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Warwick Build Guide by Nguyeezy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Nguyeezy

Real N*gga Andy Build

Nguyeezy Last updated on April 21, 2014
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Real N*gga Build

Warwick Build

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Welcome to what is known as the Real Nigga Andy Build. It is named after the creator, Andy, and also because of the trait of making people that use it into real niggas. If you follow this build you too, can be a real nigga.

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That's classified.

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That's classified.

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By exploiting the on-hit effect that Warwick's ult has and the magic resist reducing effects on many tanky items Warwick is able to be very tanky dps nigga. The main item in this build is the Feral Flare giving junglers really late game carry potential. The rest of the items are made to synergize with the item as well as Warwick's spells. Because Warwick's ult applies on-hit effects you are able to use Wit's End to steal your target's magic resist and get you tankier, real nigga ****. The next real nigga item will be the Abyssal Scepter that will give you Magic Resist while reducing the enemy's. The Sunfire Cape gives you more resistances while giving passive magic damage that will be enhanced due to the other MR reducing items. Blade of the Ruined King is used to catch up to the target in case your E and Ghost does not give you enough movement speed. It also has a swag passive that deals a percentage of the target's current health, and also applies on Warwick's ult, ****ing swag. You can use any boots but the tenacity on Mercs is too sexy. The furor enhancement is used to stick to your targets so you can fade them. On my momma they won't have their mitts cause they ain't ready to catch yo fade.