remeber it has a % to blind also he's just bad ***....a pilot that shoots rockets? hell yea, Corki is one of my favorite champs but i dont play him much harrass with auto attacks until 6 now i broke my Q>W>Q>E>Q>R pattern why? lvl 2 they get more harrasssy usually(u should be midding) good gtfo move or to go in there and ruff em up...max machine gun first his main sorce of "burst" if u could call it its more of lulzfacerollz but yea choice

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Team Work and Strategies

It's important to communicate with your teammates unless you're all buddies and are in skype, but if you're in solo que make sure to distinguish who all is playing who, who to ban, if one person hinders ur team ban him (poor example...ur all ap...ban veigar). Now usually team captains will just go ahead and ban the normal ppl without even talking and someone will be pissed because he banned someone they were gonna play. Once the game starts try to get some good ganks off if you're jungling so you can get your team farmed in kills and make them love u to death. Target enemy carries and mages (sounds redundant u alrdy know this blah blah) NEVER FOCUS TANK ok thats over with. Remember to ward everywhere Dragon, halway from mid to top and bot (the small little bushes) and the main gank bushes on top and bot (coming from river u know all these i hope) Try having one person get the wards then after they expire have someone else get them then another person get them etc by the time all 5 ppl have gotten their share of them the game should be to team fights which is where u need to ward baron and dragon only usually. Hopefully This has been somewhat helpful...if not...well im glad u read this far peace


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