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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Twitch Build Guide by Thorogon97

AD Carry rebuilding the rat - a guide to the updated twitch

AD Carry rebuilding the rat - a guide to the updated twitch

Updated on October 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thorogon97 Build Guide By Thorogon97 2 5 6,488 Views 5 Comments
2 5 6,488 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Thorogon97 Twitch Build Guide By Thorogon97 Updated on October 18, 2012
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LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



Ever since the remake of twitch many players have complained about twitch being even worse than before and that he still needs a buff... those players are (for the most part) WRONG, while twitch is still seen as a troll pick in almost any game i plan to change that, because i've played twitch before and after the remake and have found a way to use him effectively... this is a semi different build and if you're team is losing, they're going to blame you because you picked twitch... so ignore them and keep picking the rat.
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i didn't pick that many different runes and i picked all this type for a reason
1. armor pen is nice to have a little bit of... but twitch still needs flat ad
2. expunge damage scales off of ad
3. twitch has one of the highest attack speeds in the game, so he can attack faster with more damage
4. defense is good, but twitch starts out (and stays) at the point where he's so squishy that gaining tiny bits and pieces of defense isn't going to help unless you devote fully to it, so the masteries are enough early survivability
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Place the 21 points in damage like most people would, not much need to explain
place the 9 points in defense to help provide twitch with early survivability which is where he suffers tremendously, which is where most of his problems start because he constantly has to go back to heal, with this extra defense and health he can lane and early fight more effectively
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this is the most important part of the build and probably the part where it is the most different from other adc builds. espescially the rageblade ;)

1. starting with boots and pots: starting with boots and pots is pretty standard, play it very safe early game, use the health pots when you need them, and use the mana pot when you are running low and plan on going for an early kill

2. mana gem to sheen: this allows twitch to have slightly larger early game damage on expunge per stack, help him to not run out of mana (which he tends to do early game if you are aggresive), and allows him to hit harder directly out of stealth and then right after slowing

3. the 4 items you want for sure first are tinity, bloodthirster, beserker greaves, and the rageblade. Do NOT start the IE, or GA until you finish these items.

4. when buying items always either buy the most expensive chunk of an item you can (such as b.f. sword) first, unless you can fully complete an item.

5. trinity is the HIGHEST PRIORITY, because it adds to everything twitch needs... survivability, attack speed, base damage, expunge damge, etc.

6. guinsoo's rageblade: this is probably the strangest part of the build because almost every other item is seen on most adc's... but this item drew my attention beacuse it has what twitch needs even more of... power... the attack damage helps base attack and expunge, the attack speed helps put stacks of poison on faster and faster (espescially in a long team fight) and the ap will build up each time twitch attacks (and adds a poison stack) so that when he expunges at the end he will have built up some extra damage to take them down with.

7. no phantom dancer? thats right, because twitch has a high base attack speed, and the rageblade and trinity force help boost that up, and what about the extra movement speed? twitch gets extra movement speed from going into stealth, and let's face it, if twitch isn't stealthed, he will die.
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Skill Sequence

simple.. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYYYYSSSSSSS max expunge first, it is your finishing move and you can hear people scream KS whenever you use it to finish the enemy off ;)

max his slow last because you are only using it for the instant two stacks of poison, not the slow

get his ult every time you can upgrade it, because you can use it to hit turrets (or champs under turret) while out of range of the turret shots, and you can also use it to finish off an enemy that is getting away by getting that last hit or last stack of poison and then expunging to kill

stealth is secondary skill to max for the extra attack speed and time stealthed to sneak up and destroy enemies then run for your life
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Summoner Spells

the only summoner spells you should ever consider are flash (always get this), ignite, heal, or exhaust
flash: always get flash because it is the ultimate finishing, engaging, and escaping summoner spell, and you can use it right after you begin to stealth without disrupting the stealth.

exhaust: get this if you plan on being aggresive early game, it allows for you to reduce their defense and prevent them from escaping

ignite: always a good finishing spell, get this if you can never seem to finish that last bit of health an opponent has

heal: standard adc summoner spell, helps keep him and his support alive long enough to win early engagements, and twitch has so little health that heal is really helpful for him.
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basic tips

just some basic tips
1: use his slow after your first attack when coming out of stealth, so that you can use the sheen that was activated from stealthing, and then activate it again with the slow

2. you can use twitch's AOE slow to reveal bushes, so do it

3. be very cautious, you can easily be bursted down, so stay back and only go in for last hits, hide behind minions, and occasionally get a harrassing shot in here or there to weaken opponents.

4. never go into stealth when your opponents can see you if your going for the kill, if they see you go into stealth they will back off, always stealth out of sight like in a bush or behind minions so you can sneak up on them

5. never engage until your support does... super simple

6. when getting ganked the FIRST thing you will ALWAYS do is click your Q and run like heck
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soooo... this is my twitch build, it allows him to get really good damage and really helps his finishing power with expunge, play safe and smart, you're really squishy, and prove the people who think twitch is a troll pick WRONG
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thorogon97
Thorogon97 Twitch Guide
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rebuilding the rat - a guide to the updated twitch

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